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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Winnipeg open thread
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UPDATE - 9/28@6:59AM: John at posted a great photo gallery from the show at this location.

UPDATE - 9/27@9:28AM: Here are a couple of photo galleries from the show; one from the Winnipeg Free Press and another from Metro (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 9/27@9:25AM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 9/27@6:41AM: Reader reports from last night's show (thanks maple_leafs_4evr and Governor General) confirm that the Night B setlist was played. This review from the Winnipeg Sun also confirms the set. You can view the full setlist here (*SPOILERS*). The official photos from the show have also been posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush takes off to the Great White North tonight, bringing the Clockwork Angels tour to their homeland to play the MTS Centre in Winnipeg - stop #10 on the tour. They are due to play their Night B setlist - the same that was played in St. Louis (*SPOILERS*) last week, although there's always a chance they might switch out a song or two. If there are any deviations from this setlist I'll be sure to post them here. For everyone going to tonight's show - have a blast, stay safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 26th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 10
Venue: MTS Centre
Place: Winnipeg, MB

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reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#39 - Posted 9/28/12 @7:02PM by moving my pictures [contact]

A good friend of mine is a hardcore Rush fan such as myself.He has studied playing Rush music on Drums and can replicate very intricate songs(The whole first side of Hemispheres as an example-I first owned it on vinyl so yes side A)he and his family sit at Rush concerts and he prefers Alex side bleachers to not be obstructed by keys or toms and not have a bunch of crazies who drink to much hoot and holler him .He has the deepest respect for Rush and means no disrespect whatsoever by sitting .Thats just the way he rolls and is always going to .I feel awkward sitting in those sections because as soon as someone unbuckles my straight jacket Iam going to bounce off the ceiling.I like to stand and cheer .I also like to high five,clap,dance ,do cartwheels ,strongarm cheer and various other rather embarrassing things.I would be right at home down in Rio and not just for a Rush concert.Now there is food for thought.People pay for the ticket and can do what they like .The chairs are for sitting not standing.But yes if everyone would stand it would seem more exciting,welcoming and engaging.I hope Rush does not feel that people are disrespecting them because they are not .I think they are smart enough to realize that hey -some people are going to sit and whatever its not a big deal.Over in China this guy has a lite or a sign and when its green you cheer but if its red or something you shuddup or they make you drink snake venom without cream cheese wontons .Thats why people sit they eat too much cream cheese wontons.Yeah yeah thats why . From now on everybody is going to stand and cheer at Rush concerts understand otherwise otherwise Iam just going to self destruct ok ok then .
#38 - Posted 9/28/12 @5:42PM by moving my pictures [contact]

Hello RUSH fans! To all the whiners,pundits,and negative finger pointers TAKE OFF A HOSERS!YEAH TAKE OFF A!! We wish you well!
Winnipeg show review a
Lit up with anticipation we arrived at the launching site.The electricity from the Minnesota show still tingled in our psyche.Memory and emotion driven by excitement and devotion.The crowd roared applauding each song with much thanks and gratitude Dude.Everyday people reached up to the clockwork angels as if them were different from us.Unkowingly we are capable of similar yet lofty flight,just in other ways.They exacted precision upon powerful progressions,carefully crafted structures with bridges and strings decorated with lazer sharp art lite.
It filled our hearts with pride
Sound so rich of gold
The visions were specialized
The lights lay silver at our feet

Winnipeg show review B a
Its all good a so get out there and Rock and enjoy those shows!!
#37 - Posted 9/28/12 @5:06PM by seekingthegroove [contact]

#32 - although your blanket assessment of an entire city is aggravating and rude, I will agree about section 107. That's where I was, trying my best to rock out. Being asked to sit down, to which I responded "maybe you should stand - it's RUSH!" I enjoyed the show immensely, but I felt bad and a bit upset at people. What cha' gonna do?
#36 - Posted 9/28/12 @12:03PM by jladder2112 [contact]

Maybe they were stoned...
#35 - Posted 9/28/12 @11:50AM by breakingpoint [contact]

I can't believe comments of you #32. I so hate to hear that. I went to St. Louis from Memphis to see them. That was the closest to Memphis they've played since 1992 on the Roll the Bones tour! ..well except for hitting Nashville witch they usually do. Promoters here are idiots though. I fully believe that Rush would be well received back here in Memphis. I know people would drive form long distances for a show here. I have a question. Do any of you think that they will add some more dates later on for the CWA tour? I won't get my hopes up for Memphis but perhaps Nashville? I've made the decision to save up for a VIP package next time. Peace to the water man.
#34 - Posted 9/27/12 @7:54PM by jiminseattle [contact]

So #32, how do you really feel? No that bites man I would think that it would be standing room only in the Peg. That is very strange and really sucks.
#33 - Posted 9/27/12 @6:45PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#31- ya that was good! 5 bucks....good stuff from a younger Ged! They were all a bunch of goofs from the get go, meaning, a good sense of humour, but they took the music seriously. I find it funny when people or reviews say that Rush developed a sense of humour in the last decade or so.
#32 - Posted 9/27/12 @5:34PM by Geddimus Prime

Random thoughts on this show which ranks as one of the worst Rush experiences of the over 30 shows I have attended over the years -
Winnipeg stinks in every sense of the word. If nations have rectums, Canada's is surely Winnipeg. This was confirmed by multiple locals we spoke to so... The MTS security staff would have been very successful as Gestapo enforcers. Enough said there. And let me take a moment to address the majority of those SITTING for the entire show in section 107 on Alex' side - you are all pathetic rock fans and I was embarrassed to be in your absurdly entitled presence. Sheep waiting to be entertained... Sitting for an entire Rush concert? Pathetic and showing an utter lack of respect for the band. Lifeson and his crew even took notice. No wonder Rush left you lazy socialist clowns out of the tour loop for so many years. Winnipeg doesn't deserve Rush or their concerts and I hope they never return. God knows I won't.
#31 - Posted 9/27/12 @1:34PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#30 - 5 bucks is 5 bucks
#30 - Posted 9/27/12 @12:15PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#29 Like good day eh!, but you take off ya hoser!

Best part about the album was when Bob and Doug are in total awe of Geddy and are all like "wow this guy's good eh...ya ya like he's really good". Something to that effect then Geddy says "well..ummm... like I'm a professional eh!"

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