Sun, Sep 9 @ Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#8 - Posted 09/20/2012 9:28 PM by man of willowdale [contact]

Clockwork angels columbus OHIO rock n rock............................. we know how to rock n roll in columbus...............
#7 - Posted 09/12/2012 3:11 PM by JAH [contact]

I was a few rows behind you, Bookmdano. You were actually in the 10th row! (no row I). I enjoyed the show even though I am not a big fan of the new album, which I realize puts me in a small minority. Definitely enjoyed the first set, thought it was the Power Windows tour there for a minute. I will disagree a bit with others about the sound. It was nice and clear but Neil's bass drum was way too loud. On the one hand, it gave me a new appreciation for what he can do with his feet, but on the other it drowned out a lot of the other sounds going on - particularly Geddy's bass. It was like Dr. Dre was mixing the sound. I didn't notice this much early on, so maybe it got worse at some point, perhaps in the second set.
#6 - Posted 09/12/2012 12:31 PM by Bookmdano [contact]

My hearing isn't what it used to be (too Many Concerts, I guess), But I thought the sound was incredible ! I was in the 11th row dead center and thought that all three of the guys sounded great. I really loved the setlist and having seen Rush as much as I have, I really didn't need to Hear Limelight and Closer to the Heart again.
I had an incredible Seat in Section 2 Row K that I purchased the night of the Show at the Box office! I have NEVER purchased a ticket in Advance, so all of the scalpers, you guys make me Laugh! Presales to me are a waste of time because I have gotten 2 row right before show time in the past.
Oh, and the icing on the Cake, another fan at the box office had an Extra Meet and greet Pass, and I guess I was just in the Right Place at the Right Time !
Thanks again Mark, I owe you one !
#5 - Posted 09/12/2012 11:47 AM by Rushian_va [contact]

While I'm maybe not quite as obsessive a fan as others here, I will say Rush's music is important to me and has been a very positive and enjoyable part of my life. My initial listen to CA was a little challenging...but after a couple of complete passes through the entire CD, I was hooked, much more so than with Snakes and Arrows. By the time the concert rolled around, I was really excited to see CA material performed live.

Subdivisions is one of my favorite songs, so that was an easy start to the show. I will say that right off the bat, the sound quality seemed a bit muddy with the higher notes being lost a bit in the mix.

Power Windows is one of my favorite "albums", so I was very happy to see material from that effort heavily featured in the first half. Middletown Dreams and Territories were highlights for me. Watching these three guys perform with such energy and precision is just such a pleasurable experience. Over the last few shows, I've seen a much bigger focus being placed on Alex, and that's a good thing! He's amazing to watch.

I'd never heard The Pass or Where's My Thing, but with anything Rush, I'm willing to expand my listening horizons. It's always hard to really get into something you're hearing for the first time, but I did enjoy the sound of these songs. The decision to do three smaller drum solos instead of one long one (that has been repeated quite a bit over the last few years) was a good one in my eyes. Neil is just stunning to watch and hear.

The second half of the show was stronger than the first in several ways. First, the sound quality improved substantially. I wonder if the mixing was really biased toward the CA material? Songs from that album really sounded great, with Seven Cities of Gold and The Garden being my favorites. The string section was pretty cool, though I wonder how they felt with fireballs going up their backsides on a couple of occasions?

Red Sector A is another favorite of mine; the string section didn't seem to fit the song. Somehow, it took the synthesized edge of the sound...still enjoyable, but not quite an A+. I thought the same about YYZ...it somehow sounded a little softer and muddier than I remember from last time...

My bladder got the best of my for Working Man, so I missed it almost entirely, but my wife loved it...I know Alex does a great job on that one from past shows.

The encore was a love hate situation for me....well, maybe hate is too strong a word. If I never heard Tom Sawyer again, I'd be fine. They played it well, but it just does nothing for me as a song. 2112 however is just fantastic and I love it performed live. Although Geddy can't quite reach the highs he used to, the music of the sections they play is just so intoxicating and the energy of the crowd is just awesome. What a great way to end a fantastic show!
#4 - Posted 09/10/2012 9:30 PM by cjarmk [contact]

This was perhaps the best Rush concert I have witnessed. The work the guys did with the string section was fantastic...and the selection of past tunes didn't disappoint...and 2112 in the encore! What more could we want!
#3 - Posted 09/10/2012 2:33 AM by OG_musicjunky [contact]

This concert marks my 30th anniversary of seeing Rush, and it didn't disappoint. If only they had played all of Signals for its anniversary, although w/ no more space shuttle flights, Countdown may have rung hollow. The thing that stood out to me during the show was that Neil broke up his traditional drum solo in to sections across the length of the concert. That added to the energy, and to the songs. The string section addition was in fact an addition! They also added to the overall vibe, as you could tell from their animation. My wife remarked that she was disappointed w/ the exclusion of Spirit of the Radio, Limelight, etcetera, but everyone had it in their heads, I'm sure... We listened to it in the car ride home to make it right. See ya later on the tour!
#2 - Posted 09/10/2012 12:27 AM by efdalby [contact]

What a remarkable show! I attended with my (longtime fan) brother and son (16 and his 2nd concert, TM being first).
Perfect weather, great crowd (seemed sedate compared to TM). Geddy's voice was strong and clear, Alex nailed it across the board and Neil was simply, well, smashing. The boys were in great spirits - smiling, laughing, really enjoying themselves. Geddy talked to the audience a lot and that is always very nice. Anyway, this production seemed like a "normal" show compared to TM (which in comparison was lavish)...lights were scaled back somewhat, although they introduced some new flying video screens. They were very impressive as was the overall lighting design. Also, I could tell the lighting/video crew were still working on some of the ques. Seemed like they were experimenting at times! Pretty neat to see that - they weren't mistakes, just you could tell they were trying things out from time to time. I'm no sound expert...the mix seemed decent enough...perhaps a little more volume and high end would have been nice, but again, no real errors at all. At one point - I think during Analog Kid - I heard them treble up Alex and his guitar really came through much clearer.
As far as set lists go - A or B - I'm just thrilled that they are up there playing at all. And if they are, well, I like what they chose because those are *the guys* and they picked that stuff out for us! I hadn't heard a lot of those songs live for a while (I started in the 70's) so for me it was really great to see them focus on Power Windows and all. What was interesting was Neil did two other little solos after the "main" one that followed Where's My Thing.
Now - the Clockwork Angels material was the highlight of the show for me...simply astonishing material, and with the introduction of the strings...it gives the older material a run for it's money. Don't forget - I started in the 70's with these guys and whereas I love all the phases, I couldn't be happier about this new material.
So...anyway...it was great to see such a refreshing, new "normal" show from my favorite band. I'm very grateful to them for all their efforts and taking such good care of us!
#1 - Posted 09/10/2012 12:22 AM by Brendan1234 [contact]

Stream of consciousness .... The concert was a very well done conceptual extension of the album. Lights , atmosphere, videos were very evocative of a strange place , but something familiar, warm feeling and well just dreamy. Alex had issues with the mix or the in ear monitors but played above it all and really dug in with a lot of energy on the power stuff. The sound was muddy down front, couldn't really hear the strings or guitar arpeggios on top of the mix...that's the trade off and I'm guessing it sounded better in the middle of the shed. Glad the boys brought some cool Canadian air with them. Feels like the first real hint of fall. Beautiful night, beautiful female rush fans (are there any other kind)! Was great to see Ged free to roam the stage on the the new album and just play bass and sing. Alex was tickling the ivory on the garden and his solo on that song is simple and really nice. Really cool at the beginning of the song , when he had a respite, to see Neil peering over his drums like a little kid taking in the reaction of the crowd as they took in the garden which grew from his seeds. Thank you Neil Ged and Alex in no particular order.
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