Fri, Oct 26 @ First Niagara Center in Buffalo, NY

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#15 - Posted 11/15/2012 4:40 PM by brilondon [contact]

Well, that was better than the ACC. The sound was much cleaner, the crowd was less likely to sit down during the concert, and it did not stink.
#14 - Posted 11/03/2012 9:52 AM by vsrovert [contact]

I think my excitement for seeing this band live is finally gone. The last time I saw them in July 2010 in Toronto was the worst experience seeing them live for me. I got tickets to the Buffalo show late. I finally gave in and thought I would give them another chance. Although it was a better experience than 2010, I was still bored. I have seen them on every tour since 1984 and the last two have been the worst for me. I never, EVER, felt boredom at a Rush concert but now I do. And I know I'm not the only one. It was easy to tell that most of the crowd was bored and only got excited when they played songs like Limelight. I can't take them seriously anymore with all these ridiculous, over the top, videos and stage effects anymore (Refrigerator?, Washing Machines?, Chicken Roasters?, Sausage Makers?, Popcorn Maker?)..............It's a joke. Retire guys with your dignity intact.
#13 - Posted 10/29/2012 4:28 PM by Warren Cromartie Jr [contact]

Well, I know its been said on this forum many times that the crowd shouldn't affect one's review of the show, however, in my case, I have a hard time getting past it. I was seated in the first row of the 200 level. When lights went down and Subdivisions began, I was naturally on my feet. During the song, 1 guy comes down to tell me to sit down, and at the same time another guy 2 rows back is screaming at me to sit down so they could see. I was dumbfounded. Just shocked. I yelled back that we WERE at a rock concert and they had to be kidding. Unfortunately, they were not. I finally gave up and sat for the balance of the concert. Sad too that I noticed all sections around me had people standing with no apparent issues. Fact is, I probably would have sat down after I realized I was only guy standing. Guess just bad luck on my part. Glad I tempered my beer consumption beforehand.

Anyway, I agree the sound at times was muddy/bass heavy, but I enjoyed the show nevertheless. Loved the strings and their enthusiasm.

Enjoyable show and can't wait to see them again in Dallas and Houston. Just hope I can maybe have a little fun while listening.
#12 - Posted 10/29/2012 11:36 AM by ThisIsMOC [contact]

Second Rush show, first being the TMT tour in Syracuse. This time I got to bring my son, on his eleventh birthday no less, for a big rock show. We sat midway up the first level on Geddys side, near the corner, about even with the FOH camera's. And now some reviews -

The Band:
Some mentioned the band was just "going thru the paces" and I couldn't disagree more. They looked like they were having a blast, interacting with each other and the orchestra a lot. Many laughs and grins between the band as sticks were dropped, picks broke, and wrong sequences triggered. Those kinds of mistakes happen, and for me don't detract from the show at all. I need them to be human - as a drummer I need to see Neil make mistakes.. otherwise I'll just go insane. And to see them smile and shrug them off is awesome. They were definitely more excited to play the CA stuff, but come on, why wouldn't they be? That shit is awesome! I'd love to play it too! The one thing I didn't care for was the drum set switch in the middle of Clockwork Angles took too long, and while the effect of going to the different sounds was awesome, the gap in drums kind of killed it. On that tangent, how awesome must it be to sit behind The Professor for a set every night? I'd totally forget to play my violin... just watching!
Being my sons first Rush show (second rock show, he saw The Wall earlier this year) he wasn't too into the first set. Maybe it's because he had to go to school that morning and he was tired, but he started fading midway thru the first set. The second, however, brought him right back. He loved the CA stuff (as did I) and recognized almost everything in the second set. I understand the need to play some of the rarer stuff, to dig into the archives, but I don't think loading the show down with so many 80's tracks was a great idea. While I love all of the songs planned, hearing Limelight was a welcome variation that saved the first set for my boy!
I'm a recovering touring audio engineer and now a full time sound designer for commercial and corporate spaces. I live audio. I dig sound. I have very high expectations when I spend mucho bucks to go see a show in an arena. In the past few years, I've seen The Wall (twice) and the Foo Fighters in this same room. The Rush show was sadly the worst sounding of all. I'm not sure if where I was sitting was in a node of the subs, or if there just weren't enough sub cabinets, but there was virtually no real low end (until Geddy hit his tarus pedals). But that's passable - I can deal without feeling the kick drum (I miss it, but I can deal). What killed me was how loud the guitar was, and at the same time how un-clear it was. From where I was sitting, there was a tremendous amount of reverb on almost every guitar, which made them almost indiscernible from the ambient reverb of playing in a hockey arena. If the video wasn't so beautiful, I may not have noticed Neil doing some fantastic drum work - the guitar was burying the drums. Second set got better, for a while. The strings were just beautiful, when I could hear them. They really got it together just in time for YYZ, which was too bad because it was almost the end of the show... But it is what it is. Next time, I'll stick to the outdoor venues where it sounds better.
As I used to tour doing sound, I've seen and still keep my eye on neat and new lighting tricks. Really nothing new here, the motion controlled displays with lighting pods was neat (and better used) the first time I saw it on the Foo Fighters Wasting Light tour, but still, nicely done. I didn't understand the circle truss that at one point in the first set tilted down (similar to Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour) and then that was it. Fog and Smoke were excellent, love the dry ice at Alex's feet, but other than that the lighting was mostly not all that impressive. Very well executed, some great scenes and the timing was impeccable, but just nothing new.
Big ass screens are the norm these days, but nobody else is using custom overlays with multiple windows and the steampunk frames like Rush. And the camera in the truss showing the live audience was awesome. I also liked the remote track camera on the downstage lip... it gave some great shots of the band and even the crowd. The only thing I could even consider asking for would be to add three large IMAG screens above the trusses, and lock them in on each guy (similar to U2 on their Elevation tour). I've always liked that, not for main viewing, but to focus in on someone from time to time. I think David Gilmore did it as well on his Gdansk dvd. Other than that, very well done.
Yes, I have a merch complaint. I bought 2 of the RUSH CA hoodies for $80. Love them. Beautiful sweatshirts. I see many years of use in these guys (Yes, I wear merch!). But the dang zippers are on the wrong side! Is that some kind of Canadian thing?
#11 - Posted 10/29/2012 10:39 AM by bytorandthesnowcone

Glad to hear they worked Limelight into the keyboard-heavy first set, an easy way to ease some set-list complaints. I'd predicted/hoped for that a few weeks ago. Though IMHO I'd rather have seen grand designs or territories given the boot rather than body electric which is an AWESOME song.
#10 - Posted 10/28/2012 9:37 PM by Jack Brmachine

Enjoyed the show in Buffalo more than any other concert I've been to since 1980. My air bass and air guitar were in fine form as were the guys on stage. I'm glad they provided us with a set change up, the crowd went nuts when they fired up Limelight instead of Body Electric. No complaints here! It's been fun listening to the 80's stuff leading up to the show as I didn't appreciate that decade musically as much as I should have. I hope they have enough left in the tank to put out another album as good as CA, I'd like to see them one more time before they nurture and protect their gardens full time.
#9 - Posted 10/28/2012 11:20 AM by metal god [contact]

A great evening....however the sound is an issue. Garbled and muddy is being kind...The second set was an slight improvement over the first. If it's always about the music, it would be nice to hear it. Filling an arena with quality sound these days should not be an issue (ask Springsteen, Waters, even Trans Siberian to do a hockey arena)
Other than that loved the show, lighting and special effects, the setlist etc...looking forward to a return visit in the future
#8 - Posted 10/27/2012 8:56 PM by Joe T [contact]

Real RUSH fan here... since the John Rutze days. Remember him?
I'm not complaining about them, or the show. Merely pointing out that they ain't what they used to be. But that's to be expected. I blame the techs more than I think it was the band. They're always great. The stage show was excellent... reminded me of how ALL concerts used to be.

Also, if you can afford floor tickets, does it matter if you sleep on RUSH sheets at home or not?
#7 - Posted 10/27/2012 3:25 PM by marathon67 [contact]

All i have to say is RUSH kicked ass at the Buffalo show. I'm also tired of people complaining about them making mistakes or the sound or them not playing the songs they like. If people are going to keep doing this all of the time,than why do they spend a lot of money on a ticket. if your going to complain all of the time, then stay home next time, the real RUSH fans don't want to hear it.
#6 - Posted 10/27/2012 1:36 PM by lerxstrulz [contact]

All I can say is WOW!!! What a SPECTACULAR SHOW put on last night in Buffalo!! Only the second time RUSH has played the venue since first doing so way back on the TEST 4 ECHO Tour in Fall of '96 ... and the place was filled to the rafters! My 36th time seeing them dating back to SIGNALS and I can easily say this show was one of the very best ever.
The new material from CLOCKWORK ANGELS was incredible!!! Carnies, Anarchist and Headlong Flight were BARN BURNERS!! ... equal in power and scope to anything ever played live before. Halo Effect and The Garden are true masterpieces, and one really gets a sense of their pride and how their musical expression and song composition is always evolving.
It's true, as expressed by others that the sound was a little muddy ... but Alex was on fire!! .. and the custom made Les Pauls sounded absolutely superb!! Analog Kid and Territories were true standouts from the first set, where all three of them were just 'pounding it out' in both flat out force and and fine precision. Territories especially had such a 'ballsy' tone and sound to it ... whatever amp Alex was driving his big black Les Paul through SOUNDED ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!
As for lighting, effects and stage show?? 'Over The Top' would be a great description - with a superb mix of layered lighting, video, pyro, dry ice and everything else they do that makes a RUSH show so special and visually stunning.
Yes, being old school and having watched their shows change and evolve over the past 3 decades, I do miss hearing the epic long pieces of yester-year, the multi colored lasers and other things they've utilized throughout the years ... (with what I believe as the COUNTERPARTS Tour of '94 as especially being the high mark and best mix of stage and visual effects ever) ... but, it takes nothing away from this generation of lighting and technology used.
All in all for CLOCKWORK ANGELS ... a spectacular presentation of sight, sound and a great mix of new material laced in with the old.

What else can be said!! RUSH is RUSH ... It's all soooooo good!!

Hope to catch a few more shows next summer.
#5 - Posted 10/27/2012 1:34 PM by jmac71888 [contact]

Hello all, I just thought i'd give my thoughts on the concert in Buffalo.

I went with my dad and had 4th row Alex side. This was my 4th rush show, the first was Darien Lake in 2007, second in Syracuse in 2010, Cleveland 2011 and Buffalo yesterday. I am just blown away. This show was just breathtaking! I can say I am a die-hard to whom every song is an overplayed hit lol. Neil was insane as always, Alex was soo funny and because I was so close, got to see the interaction with the crowd they have. Geddy played almost all of YYZ right in front of me! A magical experience. Highlights were Analog Kid, All of CA, specifically HF, the Garden, and The Anarchist. Manhattan Project and Red Sector A ROCKED!! I actually teared up during Bravado, Halo Effect and The Garden.

Geddys voice has been mentioned earlier on this tour and I can honestly say that his voice on the Power Windows album sounded exactly the same as he did last night, Its live his voice has gone back in time 20 years! How long he held out the high notes on Headlong Flight! I wish that I could live it all agaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

They play every concert like its their last and put their all into it. I hope the casual fans know how amazing what they saw is, 60 year olds leaping around like 20 somethings! They have not lost anything and Im so greatful to have seen them live again.

The Arena was packed, but after going to the Cleveland show, that was filmed for the DVD/Bluray It was almost a Rush in Rio type atmosphere in Cleveland, so high energy. In Buffalo though much of the crowd was lame IMO. Even some of the 100 level near the stage was sitting and looked bored to death! Some even looked angry. I was thinking, are you watching what I am?!! Many even on the floor looked disinterested and confused, Im like why are you shelling out 100$ and youre not even enjoying yourself! Lame crowd where I was but great show! Thanks Guys!
#4 - Posted 10/27/2012 12:20 PM by gbcomp [contact]

This my second RUSH show. My first show was at the NY State Fair on TMT 2010. For that show I had 7th row center seats and it was life changing, For the Buffalo show last night I had some seats in the 119 section near the back, I had a great view of the stage.

Over all I felt like the show was very good, not great but very good. There were some mix ups in the first set, I think Geddy hit 2 petals during Far Cry (making for an audio mess for about 5 seconds), Alex missed the occasional note and was out of time a bit, and where I was Geddy's bass was getting lost in the mix. But hey it just means that they are all human, holy trinity you are %100 forgiven. I did however get Alex, the keys, Neil, and the vocals very clearly which was fine by me. Alex killed it, shredded with the best of them, I don't have too many memorable moments of Geddy unfortunately though :(.

Overall the set list was great and I was caught very off guard by Limelight, a good switch in my opinion because it got the casual fans sitting near me to shut up, and the second set was near perfect, it just kicked ass!, also convinced said casual fans to go out and buy CA which is always good! And of course 2112 killed it as the closer, the crowed got really into it (as any Rush fan should).

As for being seated in the back as opposed to the front. I got to take it all in this time, but I felt like I was watching a kick ass show instead of being immersed in a kick ass show. Damn you college kid budget keeping me from the floor! Anyways an awesome show, Howard killed it as always, and the magnitude of what I just saw is still setting in. I will for sure be seeing them sometime down the road

RUSH on, and remember we have assumed control
#3 - Posted 10/27/2012 11:04 AM by Joe T [contact]

4th time seeing the band. It was 35 years ago next month when I first experienced their show, and it was my first concert! They haven't been to this part of NY in 11 years!
Took my 13 year old son who is an aspiring drummer and needless to say he was as impressed as I thought he'd be. :)

I agree the sound wasn't the best. Neither were Geddy's vocals. He seemed to just 'be there', going through the motions. I think he'd prefer to stick to their newer material, but as with the rest of the reviews I read about this tour, the crowd wants the 'old' Rush. So did last nights crowd.
Was it worth what I paid for the 3 tickets? No. But none of us is getting any younger, right?

It's still RUSH, and they're still a great trio together. Alex always has fun on stage and he sounded great. Neil is still 'The Professor'. Even the sampled solo was cool... WAY too short for my liking. One of the main reasons I get excited about their live shows is Neil going all out and blowing my mind. I guess it's not in him anymore. Geddy acts like he's doing us a favor. But that's Geddy for you.

All in all, I'm just glad I could take my son to his second concert ever, and have it be RUSH!
#2 - Posted 10/27/2012 5:13 AM by BoonsPlanet [contact]

I saw them in Manchester and Bridgeport when they played Body Electric in the spot you saw Limelight. Interesting switch.
#1 - Posted 10/27/2012 12:54 AM by dmowry [contact]

Took my 8 and 11 yr old boys tonight. Good to see the boys from Rush still kicking it. However, the sound was muddy (bottom heavy) as all get out, and they played as the first set as though one of them had a stomach virus --- too fast, and out of sync at times. However, they did surprise with LIMELIGHT around song four or five.

The Clockwork Angels piece is beautiful and I love the strings backing YYZ. As a drummer, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Neil, should drop the third solo -- too sampled, and not enough Neil skills. The first of the three more than made up for it.

Gnomes are the tits.
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