Sun, Oct 14 @ Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON

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#34 - Posted 10/04/2012 11:01 PM by Alltheworldsastage [contact]

First Rush concert in a while for me, & my 6 yr old son's first concert ever. Looking forward to this. The 14th is his B'day & my wife got us tickets, one for his B'day, the other for Father's Day.
#33 - Posted 09/18/2012 10:38 AM by Ref71

CA is their best album in a long time. Looking forward to hearing it at the ACC. Although I hope the crowd makes some noise. TO audiences are always so quiet!
#32 - Posted 09/17/2012 9:21 AM by allmembersofthesolarfederation [contact]

Can't wait for the show! I can suggest some cool bars to go before the show. Loose Moose on Front Street is a good choice. The Biergarden is also another good choice. Beer at the ACC is a rip off.
#31 - Posted 09/16/2012 12:35 PM by lcboman

I'll accept the first set as it must stimulate the band to play it. Even though there aren't alot of my personal faves. If it makes Ged, Al and Bubba happy, it makes me happy. Analog Kid and Body Electric are a nice treat though. The second set will be amazing. I really can't wait to hear CA material live. Especially Headlong Flight and Seven Cities of Gold.
#30 - Posted 08/19/2012 8:40 PM by meek2112 [contact]

I'll be there too! Also my first time. I'm coming from Connecticut. So psyched!!
#29 - Posted 08/18/2012 12:31 AM by cdaddie [contact]

I'll be there! First time attending, coming from Manitoba and am really looking forward to it!

#28 - Posted 08/15/2012 10:18 PM by Bookmdano [contact]

I REally want to Come to RUSHCON but I live in Maryland and don't want to come up alone. If anyone is from the Baltimore/Washington area and would like to split expenses to Toronto, let me know!
#27 - Posted 08/13/2012 6:25 PM by meek2112 [contact]

Hey there. Anyone here going to RushCon?
#26 - Posted 05/18/2012 12:31 PM by Madskillz89 [contact]

Hey guys, I have Floor Row 10 seats, Alex's side on the 16th show. I'm looking to trade them for similar tickets, but on Geddy's side for either show. I've been on A;ex's side 3 times now, just want to change it up.

Email me at: The Drotar@hotmail.com (it's not the same email i signed up with)
#25 - Posted 05/14/2012 12:08 AM by Buskerdu [contact]

I don't want to start a TicketMaster bash but I think the whole platinum ticket approach is bogus. When you cannot any access ANY floor seats at 10:00:01 and 1-hour later they appear on the TM site at 2-3x the *published* ticket price...I call bullsh*t; sorry. I don't remember seeing any mention of platinum seats or $300+ ticket price on the Price Range info for the show. If the intention is to hold back all remaining floor seats following the pre-sales buyers should be made aware of this up-front. I wonder what the band (or any band impacted by this approach) think about this new practice; and do they even benefit from any increased revenue from the "platinum" seat sales or is it simply enhanced profit for the promoter/Ticketmaster?

Just my 2-cents - had to get it off my chest!

P.S. Luckily I was saved by the pre-sale where I miraculously pulled 12th row Alex side so I guess I have nothing to complain about - for this show....
#24 - Posted 05/13/2012 10:02 AM by rushrulez [contact]

It looks like since the pre sales have ended the only way to get floors will be through Platinum. Right now they only have seats way back up, but can see more being released. Glad I got my row 6 Geddy side yesterday! Platinum tickets are the way to go imo as you know what you are paying for
#23 - Posted 05/12/2012 10:28 AM by StaceyfromCA [contact]

Anyone else have problems with their credit cards going thru on platinum sales? I know I did and at least one other. Called the CC and they said it came thru but had no amount attached to it, but approval was not the issue from CC. Hubby is going to call TicketBastard in a minute here.
#22 - Posted 05/09/2012 3:12 PM by AnalogKid91 [contact]

This whole presale thing is confusing as hell, if I just wait until the general sale on Saturday will there be anything left????
#21 - Posted 05/09/2012 9:13 AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

I know this is a long shot, but here it goes.......

I have 2 tickets FLR L, Row 7, seats 7-8
I also have 2 tickets FLR L, Row 8, seats 1-2.

I am going with my kids so would like us all to sit together.

Did anyone on here get seats adjacement to these that would be willing to swap so I have 4 in a row.

Thanks and appreciated in advance.
#20 - Posted 05/09/2012 8:17 AM by yosef [contact]

Yes, thank you Ed. I'd be SOL if I was waiting for the late email.
#19 - Posted 05/09/2012 12:59 AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#17 - Yep - I got that email - I thought WTF !!!

Thank you RIAB !!!
#18 - Posted 05/08/2012 6:14 PM by sevenman [contact]

#10 - I can see a second Toronto show possibly being added in Toronto on the 16th since that day was left open ( playnig in Montreal on the 18th ). Maybe they're waiting to see how sales go for this show. I remember back in the day when three shows at Maple Leaf Gardens was a given.
#17 - Posted 05/08/2012 5:34 PM by Gangster_of_Boats [contact]

Anybody else get the Rush newsletter announcing the Canadian leg presales today? (This is Tuesday afternoon. They've already been on sale for 28+ hours.) Good thing we have RIAB.
#16 - Posted 05/08/2012 1:38 PM by toyzshopmike [contact]

Well yesterday I got on at 12:05 and got 4 VIP for us and the two kids... Does anyone have any experience with the VIP tickets and can tell me what sort of seats we can expect with the above info?
Thanks in advance
#15 - Posted 05/08/2012 10:06 AM by maplemom [contact]

Fan presale for Toronto is sold out - can anybody help get other passwords ????
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