Thu, Sep 13 @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

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#31 - Posted 09/14/2012 12:13 AM by dennisfp [contact]

Can some kind soul send me an email with the *Clockwork Angels tunes only* that are played during the concert? dennisfp ( a t ) yahoo.com

I'd like to make a mix CD so that my boy will be familiar with the songs played.

Please *don't* send any other song spoilers as I'd like the rest of the concert to be a surprise.

Many thanks!!!
#30 - Posted 09/13/2012 10:47 PM by pepple69 [contact]

Setlist B 2 confirmed in Indy
#29 - Posted 09/13/2012 1:24 PM by mike099 [contact]

I live in Nashville Tennessee, so hoping they come to Bridgestone Arena soon. Have to say I love the new cd. It grows on you. Hard to say what it sounds like live because with the videos posted you cannot tell. The videos sound sluggish to me. I have to say that I love the old Rush and am not too fond of the 80's period. I would love to hear By Tor, Anthem, Something for nothing and Passages to Bangkok instead of the 80's songs in set 1. If anyone wants to hear good old Rush live, Different stages is an excellent 3 cd disk, including the 1979 show in England. It rocks!! You guys enjoy the show in Indy.
#28 - Posted 09/13/2012 12:25 PM by gar_cor301 [contact]

I was at the pittsburgh show and it was amazing. The string section enhanced the show not only on the Clockwork songs but also the rest of that set. I have to say I am disappointed with some fans especially one drunk in the men's room at intermission complaining loudly about "This ain't Rush, I want to hear old shit." Hearing Rush in person is a true treat and if you don't want to hear what they want to play, stay home and listen to your records.Rush is not a nostalgia act and their music is as vibrant today as 1974. I thought the show was epic and hope there is a live cd and a dvd.
#27 - Posted 09/12/2012 7:37 PM by pariah dog [contact]

The Tilted Kilt is very close to the venue, good food, beer, and scenery. I bet this will a popular pre show hang out.
#26 - Posted 09/08/2012 11:59 PM by daviecop [contact]

Heading up from Fort Lauderdale since there's no South Florida show. Is there any bars or hang-outs for a pre-show get-together? If not let's set up one!
#25 - Posted 09/08/2012 1:14 PM by bravado [contact]

awesome set list can't wait, 5 days and counting. RUSH ON
#24 - Posted 09/08/2012 1:08 AM by mrslaurajones [contact]

So...the tour kicked off tonight!!! Woo-hoo!!! In six days it will be our turn in Indy :-)
#23 - Posted 05/25/2012 12:43 PM by rushyyzhead

Dream on, man.
#22 - Posted 05/24/2012 3:53 PM by benlacy2112 [contact]

Thanks, rushyyzhead. I assumed the chances are pretty slim without knowing someone. I still have this glimmer of hope, though, that someone on this site will chime in and say, "Hey, I know a guy that get passes, and I can't make it to the show. Have mine!"

A man can dream, can't he? ;-)
#21 - Posted 05/16/2012 8:40 AM by rushyyzhead

I thought a number of "experts" would jump on that question, benlacy.

My understanding is that most meet 'n' greets are lucky ones somehow selected from those buying VIP packages. I think I even read once of a lottery among those tickets. Of course, as the world usually turns, knowing someone associated with the tour must be a big help.

I would relish a chance to meet those guys once, more just to thank them than anything else. Hopefully I wouldn't freeze up like some teenage groupie or ask a silly question about the deeper meaning of one of their more obscure songs.

Best regards.
#20 - Posted 05/13/2012 5:54 PM by benlacy2112 [contact]

Does anybody know of any way to get meet and greet passes to a show? I see so many avatars on the site of people with Geddy and Alex (and I'm assuming they're from a meet and greet at a show). I've seen Rush a dozen times since becoming a fan in 1996, and I've never been able to score meet and greet passes. Do you just have to know somebody?

Any help or info would be awesome. I've been a fan for a long time, and I would love to be able to meet the guys and shake their hands. :-)
#19 - Posted 05/12/2012 7:14 AM by mtjeffs [contact]

i just got 2 tix in F-5. Does anybody know about these tix?. How is the view and such?Are they basically just like F-1? Rolling up from nashville......
#18 - Posted 05/12/2012 7:03 AM by mtjeffs [contact]

#17 - Posted 05/11/2012 2:03 PM by Snaketrails [contact]

Just got my ticket at the box office downtown, floor seats are basically gone. I asked if ticket availabilty was sporadic and if better seats would emerge later, the clerk said it was unlikely, so I guess I'm lucky to be in section F3 (Alex's side.) This will be my 3rd show, following Toledo in 2010 and Sacremento in 2007.
#16 - Posted 05/10/2012 6:12 PM by rushyyzhead

Indy is Eastern time.
#15 - Posted 05/10/2012 9:49 AM by mtjeffs [contact]

can anyone tell me if indy is central or eastern time zone?
#14 - Posted 05/08/2012 11:35 AM by rushyyzhead

I'll bask in the light on 1 November in Atlanta (with one daughter from there and her husband) and 13 September in my home town of Indy (with my other daughter from WI and hers). In Indy, 9 nine rows up from the floor to the band's right.

Saw them twice during Moving Pictures (Nashville and Atlanta), none ever before. Always liked the radio play songs from way back but not a follower, then picked up more and more when we got XM radio 4-5 years ago. Had my epiphany during The Camera Eye in Atlanta 29 September 2010. Knew I'd missed out on something big for 20 years. Can't get enough now. I devour one album's music and lyrics at a time (in no particular order).

I even started riding a bike again after reading Peart's Ghost Rider. Hadn't ridden since my 20s.

Sorry, that's just my story.
#13 - Posted 05/07/2012 1:11 PM by bravado [contact]

got my vip tix for indy, not sure where seats are ( that totally sucks for that kind of $$$$$$$$$) i'll be flying up from florida, my brother will be coming down from wisconsin for RUSH/VIKING WEEK.the minnesota viking are in town the following sunday.AWESOME can't wait. this will be the first time in over 30 years that me and my brother will see RUSH together. last time was 1978 @ alpine valley in wisconsin. RUSH ON
#12 - Posted 05/07/2012 12:39 PM by scottw [contact]

Got two seats 8th row F1 way over on Alex side and feel lucky to have gotten them. Not much was popping up on the MT pre-sale.
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