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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Toronto show #1 open thread
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UPDATE - 10/18@12:06PM: Here's a gallery of photos from the show posted over at the 94.9 The Rock website (thanks bucklemyshoe).

UPDATE - 10/18@9:30AM: Clockwork Angels: The Novel author Kevin J. Anderson was a guest speaker at RushCon this past weekend in Toronto and also attended the band's Sunday night show. He has posted a complete report along with several great photos to his blog at this location.

UPDATE - 10/17@10:23AM: Here's a review from the Toronto Globe and Mail.

UPDATE - 10/16@12:15PM: Here's a very negative review from; they didn't appreciate the setlist.

UPDATE - 10/15@10:55PM: A few members of the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble were guests on Kim Mitchell's show on Toronto's Q107 today and a short, 2-minute video from the appearance was posted to YouTube (thanks John). You can watch the video below or at this link (*SPOILERS*):

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 10/15@4:25PM: Here's a review from T-MAK World, and another from

UPDATE - 10/15@3:38PM: Official photos from the show have been posted over at, and there's also this photo gallery that was posted over at

UPDATE - 10/15@10:53AM: Here's a review from the Toronto Star.

UPDATE - 10/15@9:25AM: Reports from the show along with this review from The Toronto Sun seem to indicate that the Night A setlist was played as expected; complete setlist here.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush returns to the hometown tonight to play the first of 2 back-to-back shows at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The band is due to play their Night A setlist this go-around - the same that was played in Bridgeport (*SPOILERS*) on Wednesday. If there are any deviations from this setlist I'll post them here. Here's an article previewing the show from Wednesday's Toronto Star titled Geddy Lee on the sustained Rush. For everybody going to tonight's show - have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. A special shout-out to all those concertgoers who attended RushCon this weekend. RUSH!!

Date/Time: Sunday, October 14th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 15
Venue: Air Canada Centre
Place: Toronto, ON

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reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#135 - Posted 10/18/12 @7:17PM by moving my pictures [contact]

To heck with 80's legends they can pack sand .Who the hell are they anyway? setlist whiners of course . Rush are the 80"s legends.. oh and Reagan.
Read Alex's interview about the induction he sais it himself that it would suck being a nostalgia band .We'll leave that to every other band that washed up on shore for this or that reason .
#134 - Posted 10/18/12 @10:39AM by hitmewithmusic [contact]

#121 Right on! I was 15th row dead center and thought it was 'zing! Can't wait to see them again in Tampa! Don't miss out!
#133 - Posted 10/17/12 @11:16PM by kennyplay1 [contact]

Its been suspended.

very negative review from; they didn't appreciate the setlist.
#132 - Posted 10/17/12 @1:00PM by random_sample [contact]

#129- No, Im pretty sure he didn't refer to the 80's as their "salad days". I remember him using those words ,but I am pretty sure he was talking about another period of their career.
Of course they moved away from keyboards for a reason. Obviously. Doesn't mean it was the right choice. But hey, if it was their choice, so be it.
I happen to think they did their best work in the 80's period. What do you think their reason would be for playing so many keyboard heavy 80's songs on this tour? Possibly to pay some respect to a period of their career that was shit on, in the documentary, maybe?
#131 - Posted 10/17/12 @11:27AM by Dig It Al Man [contact]

I'm just coming down from the Sunday show, what an amazing concert. Highlights for me:

Big Money
Analog Kid
Where's My Thing
Far Cry
Headlong, Caravan, Clockwork Angels, and Carnies, oh yeah and Anarchist!!!
YYZ with the string section joining in!

You know, I think of myself as an old time Rush fan, and I recently posted that my desire for the old sound will probably be satisified with new material, and I wasn't disappointed, the new material was awesome live, Alex was totally on fire, Geddy was throwing his bass around with authority and Neil was, well Neil was Neil... amazing, 3 solos, c'mon man how cool is that?

It was neat to see the other material, Grand Designs, Territories, Body Electric etc... brought back a lot of memories, but being that this is Toronto, you end up with a lot of casual fans as well the die hards and many of them just don't know some of this material, these songs are definitely not on any of my faves lists but the line from Territories about better beer is a classic and no one in our area except me and my Bro were onto it... ah well cest la vie as a Rush fan.

Would I have preferred a different set list? of course! I'm just as selfish as everyone else and I think my favourites are the best etc... But am I complaining? No Way! Rush put on a great show for their fans everytime and the fact that not 100% of the people are 100% happy is a continuing testament to their and our diversity.

Hell I even have to stop dumping on Garden now, not because I all of a sudden like it (I don't... Gasp) even if it is one of Geddy's favourites, I still don't like it, but my 14 yr old daughter liked it and I don't want to taint her enjoyment of it...
#130 - Posted 10/17/12 @10:10AM by Toronto Writer [contact]

#129 - I saw the same reaction from the crowd during those same songs you mentioned. People on the floor were standing, of course, but on the side where I was everyone sat once Force 10 started up. Individually I love all the songs they played in both sets. I love them. But within the context of a live show I felt that Force 10, The Body Electric, Territories and Bravado - all played pretty much back to back to back - was a shift down in gear for the show.
#129 - Posted 10/17/12 @12:30AM by mkefromTO [contact]

#124 Didn't Geddy refer to that period as "the salad days"? lol another word would be sustainment. After Big Money it got quiet in the ACC sunday night. Force10, GD, TBE and territories didn't get as great reception as the older stuff. I think the roar in the crowd after the solo in Analog kid was bigger than that of any of those songs. They did move away from the keyboard sound for a reason.

Oh and the very negative review. Spot on! At least this guy went to the show and voice his opinion. The review from the Star and Sun were fluff at best.
#128 - Posted 10/17/12 @12:19AM by kjbird [contact]

#127 - Posted 10/17/12 @12:06AM by random_sample [contact]

#126- was that an answer to my question? haha.
#126 - Posted 10/16/12 @11:42PM by kjbird [contact]

it's because CRAP DISINTEGRATES!!!!

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