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SPOILER ALERT: Time Machine Tour rehearsal setlist
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Rush Time Machine TourUPDATE - 7/2@2:02PM: For the sake of completeness, I've included the final setlist as I have listed in the tour section below the fold.

UPDATE - 6/29@8:55PM: John Arrowsmith has uploaded a bunch of spoilerific pics from rehearsals in Albuquerque to the (*SPOILERS*) Multimedia: Rush on the Road section. Included are several closeup photos of the guys on stage rehearsing, and their equipment/gear can be seen in detail.

UPDATE - 6/29@1:37PM: Reader hermy let me know that Neil Peart drum tech Lorne Wheaton posted a photo of himself with Neil's new kit to his MySpace page. You can check it out below the fold.

UPDATE - 6/29@11:48AM: A very detailed photo of Neil Peart with his new Time Machine Tour kit (presumably from the tour book) is floating around the various messageboards too. You can check it out at (*SPOILERS*) this link or below the fold (thanks Bigleaf).

UPDATE - 6/29@11:29AM: Peartdrumsticks at Counterparts very astutely noticed that the Rush Backstage Club has the Time Machine Tour tourbook listed for sale along with a couple of shots of the inside of the book. In the pictures you can make out Geddy, Alex and Neil's stage setup - although the photo is very low-res. However, Peartdrumsticks blew up the photos and compared them with some of John Arrowsmith's teaser photos. You can check out the blown-up images at (*SPOILERS*) this link (*SPOILERS*).

UPDATE - 6/29@9:38AM: I've added a photo of the rehearsal stage setup that's been floating around the message boards. You can check it out below the fold.

UPDATE - 6/28@5:47PM: I made a brief update to the setlist below. Nothing changed - just more info regarding one of the songs.

Rush held a full production rehearsal for the Time Machine Tour at the Hard Rock Pavilion in Albuquerque, NM last night and I've received a few setlist reports from fans who were within earshot. So without further adieu, you can view the rehearsal setlist below the fold (MAJOR SPOILERS!! ... obviously). In other tour news, readers Louis2112 and DallasRUSHian note that the back of the new Time Machine Tour Moving Pictures t-shirt at the Rush Backstage Club reads Time Machine Tour 2010: USA/Canada/S.A.. This seems to be indirect confirmation that Rush will indeed include a South American leg of the tour as I'd reported earlier this month. has revamped the Multimedia: Rush on the Road section of the website. Rush tour photographer John Arrowsmith will be regularly posting tour photos to this section of the site beginning with tomorrow's show. And Neil Peart drum tech Lorne Wheaton reported in his latest MySpace status update that he'll be launching his new website at tomorrow.

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#362 - Posted 7/2/10 @12:50AM by geddyalexneil

#360 I said "Can't we all get along" in reference to people tripping out about the setlist. My comment (especially many Christian ones) comes from my personal experience in that organized religion where many people didn't practice what they preached and they wanted to hold others to some kind of high standard they weren't willing to follow themselves. The God I believe in isn't judgmental, does not use fear/guilt trips as a motivational technique but treats all people as equals (i.e. not excluding people from his love based on race, wealth, sexual orientation, etc. - like I see many organized religions do). I also don't think God gives a rat's ass if you eat meat on Fridays during Lent. So off my soapbox - bottom line is that I think Faithless is an awesome song because it speaks to me. I totally get that other people don't like it - we all have different tastes - the way it should be.
#361 - Posted 7/1/10 @2:28PM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]

As someone on the list once said,

"They could stand there and armpit fart YYZ, and I'd be thrilled!"
#360 - Posted 7/1/10 @11:12AM by rush1977 [contact]

#359 You say let just get along. How can you say this with your comment (especially many Christian ones).
#359 - Posted 7/1/10 @1:26AM by geddyalexneil

I am extremely happy that they are playing "Faithless" on this tour. Not only is it a great song, but its lyrics are spot on about the judgmental, hypocritical nature of many organized religions (especially many Christian ones). Going to church and appearing righteous doesn't mean you have a moral compass. It is more of a facade - style over substance. Those that have an issue with this song - it was written about you.

I have my own iTunes ideal setlist and I know going in that there will be some songs that I want but won't get. That's alright. It's Rush live. That is all I want. We can count the number of tours they have left on one hand. Let's enjoy them while they still are around and not whine because "the setlist is weak" or "no Jacob's Ladder" or whatever the trivial compliant is. I'm going to see them on August 9th in the 6th row and I can't wait.

Can't we all get along.
#358 - Posted 6/30/10 @10:41PM by rockymtnhigh [contact]

An awesome set list. Sure there are songs not on it that I'd like to hear, but this will be a spectacular show.

DOes anybody know what their policy is about bringing point-and-shoot cameras into the venue?
#357 - Posted 6/30/10 @1:11PM by JohnDanese [contact]

As many (more elderly) people such as myself listened to Rush in the begining years of the band, many of those fans who were more guitar oriented may have not followed the band into thier more "electronic" years.

There were many great songs these fans may not know. I wanted to put this little page together to give those fans a chance to at least sample some of those "Middle Years" music that may have been missed as well as thier now stuff! At lease if you are not familiar with the material, have a listen so when they perform it you can say...Yeah Perfect...Because ya know it will be.

(Of course La Villa is always great to watch so needed to link those videos).

Can't wait for the Show here in Philly on July 21!!

#356 - Posted 6/30/10 @11:28AM by oldfan1

warrencromartie - you have every right to be disappointed and even to complain. It's your right as a paying fan. It doesn't mean you hate the band, far from it, you wanted something better - nothing to apologize for. Rush has a very multi-dimensional history of music. They will never please everybody. But that doesn't mean you should just be quiet and sit on your hands.

Disagreements are healthy. What is not healthy is being a mindless "Rush robot" that gushes over every move they make, no matter what - not holding them to any standard because "they're Rush" does the band a disservice.

The setlist is lame. There's nothing wrong with admitting that. I don't think anyone was expecting to hear something commercially poisonous, and I also recognize that everyone's got their idea of what a good Rush setlist is. To each his own.
#355 - Posted 6/30/10 @8:39AM by warrencromartie [contact]

When I first heard that Rush were touring this year, my first thought was why? They don't have a new album to promote. Then I thought, Alex is talking about this b-side tour he wants to do, this could be good. With no new album, they can really celebrate their history. Maybe 1 song off each album. Great. Then they name it the Time Machine Tour. Even better-more rarely played songs. Then they announce that they will play MP in its entirety. Oh no-they played most of MP on the S&A tour. As I read the set list, I was deeply disappointed. I do love Presto & I am glad they are finally playing it live. I like TSS and I am glad they dusted it off. Those are the types of songs I was hoping for. But that's not what we are getting. Set 2, is a huge disappointment to me. They could have found a way to celebrate each album. Subdivisions, 2112 overture/Priests, La Villa, Working Man, Freewill have been played on countless tours. Could they not have been replaced with something else off those albums? How many tours have they played TS, Limelight, YYZ, RB?
I understand that no set list will be perfect. I get it that no matter what they do, people will be disappointed. But, all I was hoping for was a little bit more imagination when it came to this set list.
My 18 year old said to me "If you missed this show, would you be upset?" My answer for the first time in 35 years was "No, I wouldn't be upset" This will be the first time I don't buy a t-shirt or a program.
Next year, when the tickets for the Clockwork Angels tour go on sale, I will wait to see the setlist before I buy my tickets. If I like the set list, I'll get tickets from a scalper. If the set list is as stale as this one, I won't go.
I am a very disappointed fan. Go ahead & flame me if you like, but, I have a right to voice my disappointment.
#354 - Posted 6/29/10 @11:49PM by xanadugirl154 [contact]

I love the set list! Presto? Hooray!! That was my first tour! Kinda sad that there is no Xanadu, but I will survive!
#353 - Posted 6/29/10 @9:40PM by Rush4Rod [contact]

#323 Thanks, double-agent. I think so too. Some of my friends suggested that I have it tattooed but I'm not into tattooing so it ended up getting washed away like voices in a hurricane. Did you see the pics too or only the video?

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