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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Columbus open thread
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UPDATE - 9/23@1:45PM: John over at has posted this great photo gallery from the show.

UPDATE - 9/22@5:53PM: Here's a review of the show from The Lantern.

UPDATE - 9/22@1:30PM: Official photos from the show have been posted at

UPDATE - 9/22@1:13PM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 9/21@9:10AM: Here's a great review from The Columbus Dispatch.

UPDATE - 9/21@6:32AM: Reports from Columbus indicate that Rush did end up playing their Night A setlist - the same that was played in Chicago (*SPOILERS*) last weekend. I'll be going with that unless I hear otherwise. It looks like the band may be finally settling into a groove with their setlists.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush's Clockwork Angels tour makes its way to the Buckeye State of Ohio tonight to play the Nationwide Arena in Columbus. The band is due to play their Night A setlist - the same that was played in Chicago (*SPOILERS*) this past weekend - but it's certainly possible they may change things up a little. As soon as I am made aware of any deviations from the expected A setlist, I'll be sure to post them here. In the run-up to tonight's show, The Columbus Dispatch posted a preview article in today's edition titled Rock trio experiences prosperous decade. The article contains some previously-published interview snippets from Alex Lifeson. For everyone going to the show - have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RUUUSSSHHH!!

Date/Time: Thursday, September 20th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 7
Venue: Nationwide Arena
Place: Columbus, OH

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#46 - Posted 10/4/12 @10:11AM by otiedotie [contact]

Took my 8 year old son to his second Rush show. Totally awesome. The fans were great too... so fun to enjoy live Rush music with friendly people!
#45 - Posted 9/23/12 @10:38AM by Jag2112 [contact]

Here's a link to a great photo gallery from the Columbus show...
#44 - Posted 9/22/12 @11:55AM by Gogmagog [contact]

Lots of fun reading these as a longtime fan, first-time show attendee. My own take here: link
#43 - Posted 9/21/12 @5:26PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

Went to the Columbus show last night, as well as the Pittsburgh show last week. Much better crowd in Columbus, and I'm from Pittsburgh so you know I must mean it! :-)

Just a tremendous show. Better vibe last night, swapping out Working Man for Spirit of Radio made a huge difference, the sound was better, and I personally thought Alex played even better than last week. You could also tell the guys were REALLY loose... saw Neil practically laughing at several points.

I went with an old buddy of mine, who isn't nearly as big of a Rush geek as I am, and who will be the first to admit he's not a fan of anything Rush did from GUP through Roll the Bones ... but even he said that everything last night was tremendous. The fact is, the guys are kicking it on the PoW tunes, and they've turned Where's My Thing into something much heavier and more sinister than the original. At the same time, the CA material is just phenomenal live.

This was, hands down, the best Rush show I've ever attended, regardless of whether or not the setlist is something I would have chosen.
#42 - Posted 9/21/12 @4:51PM by The Analog Dad [contact]

By the way, the "Losing It" comment could be misconstrued -- was typing pretty fast here at work... What I mean to say is, Rush isn't going out like that, singing about someone with diminishing skills. As much as everyone would like to hear that one live, I think we're all just clutching at straws.

#39 I don't want to speak too soon either, but there's definitely a vibe happening. Feels like the coda to me... enough that I might change my plans entirely for Cleveland and take my 6-year-old son with me. Just afraid enough that he may not get another shot at his (of his own chosing, IMA) favorite band.

#40 I agree. Anything less would feel forced and, it ever got to that point, they'd probably want to throw in the towel anyway. At the end of the day, it still has to be art by artists for art's sake and the artists' pleasure. With them, anyway. It's ALWAYS felt that way with Rush and I've been going to their shows since the 1985 PoW tour. Haven't missed one since.
#41 - Posted 9/21/12 @3:16PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#40, well said. I feel for the many fans who will not really know all of the material to be played. They may be mystified but not me!
#40 - Posted 9/21/12 @2:32PM by Saluki Rush

I'm a little baffled by the "sucking of the life" comments about the setlist.

I was at the Chicago show, and where I was at (sec 101, near the hockey boards), the section was making a lot of noise and appreciation for all of the songs, 80s and CA. I never felt a lack of enthusiasm. All of the CA songs got a good crowd reaction, and a few (Angels, Headlong and Garden) got a strong reaction.

I've seen the guys on every tour since Grace under pressure, and I've always liked how they mix up different songs from albums. Honestly, as much as I love Freewill, TSOR and Tom Sawyer, I'd love to see a tour where they don't play any of those songs. The newbie or radio only fans might be disappointed that they can't "hear the hits", but maybe they can get some exposure to the deeper cuts on all of those great albums.

When I was saw the setlist was going to be primarily from the 80s, I was stoked. If it were mainly 70s songs, I'd be stoked. Same about the 90s. Or the '00s. It's Rush. I want them to play the songs live that they want to play.
#39 - Posted 9/21/12 @1:31PM by kjbird [contact]

Well said, AnalogDad. I agree with your points on 3 & 5 especially. I get that same vibe; i feel CA is the capstone. I know a lot of fans would say NOOOO, and don't want to speak too soon, but that's the feeling i get listening to the album (and, that's listening not hearing - one's a bit more proactive and intrinsic).
On a different note, if anyone is interested, i caught a great interview, just Geddy speaking, giving some insight @ the songwriting and CA tour. It was posted 2 months ago. On youtube entitled "Interview Video with Rush about Clockwork Angels-2012" I liked it - thought i'd pass it on.
#38 - Posted 9/21/12 @1:17PM by The Analog Dad [contact]

First of all, #thirty-something-th! :)

2) The crowd that I saw in Columbus last night was FAR more appreciative of the first set than Pittsburgh was. (I'm also doing Buffalo and Cleveland, so we'll see how this all holds up over time...) Don't read anything into that, Pitt folks -- I think you just expected more old stuff and that's cool. Cleveland rock fans are a lot like that, too... whoever said Alex looked bored was spending too much time on their smartphone, because it was his night -- even with the level-gaffe early in "The Garden."

Ahem. Anyway...

3) There's a post I read either here or at the RF by a reader who really took the time to analyze why this setlist (even with the swaps) is a life-message from the band to its fans. The songs they chose for both sets really say a lot about where the world is, and how one might carry forth in it. That's not to say the Kool-Aid has been consumed here, but I can think of a lot worse choices.

4) Two other quick observations: I DO think "The Weapon" would have made a great choice in the same way that "Witch Hunt" has over the last decade. Now, unlike most on here, I DON'T think "Losing It" would have been -- even with the strings present. I think it's the wrong message on a number of levels, not the least of which that Rush feels this way about themselves.

5) Lastly, I'm not left with the idea that there will be an R40 tour... I think we are going to get one more big tour (a farewell/Chronicles- or Sectors-style tour supporting a MASSIVE live boxset) and that CA is the last studio album. When you listen to it live, capped by "The Garden," it's almost like Neil's saying, "This is the last thing I need to tell you." This will sound cliche/silly to some -- and I'm sure I'll get bashed for this -- but it reminds me of Billy Joel's "Famous Last Words" a bit. That he's told us all he needs to over these almost 40 years, and now it's time for all of us to "tend our gardens." Including him.

words words words... anyway, thank you Cbus. It was a blast! Next stop, Buffalo!!!
#37 - Posted 9/21/12 @1:11PM by kjbird [contact]

With all the talk about 'life sucking of crowds', i'm wondering if some of this is due to people not knowing the material. Before the eyes start rolling, examples; i spoke to a lot of people that, to my utter shock, had not even heard CA - AT ALL, let alone in its entirety. Lots of younger fans who were still as statues during the first set. I caught the Indy show, rocked the whole setlist from start to finish, as were others, but it was scattered and sparse (of course, until reliable YYZ, and the encore, as well as SOME of the CA material, more well known Caravan, Headlong Flight). For those that want to know the setlist ahead of time, watch "A Show of Hands" again. Get reaquainted!! If you haven't listened to CA, for God's sake, dive into it!! I truly think it will make for a more enjoyable show for you, and, this may come as a shocker, but the band FEEDS OFF THE CROWD AS MUCH AS THE AUDIENCE FEEDS OFF THE PERFORMANCE!!! Let's light up the arenas we are in - RUSH is in the house!! Hey, i would love a 4 hour show with some FBN, COS, Kings, VP, but it ain't happening this time (ok, or ever - haha). The band wants this period of time documented, and that's what we are a part of right now. I'll be in Cleveland next month and this chick is hoping the house is filled with fist pumping, feet jumping, air strumming peeps from the floors to the rafters!!!!!

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