Sat, Sep 15 @ United Center in Chicago, IL

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#12 - Posted 09/26/2012 11:25 AM by simon r

Last? Final review of my 4th show on tour. United center a large venue but packed to rafters all 3 tiers unlike Pittsburgh/Indy. Got the 20 bus from downtown about 20 min journey and stops right outside venue gate 2/3 side. Fans around after show so some wanted bus back-even got a seat on single decker first one after show. Had a great DA Burger at venue for $8.50-fabulous value and tasty.

Had a seat in 2nd tier as downstairs was the most expensive so far and I had seen them downstairs at 3 shows. Block 233 1st block Geddy`s side offered great view of stage and level with row 1 floor!! I can recommend this for anyone who wishes to get a great view who cannot afford downstairs prices.
Woman next to me had parents in Ealing which is a few miles from where I live in UK.

They reverted to set list A and again it was a fabulous show. It all went too
quickly alas and my vacation is nearly over. Been back a week now and gradually weening myself off rush until May 2013 when they come to UK!!
#11 - Posted 09/19/2012 10:51 AM by markdemers [contact]

Girls, Girls, Girls! what the heck has happened, I never seen so many girls.. and Hot ones too at a Rush concert.. they think it was Bon Jovi in concert? What a great night in Detroit.. looked like a poor crowd size though, hmm.. wish local radio would play even something off the new record, local radio here is pathetic. Oh well. The boys were awesome! loved the 2nd set of new stuff. I thought it was great how during the 2nd set Geddy was able to just concentrate on Slappin' the Bass, all the other stuff he would have labored over on the keyboards were filled in nicely by the Live Strings.. which sounded awesome! 10th show, see them everytime they hit the D.
#10 - Posted 09/17/2012 11:42 AM by pdurbin22 [contact]

SETLIST: If you (A) want more than one 70's-era song; (B) don't like 'Power Windows' or most synth-era material; or (C) are a fairweather fan looking to hear more than 4-5 'hits', then this is not the show for you. For everyone else, it was one hell of a treat. Several deep cut surprises (Territories, Grand Designs, Body Electric), great songs made even better with strings (Red Sector A, Manhattan Project, Caravan) and my all-time favorite Rush song finally heard live for the first time: "Analog Kid."

SOUND: Not the best. Normally I prefer arena shows over amphitheaters due to the "contained" louder sound, but the acoustics blocked a lot of great sounds. Geddy's bass was the hardest thing to hear during busier moments, but when it took center stage it did come through nicely.

PERFORMANCE: Unbelievable. The band sounds as great as ever, and the strings during the second set were such a welcome addition. To anyone worried that they oversaturated the songs - they could not have been done more tastefully. Geddy's voice was really strong; arguably better than it was on the "Time Machine" DVD. And the bass, drums, guitar and synths? Never sounded better.

HIGHLIGHTS: Alex's solo during "Analog Kid." Neil's mini-solos in the middle of "Where's My Thing" and "Headlong Flight." The strings standing up and rocking out right as "Caravan" kicked in. "Red Sector A" - a song I normally would be sick of, but was made so epically awesome with strings. "The Spirit of Radio," which no matter how many times is played, is always amazing.
#9 - Posted 09/17/2012 11:27 AM by Jimbo [contact]

So I can't have been the only person thinking this: Near the end of Alex's instrumental, as he was leading up to Halo Effect and the stage filled with smoke, I REALLY thought they were going to play Xanadu. I mean, I was all but certain! There was a fraction of disappointment in me when they didn't, but Halo Effect came out great, mixed in quite well with the overall set. Still, all that textured instrumental playing, the stage filled with smoke - man, I thought we were entering the pleasure dome. The entire show was amazing. Loved every song, every moment. True surprises for me included The Body Electric and Grand Designs (I remember thinking, during that one, that it's great to hear Power Windows stuff, but wouldn't it be cool if they whipped out Territories - and they did!). Very pleased to hear Red Sector A, too, and strings in YYZ were so freaking cool. Also, the song-integrated drum solos were such a pleasant surprise. My favorite moment of the entire night, though: The intro to Caravan, then the blast off of the song with the strings jumping up and freaking rocking into it. That was pure energy.
#8 - Posted 09/17/2012 11:11 AM by djtrocks [contact]

This was my first Rush show (something ALWAYS came up!), and I shared the experience with my 17-year-old prog-rock loving son. Both of us were BLOWN AWAY by everything - the set list, the videos, the lighting effects, the pyrotechnics...and of course the musicianship! It was great to see the stuff from Power Windows brought out, and the string ensemble melded perfectly with the band to form a wonderful experience with the new material.

I think my son's shoulder is still black and blue from my pounding on it with sheer excitement when the show began amid the srtains of "Subdivisions". We both had a great experience at the show, and chatted happily with our Rush-loving brethren before and after the show. I'm hoping for a second Chicago date to be added later in the tour...if not, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next tour.
#7 - Posted 09/16/2012 11:21 PM by skull1349 [contact]

I don't normally post about anything but I've been seeing Rush religiously since '86 and last night's show just blew me away. The setlist was unlike anything I have seen before. Seeing them pull out Grand Designs/The Body Electric/Territories/Analog Kid was incredible. Alex was, by far, the MVP of the night and made my jaw drop over and over in amazement. The Clockwork Angels second set arrangement accompanied by the string orchestra went over brilliantly and having REAL strings during The Manhattan Project was exquisite, not to mention the strings backing up Red Sector A as well as YYZ. Dropping Working Man in favor of The Spirit of Radio was an unexpected and welcomed surprise! The Tom Sawyer/2112 encore brought the house down and bringing various Blackhawk's players out to goof off while they played was both incredibly silly AND entertaining.
At this point, I'm praying to any deity who may be listening that Rush will make a second pass through Chicago sometime next year.
Hails to the three travelers, men of Willowdale..
#6 - Posted 09/16/2012 1:48 PM by CoryB29 [contact]

Wow, where does one begin to describe this amazing concert experience at the United Center. Attended the show with a close friend and his wife. Sat in section 122 (Geddy's side close to the stage). Great views. I have to admit that some of the "negative" comments about this tour / setlist / etc. had me a bit concerned. Stupid of me to even think that. While I do respect others opinions, I have to totally disagree with them on this tour. Rush rocked. The stage set-up was great, creative, and silly. The lighting & effects & video / animation was spectacular. I have never seen the use of 10 high-def video screens attached to the individual robots before. They added a beautiful touch to the show. The sound was excellent, even in this monstrous venue. What I think blew me away most was the 8 piece string section, affectionately called the "Clockwork Angels String Ensemble". They were jamming!! Wait, did I just say that about violins & cellos? Yes I did. The sound was clear and not hidden in the mix. It really played an important part in the new material. Likewise, it added nice touches to classics such as YYZ & Red Sector A. They really got into the music, the crowd, and the band. And in return, the crowd really appreciated them.. The show for me was a great mix of the old & new, classic prog w/ synthesizers & full force rock. While I don't necessarily love the 1st set songs, they played them beautifully and it sounded great.

Highlights for me included:

Set 1: Body Electric with cool videos, Analog Kid especially Alex just shredding it, and the 1st of Neil's 3 drum solos. I like how he split it up this time into 3 smaller parts and with 2 of them featured within songs.

Set 2: Carnies, Headlong Flight, and The Garden (which I think was the best mix of sound, vocals, instrumentation by all 11 members, video, lighting, etc.) and The Spirit of Radio (they absolutely nailed it and the crowd ate it up - nice way to end the 2nd set), and ending the night by jamming Grand Finale as part of 2112. Nice touch!!

On a personal side, a few fun facts for fellow RIAB member Emmano in Sarasota, FL. Alex used 5 guitars, Geddy used 4 basses, and the Professor was 7 of 9 on stick tosses / catches. The Good; one of them was vintage Rick Monday reaching over the front of his massive kit to save the day. The Bad: one of them was vintage Shawon Dunston totally bricking an easy play. The Ugly: "he only smiled 10 times during the night"!!! ha ha just joking folks.

Finally, what a riot to see the 5 members of the Chicago Blackhawks (I think I noticed Toews, Keith, & Seabrook) attack the Gorilla & Chicken wearing red blackhawks sweaters. Looks like they might be "touring" with the band since the NHL lockout unfortunately looks like a reality in a few days!!

Thanks to great friends, the worlds greatest band / crew / staff, a great crowd in my hometown, and an amazing vibe. What a lifelong lasting impression The 2012 Clockwork Angels Tour (United Center show) made on me. They certainly have come a long way from the 1st show I saw them at back in 1978-79 on the Hemispheres Tour at the old International Amphitheater. For those of you on the fence, run, don't walk, to a city near you to see this amazing tour!! You will NOT be disappointed.
#5 - Posted 09/16/2012 1:13 PM by Darrell [contact]

Went to the UC from Indy. My second of 5 straight shows. Different set list for the 5th straight show. I think its awesome, no matter what they choose to play. Great sound, great crowd response, great venue to see 'em in. Look out Detroit. Lil Bear & I have you in our gunsights Tuesday. Can't wait.
#4 - Posted 09/16/2012 12:08 PM by hb091666 [contact]

I've been a fan since the debut of "Moving Pictures" but, surprisingly, the 9.15.12 Chicago show was my first time seeing them. As a drummer, I've for a long time considered Neil Peart to be the greatest rock drummer of all time and last night cemented that opinion in a major way. No one I've seen comes close to pulling off what he did, and I've seen some amazing drummers! Lifeson and Lee are in the same class and just blew my mind. I've never seen a band play as well as them. We got their a few minutes late and "Subdivisions" even sounded amazing outside the arena as we were heading up the elevators to our seats.

I'm glad I saw them on the Clockwork Angels tour; I think it's one of their best albums and the songs are unbelievable when performed live. The strings were fantastic and made the material sound like "Kashmir", though it's in no way derivative of such. I actually sense some hardcore punk influence in Lifeson's guitar sometimes, but maybe that's just me. It was a birthday show and thanks to my brother in law Dan for taking me! I'm definitely seeing them when they come around again. If you're a band that can play like that, why would you stop touring? These guys drink from the musical fountain of youth.
#3 - Posted 09/16/2012 1:39 AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

20 min break then set #2 started playing powering throug hthe 9 CA songs, as the songs went on each were better and better to go along, i really enjoyed The Anarchist, Carnies, Halo Effect, all beautiful soudning songs, and the accompanyment was incredible, alot louder then i thought it would be. really made the musaic sound alot better. geddy's voice still strong never seemed to not impress me.

Headlong Flight was a big moment for me, my family and the rest of the crwod as everyoen really got into it, as not many had gotten into the wreckers beforehand. manhatten project and red Sector A didnt get too much love then finally the crowd suddently awok with YYZ and the replaced Spirit of Radio, which though i expect Working Man, was well pleased to have it played instead.

All visuals and lighting were amazing and i enjoyed every lasdt one, i think i may have shed a tear or two for the garden like i knew i would, its such a great song.

overall this was one of the best nights i had ever had and i wish it would repeat, i am, as all rush fans are, so lucky that in this day and age our boys arestill preforming as well as they did tonight, and i hope iot never ends soon.

definitly a night to remember.
Rush on!
#2 - Posted 09/16/2012 1:34 AM by FavHeadache09 [contact]

alright where do i start? we get at the parking lot about ^:15-^:30ish and finsih up of what was left of our dinners, get into the cneter and go straight to the swag booth, spend $160 bucks on 2 shirtys, the touerbook, the novel, a wrist band for my mom and some rush pins. talk about an overload of swag.

the n we walk over the consessions and spend another $31 on drinks aned food before the show actually starts. talked to a bunch of other rushians who arent apart of this website about how we have been following rush so mucvh, my dad seemd to really enjoy showing my knowldege off of the band so the other fans kept asking me a bunch of questions, which were all answered correctly, of course.

our seats couldnt of gotten any better, though it was a bit far, it was like we were in the exact middle of the ground floor, dead center stage, we had little windows to see all 3 guys on stage and it was perfect. right in front of the sound booth.

7:41pm the intro video plays, then Subdivisions and i'm already losing my voice, rockin' out to every 80s song and enjoy of what they played (i really love The Body Electric and Territories) my mother, who hadnt seen them since 91, was very impressed with how they sounded since its been so long since she last saw them, and right away she was into it, over and over again she kept telling me she loved every song. Bravado and Where's My Thing showed up and she insistly knew those.

could not complain about the 1st half, such strong sound from the guys i just really seemd to enjoy myself, and my voice, totally horse now, could not keep up.

(More in next Post)
#1 - Posted 09/16/2012 1:29 AM by gag2man [contact]

I will never grow tired of this band. They never fail to impress. I was not "offended" by the deep cuts within the first set and the second set with the barrage of CA songs was great. I think during the next to last song of the first set, some mascots (Gorilla & Chicken) came out in Blackhawks home jerseys and were followed by Blackhawks player - Jonathan Toews I noticed. Three or four others I didn't, but that was pretty cool. On the last visit to the UC during the Time Machine Tour, Geddy kept dedicating songs to the players whose jerseys were hanging in the rafters above his place on stage. Pretty funny - Here's one for Pierre Pilotte because he can Stick It Out, etc. One flaw I will report is that the audio wasn't good enough to clearly hear any of the videos, which was a bummer.

I will confirm the setlist spoiler as reported and I'm perfectly fine with it.
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