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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Chicago open thread
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UPDATE - 10/14@10:22AM: Here's a photo gallery from King Idea.

UPDATE - 9/27@7:14AM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 9/21@10:50AM: Here's a review from (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 9/18@4:48PM: I'd mentioned in a Friday updates post a few weeks back that several Chicago area Rush fans held a big pre-show party and raffle at The Beer Bistro before the Chicago show, and just wanted to give a report on how things went courtesy reader/organizer Dan B. They ended up raising a whopping total of $3173.46 with all proceeds going towards a donation to the American Cancer Society in the memory of Neil Peart's first wife Jackie Taylor, who passed away from cancer back in 1998. A big thanks goes out from the organizers to everyone who participated/donated.

UPDATE - 9/17@9:05AM: John at posted a great gallery of photos from the show at this location.

UPDATE - 9/16@11:54AM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 2 *** Eric at Power Windows reports that a new rearscreen video was shown during the 2nd song of the encore. Details below the fold.

UPDATE - 9/16@10:10AM: Official photos from the show are now posted at

UPDATE - 9/15@11:45PM: The setlist change mentioned in my last update has been confirmed; setlist A version 3.0. So we've had 5 shows and 5 different setlists! The complete setlist here (*SPOILERS*)

UPDATE - 9/15@8:58PM: *** SPOILER UPDATE 1 *** Reader wackostu is at the show and reports in the comments that the soundboard guy said that there would be another slight adjustment to the A setlist. Apparently they'll be swapping out one song with another that had been previously played on opening night but not since. There was no setlist photo to support this though, so we'll just have to wait and see for confirmation. Details below the fold.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush's Clockwork Angels tour continues its trek through the Midwest tonight when they'll play the United Center in Chicago. It's expected that they'll be playing their Night A - version 2 setlist tonight - the same one that was played in Pittsburgh earlier this week. If they don't for some reason I'll be sure to post it here as soon as I'm aware. Chromey - the 1974 chrome Slingerland drum kit once owned and played by Neil Peart - is on display today for a charitable event at Vic's Drum Shop (345 North Loomis Street) until 5PM. So if you're in town looking for something fun to do until tonight's show, go see this amazing piece of rock history, and have your photograph taken behind it. Proceeds will go to benefit Richard "RC" McWilliams, who is suffering with Invasive Skin Carcinoma (Skin cancer) and from deteriorating spinal discs. For everyone going to the show - have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RUSH!!

Date/Time: Saturday, September 15th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 5
Venue: United Center
Place: Chicago, IL

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Click READ MORE below to access spoiler content




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#89 - Posted 9/22/12 @12:29PM by ru2112sh

I'm so thankful that I revisited this thread to find a review of this amazing concert. What a fantastic article. I've been lucky enough to see the Indy, Chicago and Columbus shows. It's distressed me a bit to read the negative comments about the set list, especially by those who have not yet attended a show. I enccourage you to sit tight and get ready to be blown away by the amazing gift of Rush! 3 down and 1 to go.
#88 - Posted 9/20/12 @8:39AM by markis [contact]

Did anyone else see they fan at the show that looked just like Neil and had the same hat that Neil wears? The resemblance was uncanny. Looked just like a younger Neil.
#87 - Posted 9/18/12 @9:14PM by jdelazzer

Great show once again! I've been seeing Rush since 1990 during the Presto tour. Every time I see them I say to myself it was better than the last time I saw them. True again, the production and stage show were amazing. The string section to kick off CA was a nice addition and added more texture to the material. The set list, which has been somewhat criticized in earlier shows on the tour, was fantastic. It was great to hear them play songs I've never heard live before (Territories, Grand Designs, etc.). It kept the concert fresh and exciting. I don't necessarily like those songs more than Limelight and Freewill for instance but I've seen them played so many times that I really enjoyed hearing fresh music from the boys. All in all a great show and like I said earlier each show is better than the last, they never cease to amaze!!!
#86 - Posted 9/17/12 @4:47PM by Count Floyd [contact]

Brilliant to see the TSOR/Working Man swap out! They can't abandon TSOR and an A/B swap is a PERFECT compromise... (versus squeezing the additional 5 minutes for Spirit in the encore, which my heart greedily wished! :) (funny enough, in hoping for that i "imagined" the potential band conversation on the subject, which surely has happened for already at some point, for some song or "extra" 5 minutes etc...

"come on, an extra 5 minutes won't kill us!" (maybe says an Alex)

"do you know that 5 extra minutes over a 36 show tour equals 3hrs more!? or a whole EXTRA show!" (maybe says a Neil)

i almost am buying it!! :) i'd rather get a WHOLE other show later on, than, say, TSOR every night now, an ONE LESS show later!! :)

pace yourselves guys... i'm down.
#85 - Posted 9/17/12 @4:27PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#84, Thanks for the great review. Not surprised those songs stole the show as it were. I would imagine the whole thing was amazing.
#84 - Posted 9/17/12 @4:02PM by jeweloutofreach

We had a great time hanging out at the UC, building up to the show which was just outstanding. Loved the setlist but wished that I could have seen them hit Middletown Dreams. I have been waiting years to see them play MD and just barely missed it. The new material was great with The Anarchist, The Garden and Headlong Flight all but stealing the show. Crowd was loud and the band was very tight. The light show and the visuals for the new material was well done. A great time had by all. The only dissappointing aspect of the RUSH visit to Chicago was the complete lack of media coverage from the "major" papers. Lame!
#83 - Posted 9/17/12 @1:27PM by yyzrob [contact]

Very long time RUSH fan - since 1976 - seen them about 50 times or so. Four of us drove from Toronto to Chicago to see them on the 15th. I can say, without a doubt, this is the best I have seen them play. They absolutely nailed every song. To the other comments on this thread ... I totally agree - I have never heard Geddy's voice sound better. The lighting was fantastic. The addition of the strings was beyond my expectation. Alex and Neil brought their A game - there was great chemistry on stage. Thanks to all the Chicago fans for being so enthusiastic ... you are great fans!!
#82 - Posted 9/17/12 @9:31AM by ianian65 [contact]

I flew over from the UK to see this show. To all the UK fans out there, you are in for a treat next May. The set list, the lighting, the stage set up, the string section was just spot on. I even managed to see 'Chromey' as well, so a big thank you to those who organised the charity event at Vics Drum Centre on Saturday and making my wife and myself feel very welcoming. It was appreciated. Ian and Julie.
#81 - Posted 9/17/12 @7:10AM by Gardener [contact]

Does anyone have a video of The Anarchist from the Chicago show? I know there is a good one already up on You Tube, but I am looking for one that was filmed from fairly close to the stage.

My husband and I both feel that Saturday night's concert was one of the most exciting events of our lives. We're really envious of all of you who have tickets for future shows, and we're now scrambling to try to see them again.
#80 - Posted 9/16/12 @10:21PM by jiminseattle [contact]

The Anarchist is the most special song I have ever heard Rush deliver and there are so many. I could listen to the first five songs over and over and over from CA. Three thru 5 are very very special. Thanks for the great reviews folks.

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