Thu, Sep 20 @ Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#5 - Posted 09/21/2012 7:04 PM by mhopsy [contact]

it seems like people are afraid to critique the setlist for fear of being considered less than a "true fan". I'm a fan for 30 + years and I'm really glad that they're still making great music and touring. I think they've changed from playing so many of the old fan faves so it doesn't feel like a "job" for them to perform them over & over. After all, they did give us the Time Machine Tour, which was sort of like a geatist hits live. As much as I will miss the old standbys I'm still looking forward to catching them live once again. if you love the hits you can always watch the dvd's. Any Rush is good Rush in my book.
#4 - Posted 09/21/2012 11:24 AM by jchardern [contact]

Some initial thoughts while my ears are still ringing in pleasure this following morning...

- Regarding performance: Ged's voice was in fine form and he had his bass thumping and jumping, a true master. Alex was playful in spirit and his playing was spiritual. For those of us fans stage right, its always a treat to be entertained by Rush's resident nut job! And Neil - what can you say. I'll leave solo reviews to the drummers, but it nevers fails to amaze me how his percussion is truly an equal 1/3 part of the mix. In practically all other (successful) bands you probably don't notice the drummer, or the drumming so much. Neil somehow manages to bring his playing into the mix on an equal footing, which is no mean feat considering the artistry of Alex and Ged. Sometimes forcefully, sometimes subtlely - but whichever seems appropriate, Neil is there. How he knows how do it is beyond me, but it was still there on exquisite display last night. 60 going on 16, right?

- Regarding the presentation: tastefully done as always. I have not read Clockwork Angels so I won't comment on the videos other than to say they were humorous. The string section on for the 2nd set was... different. Being so used to seeing only the three, I don't know if my mind has had enough time to fully digest the presence of eight more musicians on a stage with Rush!

- Regarding songs: Ok, ok, I know - I shouldn't quibble about the setlist. But it is a big ask from the band to endure a slew of their 80's songs and 8 new songs from Angels. And it is not that the songs are bad (which they are most definitely not). But I think there were stretches that kept the fans a bit subdued (factoring in fan age, of course) for a Rush show. The stretch from Grand Designs thru Territories is one example. When Analog Kid finally arrived you could sense the pent up energy finally releasing. My suggestion - give the fans a nugget there and throw in a Freewill or a Limelight in place of one those songs. As for the Angels suite, which was then followed by Manhattan Project and Red Sector A - that required some serious listening. Again, there was a noticeable jump when YYZ kicked off a high energy stretch to the end with 2112. I very humbly submit trimming the Angels songs by one or two (say Anarchist and/or Carnies) and inserting a few more standards (perhaps a full Xanadu return... one can dream, right). Admittedly, the Power Windows songs were rocked to their fullest, but they were too numerous and in the end I longed for Marathon. From the new, the rocking Headlong Flight, Seven Cities and the song Clockwork Angels were well received and I felt deserving of their spots. From the old, Analog Kid, TSOR and 2112 were tops and welcomed like long-awaited friends.

And last, I'll note that Ged looked forward to seeing everyone again down the road. I dearly hope that is true because I am certainly not ready for any kind of farewell tour. Thank you for another great show, Rush.
#3 - Posted 09/21/2012 11:18 AM by curtiss63 [contact]

I was in the fourth row, and it was a great show! Am glad they played so much off CA! That is what compelled me to buy a VIP ticket. I have been a fan since 2112, but to me I don't want to hear a full show of the old stuff. Thats one of the reasons I love Rush. They are not afraid to go out on a limb. The crowd energy dropped when they went into unfamilar territory. But that is to be expected IMO. The addition of the string section sounded great. The lights and stage affects were top notch. The over all sound was very good, it seemed the mix was much better in the second set. In the end I am glad I spent the money!
#2 - Posted 09/21/2012 10:34 AM by arthung [contact]

***WARNING: some spoilers included***

A tremendous show! The guys played brilliantly and looked like they were having a great time. Geddy's voice sounded so incredible; I think that his tone and his control of his voice have improved over time. The addition of the string ensemble was a neat change; I wish that I could hear them more in the mix. I like Neil's breaking up his drum solo into 2 shorter solos that stemmed from full-band songs. The first part of his Percussor solo sounded like a Jan Hammer song; the second part I just don't get - it sounds like he is banging on trash cans. I too would have liked to hear Working Man (with the mandatory jam), but still it was a fantastic show and a great night.
#1 - Posted 09/20/2012 11:24 PM by man of willowdale [contact]

It was a Great Show, but a little let down "NO WORKING MAN". But I aint complaining ... ROCK N ROLL.......
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