Wed, Sep 26 @ MTS Centre in Winnipeg, MB

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#7 - Posted 09/28/2012 3:08 PM by rg1 [contact]

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#3 - Posted 09/27/2012 5:36 PM by Geddimus Prime

Random thoughts on this show which ranks as one of the worst Rush experiences of the over 30 shows I have attended over the years -
Winnipeg stinks in every sense of the word. If nations have rectums, Canada's is surely Winnipeg. This was confirmed by multiple locals we spoke to so... The MTS security staff would have been very successful as Gestapo enforcers. Enough said there. And let me take a moment to address the majority of those SITTING for the entire show in section 107 on Alex' side - you are all pathetic rock fans and I was embarrassed to be in your absurdly entitled presence. Sheep waiting to be entertained... Sitting for an entire Rush concert? Pathetic and showing an utter lack of respect for the band. Lifeson and his crew even took notice. No wonder Rush left you lazy socialist clowns out of the tour loop for so many years. Winnipeg doesn't deserve Rush or their concerts and I hope they never return. God knows I won't.
#2 - Posted 09/27/2012 10:37 AM by the-wrecker [contact]

What can one say....totally blown away by the show. Sound was great from the 10th row Geddy side of the floor. The boys were in top form for sure. Only caught one little smile from Neil on the big screen.

I must say I've listened to CA quite a bit but you don't really get the feel for how the album builds the real story/concept until you see and hear the live show. Of course they don't perform BU2Bs or Seven Cities but the rest of the album in order like that just builds until the wondrous plateau of The Garden. It was all just so well done.

Highlights: the entire show...3 hours of pleasure to the senses.

One would think it impossible for Rush to ever outdo themselves but they really did it with this show and tour.

A must...
#1 - Posted 09/27/2012 3:08 AM by Rocketman [contact]

The show tonight in Winnipeg was Epic ! I waited a long time to see them come back here and it was worth every penny . Outstanding concert ...
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