Fri, Oct 26 @ First Niagara Center in Buffalo, NY

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#16 - Posted 10/26/2012 2:46 PM by ThisIsMOC [contact]

Never mind, i see in Boston they stated at 7:43, so i will plan accordingly.
#15 - Posted 10/26/2012 2:44 PM by ThisIsMOC [contact]

So are doors at 7:30? Or does the music start at 7:30?
#14 - Posted 10/26/2012 11:56 AM by bflo-snowdog [contact]

Come down to Pearl Street Grill pre-show and have a pint of Trainwreck ale!!!
#13 - Posted 10/26/2012 11:21 AM by marathon67 [contact]

Getting ready to head to Buffalo to see RUSH will be a GREAT SHOW. Hope to meet some great RUSH fans there.
#12 - Posted 10/25/2012 8:07 PM by Jacob Slatter [contact]

You're in for the Night A setlist but they switched it up a
little in Boston and might do the same in Buffalo -
#11 - Posted 10/25/2012 12:35 PM by lisah [contact]

Gangster, I am excited for you too!
#10 - Posted 10/25/2012 12:34 PM by lisah [contact]

If they stay true to form , you are in for setlist A. Have a great show. Let the boys know how much Buffalo loves them! Rush On!!
#9 - Posted 10/25/2012 11:41 AM by Gangster of Boats [contact]

Can't believe it's finally here. So excited!!!
#8 - Posted 10/25/2012 10:31 AM by waynezuk [contact]

I was really hoping to hear "The Pass" on Friday, but looks like it will not happen. I am looking forward to set 1 as it contains so much of the 80's Rush that is my favorite.
#7 - Posted 10/23/2012 1:13 PM by crunchsite [contact]

So are we looking at Set list A?
#6 - Posted 04/28/2012 3:28 PM by losingit2112 [contact]

Will be 7th row, first time on Alex's side ever!
#5 - Posted 04/24/2012 11:16 AM by lerxstrulz [contact]

WOW!!! Just scored some great seats through the CITI pre-sale! On Big Al's side - Section 106 Row 7. Will be 39th RUSH show for me since first seeing them way back in '83 on Signals tour. Would love if they played entire SIGNALS album in celebration of it's 30th anniversary this fall like they did with Moving Pictures last tour. CAN ONLY HOPE!!!
#4 - Posted 04/23/2012 10:42 PM by sbabsovitch

I can in about 30 minutes after the pre-sale started and after a few no tix available, ended up grabbing Floor 3, Row 11. Dumb luck and a greedy bastard threw them back looking for a better deal. My gain I guess. Brooklyn on the Monday, Buffalo on the Friday: way to bookend the week.
#3 - Posted 04/23/2012 3:21 PM by 1BadblueSS

Talked with Customer service rep at First Niagara center (Buffalo) and wanted to find out how many rows are in a section, I told her the tix i got and she piped back "How did you GET tickets already?" I said Rush pre-sale. She said rows are consecutive. front of stage is row 1 then they go back from there.....So 25th row Alex side for me!!!
#2 - Posted 04/23/2012 1:13 PM by Lashed to the Mast [contact]

Had section 4 in the pre-sale @ noon, threw them back and got Section 1, Row 23. The process took a while and I needed a few attempts at cracking the code to progress but hey...I'm happy!
#1 - Posted 04/23/2012 12:33 PM by 1BadblueSS

First!!!! Just got 4 tickets Pre-sale Floor section 5 25th row.
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