Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rush Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony to take place June 25th
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Hollywood Walk of Fame StarmanNearly 2 years ago we learned that Rush would be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The campaign to get Rush their star was spearheaded by long-time Rush friend Donna Halper - the woman who is credited with discovering Rush while working at WMMS-FM in Cleveland back in 1974 - and Rush fans extraordinaire Keith and Kevin Purdy. Since being awarded the Star we've been awaiting word on when the ceremony would take place and on Friday I'd mentioned hearing that it would occur on August 10th, the day before their concert in Los Angeles. Later that day I received word from Kevin Purdy letting me know that this date was not correct, and that the ceremony would instead occur on Friday, June 25th. Artisan News Service also mentions this date in a recent video news story on the Rush documentary. No details regarding the ceremony have yet been released.

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#43 - Posted 6/25/10 @10:55PM by MAVIII [contact]

Part III:
Here is the Vid!!!:
Very cool to see the Interview that was beyond our site, you may be able to hear me and a Woman YELLING to have them come back out to sign our stuff...
and, they DID :D VERY VERY gracious of them, beyond the call of duty :)
#42 - Posted 6/25/10 @10:54PM by MAVIII [contact]

Part II:
I even yelled out a "Zinger" to Alex as he was saying (paraphrasing)"I know this sounds soo cliche' but..."/"Thats soo Hollywood!!!"/ (Roar of laughter) "Yeahhhhh! thats sooo Hollywood'!!! (Fingers pointing at me like 'Hey-I'm soo hip dude!')Love ya' Mann!" While Geddy Laughing and looking at me :P...
I cant believe I said that! and that he reacted to it... a momment to treasure all my life :D
LA really showed their Love, something I've been harsh on at Concerts (I was born and raised), and I got to meet a few of you guys out there...
#41 - Posted 6/25/10 @10:52PM by MAVIII [contact]

Part I:
JUST got back! I cant even believe it! and I arrived at 10:30am and was 8 feet away from the left of the podium!!!! :O!!!! ON the barracade (I hade no idea that the "Line" started to the left of MI, just walked to the right side that was almost empty). I'm going to try to write an essay about the whole experience as I am still high as a kite about it.
The Star is located right in front of the Musicians Institute, same side as the Wax Museum/Ripleys Believe it or Not, East of Highland on Hollywood Blvd. Its about 5 stores from that corner :)
6752 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
. . .
#40 - Posted 5/3/10 @5:53PM by captainkenster2112 [contact]

Most likely by The House of Guitar.
#39 - Posted 5/3/10 @5:52PM by captainkenster2112 [contact]

2.6 miles from my home.I ain't missing this!!!!!!
#38 - Posted 4/29/10 @4:47PM by Michael Senyo [contact]

I can contact the Hollywood C of C to figure the location on the Walk. Hollywood Blvd is changing constantly (for the good), so it would be great to know the location for those who aren't so familiar. As for shows, we're going to the one up North, just to get away from the wind and cold for awhile :) We're also planning to go to Irvine and Pittsburgh. I'm in Echo Park, so everything will be rather close for us.

ms in la
#37 - Posted 4/29/10 @3:47PM by katskahnne [contact]

#36 - Do we know yet what the "address" of the star will be? (i.e. closer to Highland, Cahuenga, or Vine?) My husband knows the area better than I do...I knew it well back in the early/mid 80's but so much has changed since then!

Well, looks like this is the last in a series of determining factors...I'm not going to be able to make RatCon, since I have neither developed the ability to teleport (not for lack of trying) nor the ability to turn into an ATM at will (likewise). What sucks the worst about that is that I was really looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys this summer. I'm hoping I still can, even though my travel plans might be later, more last-minute, and more limited. (When's that Atlanta show? My sister lives in the area and has been wanting me to come out for a visit...) How many of you are coming out for L.A./Irvine?

Anyway, this should be good fun. Wonder how early we'll need to get there...
#36 - Posted 4/29/10 @12:52PM by Michael Senyo [contact]

LA area Rushians!

Any suggestions for a pre/post ceremony "gathering" ? I mean, it might even warm up here by June, so thirst will be a consideration. Warning: anything is game with the exception of Musso and Frank's!

Anyway, feel free to contact me privately with ideas.

ms in la
#35 - Posted 4/29/10 @12:44PM by limelighter [contact]

geddy had his cap on for most of the game but then took it off in the late innings where you can see that his hair looks excessively long
#34 - Posted 4/29/10 @12:00PM by GeddyGirl [contact]

Whoo hoo! Got the video to work!

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