... Rush Tour: All the World's A Stage

2012 Clockwork Angels Tour

Sat, Sep 15: United Center - Chicago, IL

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Show Number: 5

Show Time: 7:30 PM

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Sat, Sep 15 United Center Chicago, IL
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attendance 11,307/12,130 ($1,113,292) [setlist]


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#100 - Posted 09/16/2012 11:49 PM by yiddishrush worshipper [contact]

I loved the Show. I am a Chicago Blackhawks season ticket holder and seeing the shtick with the chicken and ape costumes with Blackhawks jerseys during 2112 Overture was great. Even better, was Jonathan Toews, Dan Carcillo, and Duncan Keith(?) and others tackling them during the bit, was even better. The set list was great, and the new songs are pretty good. I know everyone wants to hear the old stuff, and so do I, but the Clockwork Angels disc is very well done. I hope they play forever. I am always envious of the folks that still get to see them later in the tour. So enjoy. Maybe I will try and join my cousin Fred in New York and see them in Brooklyn or my brother Scott and see them in LA. I cannot think of a better band. I must have seen them 25+ in multiple locations including Milwaukee, Chicago, LA, Ft. Lauderdale and Toronto over the years. My first show was the Hemispheres tour in 1978 at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. They put so much effort into the shows. I wish them a happy new year as well, especially Geddy! May 5773 be a great year for Rush and their families. Lastly, it was my birthday last night and it was quite exciting to be at the show on my bday in my hometown. Ed, thanks so much for this wonderful site. It is the best and so are you. Michael, the YiddishRushWorshipper.
#99 - Posted 09/15/2012 4:57 PM by Crackhead [contact]

#96 and 98 - beware of priapism during and after the concert. There is no known cure until June 11, 2013.
#98 - Posted 09/15/2012 9:57 AM by Rockdoc [contact]

#96, I can't practice across state lines, but for your testicular paresthesias I suggest Lyrica--or a good dose of Peart lyrics, to be ingested liberally over a 3hour period! lol ;) there really is a drug called Lyrica to help tingling. I'll be there too tonight. enjoy!!
#97 - Posted 09/15/2012 4:07 AM by Reverse Polarity

Feeling jealous of all you Chicago Rusheads seeing the show tonite

Here in Scotland we have 2 wait til next May !!

Must admit I'm enjoying the set list debates and discussions on here

For me it's great they are playing almost all of CA - great album

But for 1st section I would hav loved more of Signals rather than PW , GUP and HYF

Also the tour book seems to have a Signals image on the front cover??

Maybe the boys started out planning to do more Signals but switched track for some reason??


How about this for a first section??

New World Man
Analog Kid
Losing It
The Weapon
Kid Gloves
One Little Victory
The Pass
Where's my Thing
Far Cry

But hey I would pay to see them do 25 different versions of Tai Shan
#96 - Posted 09/14/2012 11:41 PM by sbabsovitch

I don't mean to sound crass, but my balls are starting to tingle. Flying in from NY, Cubs game at noon (with a few libations in Wrigleyville) then on to the show.
See you there.
#95 - Posted 09/14/2012 11:08 PM by Crackhead [contact]

Here's my set list wishlist:

Rush (1974)
Fly by Night (1975)
Caress of Steel (1975)
2112 (1976)
A Farewell to Kings (1977)
Hemispheres (1978)
Permanent Waves (1980)
Moving Pictures (1981)
Signals (1982)
Grace Under Pressure (1984)
Power Windows (1985)
Hold Your Fire (1987)
Presto (1989)
Roll the Bones (1991)
Counterparts (1993)
Test for Echo (1996)
Vapor Trails (2002)
Feedback (EP) (2004)
Snakes & Arrows (2007)
Clockwork Angels (2012)

Take that all you whiners :)
Can't wait for Saturday night - NO MATTER WHAT THEY PLAY!!! BRING IT ON RUSH!!!
#94 - Posted 09/14/2012 7:28 PM by Gardener [contact]

How am I going to get to sleep tonight.???!!! I am so excited, and I hope we get set list A version 2! Perfect! Would like to hear Dreamline and Manhattan Project, though, but not give up anything else.
Really, they could come out and "Rushify" Madonna, and i'd be happy. Wait.... I retract that statement. I am so happy they're playing so much of Clockwork Angels. Plus, being female, there won't be a line at the ladies room. See you all tomorrow!
#93 - Posted 09/14/2012 4:29 PM by Spanky [contact]

Dissapointing setlist for the 1st half of the show... they could have at least thrown a couple more vault gems like Analog Kid in the mix (Cygnus X1 comes to mind)... Countdown would have been a nice tribute to Neil Armstrong and the defunct shuttle program. Oh well.

2nd half of the show was great! Loved the string ensemble.
#92 - Posted 09/14/2012 12:54 PM by cheer [contact]

Well I'm a bit disappointed that we likely won't get Spirit of Radio (my favorite song), but it still looks like a great lineup (either A or B).

Can't wait!
#91 - Posted 09/11/2012 4:03 PM by alx gd nl [contact]

Or come to think about it, HOW'A BOUT SETLIST C!?!!??!???

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