Sun, Oct 14 @ Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON

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#14 - Posted 10/20/2012 1:19 PM by like2tri [contact]

The Analog Kid ...video taken with my iPhone. Enjoy!



All the still photos that I shot during the evening (from the 6th row).

#13 - Posted 10/16/2012 3:37 PM by brilondon [contact]

To say that this show was disappointing would be incorrect. It was not one for the record books as I was looking for maybe more from Signals as this being the 30th anniversary of that album and less from say Hold Your Fire. The second set was really well done with the new material from Clockwork Angels along with the string ensemble accompanying them. But with the absence of the old favourites from Albums such as Permanent Waves, Hemispheres, and Moving Pictures kind of left me wanting more in the first set. As usual the Toronto concert goers are acting like they have lemons up their arses and were lacklustre. The usual crappy sound system at the ACC reared it's ugly head and the band sounded kind of mushy. Other then the set list, the crowd, and the venue it was average.
#12 - Posted 10/16/2012 12:35 PM by chrisaug [contact]

I have to agree with most of #7 - Posted 10/15/2012 10:21 PM by yangie69 -

I understand and respect that the band gets to choose their setlist and play what they like. That's one of the things we all love about RUSH, their willingness to do whatever THEY want. With that said, that's not going to make me all of a sudden say "Wow, I love 'Body Electric' and I am glad they played that instead of 'Bytor'". I too, was not thrilled by the synth-heavy 80's dominated first set. I enjoyed it but was secretly wishing for something heavier (though 'The Analog Kid' was amazing). One thing that I disagree with yangie69 (and some others) on, is on RUSH's decision to play most of the new album. For the most part, when you've just released a new album, ISN'T THAT WHAT A TOUR IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT? For me, personally, if it were not for this part of the show, I would have been very disappointed! I believe that a true fan of a band KNOWS their new music and WANTS TO HEAR IT! I guarantee you, 5 years from now, we will be wishing that RUSH would play songs like "The Anarchist" and "Seven Cities Of Gold" in concert again! Now The R30 Tour was a celebration of their past. Yes, you'd be more likely for them to play the hits. Not here. For me, it would not have been a show without the Clockwork Angel heavy set. I too, could do without hearing 'Subdivisions', 'Spirit of Radio' and even 'Tom Sawyer' for a long while. In fact, I am pretty sure these songs have been played on just about every tour since 1980. GIVE THEM A REST and bring back some deeper cuts! Maybe someday...
#11 - Posted 10/16/2012 11:27 AM by streetsmart [contact]

I was espeically moved by Manhattan Project since every image they used reminded me of the terrible Tohoku nuclear reactor accident (and they did this song much better than before). I'm not sure how they come to pick up this song, but it really matches with what many people over the world (especially Japan) feel toward the nuke. Also, I felt this show was one of the best I've seen by now. If you had felt this show sucked, you could have talked to me and given away the ticket to me, hehehe. Headlong flight (love ged's facial muscle exercise at refraining), The Garden, Clockwork Angels, Red Sector A, The Wrecker, and do not forget Manhattan Project are my favorite.
#10 - Posted 10/16/2012 10:20 AM by elvtnedge [contact]

Great show in TO! Loved the setlist and loved the fact that I didn't have to hear dreamline which I refer to as the "bathroom song" The string section was awesome and the songs came alive.

If I must be picky I gotta say that there were more mistakes made last night then I've ever heard before. They are all minor but as a musician and knowing these songs like the back of my hand I pick up these things but we're all human and all make mistakes.

My only gripe was that being dead center 15th row, the bass wasn't nearly loud enough. You could sort of feel it, but you couldn't hear Geddy's brilliance like you normally could. When he would play alone he sounded great and it was loud in the mix. (Wheres my thing, YYZ etc)

Overall it was a great night and even if they made the 6 or 7 boo boo's they are still above and beyond any other band out there.

Out of all the tours I've seen starting from Signals, this was among my favorites.
#9 - Posted 10/16/2012 8:40 AM by JaredMax [contact]


(riffing on Rush's choices to add B-side tracks to split Neil's solo)


1. Finding My Way
2. Subdivisions
3. One Little Victory
4. Where's My Thing? / Drum Solo #1
5. Kid Gloves
6. Freewill
7. Dreamline
8. Bravado
9. Limelight
10. Far Cry


11. Headlong Flight / Drum Solo #2
12. The Garden
13. The Anarchist
14. Clockwork Angels
15. The Wreckers
16. Wish Them Well
17. Heresy
18. Everyday Glory
19. YYZ / Drum Solo #3
20. Working Man


21. The Spirit of Radio
22. New World Man
23. Tom Sawyer
24. 2112: The Overture
25. 2112: The Temples of Syrinx
26. 2112: Grand Finale
#8 - Posted 10/15/2012 11:33 PM by rick2112 [contact]

i was at the show sunday night and thought it was one of the best yet,and i've seen them at least 45 times since 1975. i read these comments and i think some of you have shit for brains. #2 biches because they played to much c.a.,what did you think they were going to play hemispheres[ which i would love to see but didn't expect]. he wanted to see all the hits all the commonly played songs yet #7 thought they played to many commonly played songs and he wanted something else. can't please everyone all the time. every tour that rush has done has been to promote their new release. this tour they played a bit more of it then they usually do, but they should have, IT'S A GREAT ALBUM.don't get me wrong i love the old stuff to but this new album is one of their best .listen to it instead of bitching about it and i think you will find they are playing at the top of their game.as for the concert , like i said i thought it was great ,all three of them and the strings section played great and geddy's vocals were amazing, his voice in all songs especially 2112 were better then than they have been for a few years.i've always loved his voice but i think he's getting better with age, as are alex and neil. i can't wait for tuesday night when i go again
#7 - Posted 10/15/2012 10:21 PM by yangie69 [contact]

Let's be honest here. This is still the best band in the world. I love these guys to death. But last night's ACC show was a bit disappointing. Neil has written at length about how only a few live shows are ever "magical." This one was not. 6 out of 10 at best. Time Machine tour in 2010 was much better.

First set could have been significantly improved.

- The Big Money? Seen it several times in late 80s/early 90s.
- Force Ten? Again, seen it. And it's one of the worst songs off HYF. Why not Open Secrets? There are better songs on that record.
- The Body Electric? Boring...not great live. why not bring Afterimage out of the vault?
- Grand Designs and Territories? Fine album songs, but not great live choices. We really don't need four flippin' songs of Power Windows!
- Analog Kid was great but hard to think of many other highlights in the first set, save for Neil's solo in Where's My Thing.
- Love Subdivisions but it could have been retired this time in favour of something unique - like freakin' Jacob's Ladder or A Farewell to Kings...

Sound and lighting was better in the second set. I get why they want to play CA but let's face it, only half the songs on it are truly concert-worthy.
- The guest musicians were great and added a new dimension to the material. Well done.
- The Garden is a gem of a tune but just didn't come off as powerfully as hoped.
- Halo Effect, one of the weakest CA album songs, came off surprisingly well.
- Thankfully they didn't play Wish Them Well - dreadful song.

Am I being too critical? Probably. Do I hold these guys to a high standard? Absolutely. And yes, I'm an "old time" fan who believes they started going downhill after Signals. But we as fans pay a lot to see them, we've supported them over the years and made them multi-millionaires many times over. I don't believe in the slavish devotion sometimes given to this band on this blog - they do turn out some dogs on occasion (e.g., most of Presto). For a $160 concert ticket, you are entitled to voice criticism.
#6 - Posted 10/15/2012 7:27 PM by DDQCRUSH [contact]

I was at the show last night. I must say that when I saw the setlists that are published on this site. I was really worry for the 1st part of the show. The reality is that it goes by so fast.

The entire show is excellent. As a fan I am happy that I had the chance to see that tour. Why... because of "The Strings". They really add a nice dimension to the Clockwork Angels songs. Let's face it "The Strings" will not be back for anyother tour after this one.

In the first segment of the show Analog Kid is the highlight. Alex was on fire during the solo. As a fan I would love to see him more that charge of that stage. In the second segment, Carnies and Headlong Flight were above the rest.

It was my first time seeing Rush in their home town Toronto! And I thought it was pretty special.

I also would like to take this moment to congratulate everyone at RushCon over the weekend. Great organisation, great people and a bunch of new friends.

If you haven't seen the show and you are a fan of more than the classic. Don't miss it because you may not remember a couple songs.
#5 - Posted 10/15/2012 3:27 PM by JPC

i think those who call themselves rush fans and clearly think that that the entire catelogue of music was pre moving pictures should freakin wake up.
its only 20% of an entire body of work.

they dont biuld the setlist for you, they play for the fans....
#4 - Posted 10/15/2012 12:14 PM by Ref71

Enjoyed last nights show. The musicianship of the guys was, as always, was at a fantastic level. For those that complained that the crowd was too quiet - well get used to it. Toronto audiences, are generally speaking, a reserved bunch. I've been seeing Rush live since 1976 during the tour supplementing "All The Worlds A Stage" and Rush shows a consistency not matched by many.
#3 - Posted 10/15/2012 11:57 AM by rushfreak101 [contact]

I was at last nights show and all i can say was woooooow what a show they gave me my money's worth thats for sure...i brought my stepson and he totally loved it....highlights for sure was the whole CLOCKWORK ANGELS to hear them live was totally amazing

headlong flight , carnies, clockwork angels, the garden everything was amazing

people can complain about the set all they want, my son doesnt know the early classic, he's a newbie and totally into clockwork for him hear a show where he the new generation of rushs can enjoy a good chuck of the show

remember this is CLOCKWORK ANGELS tour
#2 - Posted 10/15/2012 10:55 AM by Rush Marks The Spot [contact]

I was extremely dissapointed with the show in Toronto last night. If I had of known they were playing the whole Clockwork Angels album I would not have purchased a $160 floor ticket. I was also amazed that they didnt add something special for their hometown fans? Yes I know I know... they give 100% at all of their shows, but REALLY??!! No wonder the crowd was quiet... diehard Rush fan or not, if a band is charging $160 a ticket, give us what we want. I feel like I got ripped off... I'm not affraid to complain either. There are too many on this site making excuses for them. Lets be honest with oursleves... as fans we want the "classics." 2-3 off their new album is acceptable, not the whole stinking album! Sound was off a lot, Geddy's voice was hit & miss. Alex was awesome as always, Neil was great however the solos where just "okay" My review: 2 out of 5 STARS.
#1 - Posted 10/15/2012 1:24 AM by cw1971 [contact]

Hey guys...hope everyone had fun tonight!

I have to admit having grown up on the earlier catalog I do love the 'hitfests' that I experienced with R30 and Time Machine. That said I was looking forward to this tour as I've enjoyed S&A and Clockwork Angels progressively more - something I haven't been able to say about a Rush album for quite a long time.

The ACC is a big venue and in my experience has very poor sonics unless you're right at the front. I was sitting in the 101 section, row 6 so the sightline was really good but the sound was awful. When played alone, Alex's guitar sounded great and the drums were better than they've been in years - on R30, for example, I found the drum sound really boomy and not too pleasant - but tonight they sounded great. The problem was when everyone was playing at once - it was a bit mushy. My friend (who was dragged there, as he was not previously a Rush fan) said it was impossible, not knowing the songs, to make out the vocal. The second half sounded much better than the first.

Visually, the show was stunning as always. Great lighting and the band seemed a little closer together which I liked. Performances were top notch. Geddy's voice seemed to break a little early in the show but got much stronger as the show progressed. Fans went nuts during the high notes from the new album.

I loved the nod to Signals and Power Windows with some songs that are very near and dear to me from that time. Manhattan Project was played so well the fans were on their feet and the seats were shaking!

I also found the string section quite good - I like that they were standing up and getting right into the performance. I was worried they'd detract from YYZ but it actually freshened it up. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Neil's drum solo is split into three or four sections throughout the night. Not sure I like that as much, as you don't get a chance to dig your heels in and enjoy watching it unfold over 5 or 6 minutes. None of them had a real climax which was always the best part of an NP solo - the buildup near the end! I don't miss the big-band bit which was mercifully left out this tour. Otherwise played flawlessly.

T-shirts were a bit disappointing. Go for the baseball jersey if you can!

Great to see the fans all about town before and after the show, especially seeing the younger kids pumped about seeing what might be their first Rush concert ever.

As always, great to meet some Rush fans, love hearing the stories from past tours and sharing memories with the brotherhood. All in all, no such thing as a bad Rush show. You'll be glad you went.
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