Monday, November 15, 2010

Rush to play Helsinki, Finland in early May, 2011
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UPDATE - 11/15@12:19PM: The ever-omniscient Deadwing2112 says in the comments that there will be North American dates both before AND after Europe. Cool.

UPDATE - 11/15@11:41AM: In some related news, reader jeffb2112 let me know that Eddie Trunk reported over the weekend that...

... I hear Rush will play MSG soon. Can't wait as I missed the last Summer tour. ...

----- snip -----

Finnish television channel SuomiTV is reporting that Rush will play the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland sometime in early May - likely May 3rd or 4th. Here's the original article in Finnish and here's the loose Google translation. This doesn't come as a huge surprise since Geddy Lee remarked in numerous interviews last week that the band was in discussions to tour Europe in the Spring of 2011. That said, this does seem to be the first semi-official confirmation that Rush will tour in 2011 from a major news source. It also gives us a better idea of the timing if indeed they'll be in Finland in early May. This would mean they'd be in Europe in the April-May, 2011 timeframe, and raises the question of whether any North American dates will occur before or after Europe. Thanks to Boogierooster for the heads up.

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#96 - Posted 11/19/10 @7:17AM by simros [contact]

Got an email today that states only one gig in Germany happening:
Sunday, May 29th in Frankfurt.

(Hope that more German dates will be added or at least in Belgium or the Netherlands)
#95 - Posted 11/19/10 @2:45AM by RushFanForever [contact]

The Facebook page has posted the following:



Rush has confirmed they will be extending the Time Machine Tour and coming to Europe this spring.

The following dates are confirmed, including Rush performing in Ireland for the first time ever.

More additional European announcements to come.

Thursday, May 12th Dublin O2

Saturday, May 14th Glasgow SECC

Monday, May 16th Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

Thursday, May 19th Manchester MEN Arena

Saturday, May 21st Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

Sunday, May 22nd Birmingham LG Arena

Wednesday, May 25th London O2 members will be receiving a pre-sale notification on Monday, November 22nd that begins on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Tickets for the Time Machine Tour in Ireland & UK general on sale will commence at 9AM GMT on Friday, November 26th, 2010. Ticket links and details will be posted shortly.

Additional European dates will be announced shortly!

Also confirmed today, the Time Machine tour will return to North America for a selection of dates between March and July, primarily with Rush performing in markets not played on the previous tour run this summer.

Stay tuned to for more details!
#94 - Posted 11/17/10 @9:26PM by Get up and go the distance [contact]

#91 Thanks for the link. I've read the article and now I'm not so sure if it was in Roadshow or in that article. However, I'm pretty sure I recall Neil relating the story rather than Geddy himself. But then again, I could be totally mistaken - I read so much stuff about Rush...
#93 - Posted 11/17/10 @5:38PM by skl183

Man if the new album is really coming in 2012 now, Dream Theater have these guys beat by at least 6-8 months. And with a new drummer even.
#92 - Posted 11/17/10 @3:14PM by kkkkristen [contact]

*I watch that scene
#91 - Posted 11/17/10 @3:14PM by kkkkristen [contact]

#38 and #48, I found the interview: link

It's from 2009, so when he mentions "the last tour" he can only mean S and A. I don't know if they tried it for the R30 tour as well - will have to re-read "Roadshow" to try and find that part.

#82, I LOVE that part of the documentary!! The boys are HILARIOUS!! I watch it any time my mood needs lifting. :P
#90 - Posted 11/17/10 @4:46AM by freewilly [contact]

PS I'm glad in this respect that Nick R. in a recent interview (about recording Clockwork Angels) mentioned that for him the high vocals are an integral part of what Rush is, so he won't be the one that encourages them to tone/tune that down...
#89 - Posted 11/17/10 @4:40AM by freewilly [contact]

sorry, sloppy typing,
"and I hope do they quit on a HIGH NOTE... (and not in a merely mid-tenor fashion). Just my thought, I can see why others choose 'easier' sung versions or altered songs so they can keep doing it for (even) more years but that would not be my personal preference."
#88 - Posted 11/17/10 @4:38AM by freewilly [contact]

Regarding Geddy's voice, as far as I can tell (I live in Europe and haven't attended the Time Machine Tour) he sounds better overall than on the S&A Tour, he reached the higher vocals easier it seems to me. So I'm definitely not for tuning down things too much or make a setlist that misses the higher pitched songs... I think that's one of Rush's great appealing things to me, the unique sound of everything intrumental AND the unique vocal element... while understanding it gets more difficult for Mr. Lee with time. One day it will end for RUSH anyway and I hope do they quit on a HIGH NOTE... (and not in a merely mid-tenor fashion). Just my thought, I can see why other choose for 'easier' sung versions or altered songs so they can keep doing it for (even) more years but that would not be my personal preference.
#87 - Posted 11/16/10 @10:50PM by Spindrifter [contact]


I thunk it out and I figured out who Deadwing2112 is! And he aint Nick!

Da lips are sealed!

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