Rolling Stone Readers' Poll: 10 Greatest Rush Albums

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 10:03AM

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#43 - Posted 3/29/14 @9:24AM by White haired uncle

Anyone know where I can get the, "Limited edition poster," without the art gold record. That poster is so cool.. but the record on top covers up to much of the art work.

Uncle out...
#42 - Posted 3/28/14 @10:19PM by OperationRush [contact]

#34 jupe, you nailed it!!
#41 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:40PM by What-A-Rush

I have to agree with those who said that 'Permanent Waves' was a glaring omission. That is DEFINITELY in the top 10 Rush albums of all time. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find 'Power Windows' make it, and DESERVEDLY so! Unquestionably a VERY close second for me, behind 'Moving Pictures' as the BEST Rush album of all time.

Of course, I'll always hold a special place for the first album as well. RS wasn't exactly kind to that album upon release in 1974 so it's cool to see it receive recognition today. Good stuff on there! Great comments everybody pro and con!
#40 - Posted 3/28/14 @6:20PM by Hill

I was happy to see Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows make the list....because, back in the 80's, Rush lost a lot of fans due to these records, because of keys, lets be honest.

I felt back then I was the only one around that liked those records.
#39 - Posted 3/28/14 @10:50AM by clockworkingman [contact]

#37. That is a very bold list. I can argue the merits of any Rush album, there is something I like about all of them. Nice to see Snakes and Arrows live and Clockwork Angels Live up so high...these are among my favorite of their live albums.

I'm also pleased to see how many people here rank Hold Your Fire in their top 10. Very cool! By no means my favorite Rush album, but I really get a lot of pleasure from listening to it when I'm in the right mood.
#38 - Posted 3/28/14 @10:20AM by Diego [contact]

In my opinion Moving Pictures and Power Windows are the two albums with the least amount of filler. For me, there are parts to the other albums that drag. Each note of MP and PW seems perfect. When listening to any other album, at some point along the way I hear something that sounds like it was forced in there to complete the song rather than produced from inspiration.

Favorite albums aside, I think from January 1980 to September 1982 was the greatest time frame for Rush. In 33 months they released PeW, MP, ESL, and Signals. Many fans have listed those as their favorites and they all came out in a short time span.
#37 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:49AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I have a differing opinion, having written about the music of Rush online for nearly the past 17 years. I happen to agree with Lamb Saag about "Exit... Stage Left."

Therefore, here is my list:

Greatest Rush (studio & live albums) from worst to best:

29. Rush
28. Fly By Night
27. All The World's A Stage
26. Feedback
25. Rush In Rio
24. 2112
23. A Show Of Hands
22. Vapor Trails
21. Grace Under Pressure
20. Counterparts
19. Hold Your Fire
18. Time Machine Tour: Live In Cleveland
17. A Farewell To Kings
16. Test For Echo
15. Caress Of Steel
14. Hemispheres
13. Signals
12. Permanent Waves
11. Snakes & Arrows
10. Snakes & Arrows Live
9. Moving Pictures
8. Clockwork Angels
7. Different Stages
6. Presto
5. R30
4. Power Windows
3. Roll The Bones
2. Clockwork Angels Tour
1. Exit... Stage Left

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 01.29.14 @ 23:45pm
#36 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:43AM by Micky [contact]

#33- I find myself pretty much on that permanent wave length...:-)
#35 - Posted 3/28/14 @8:43AM by deslock [contact]

> #34 - Posted 3/28/14 @7:29AM by jupeguy
> With all due respect I think to rank S&A and RTB
> ahead of AFTK and 2112 is pure blasphemy.

I knew that'd ruffle someone's feathers :D

To me Snakes and Arrows is far better than the other three. RTB, AFTK, and 2112 are more-or-less tied for 10th place (RTB is less consistent than the other two, but Dreamline, Bravado, Where's My Thing, and Ghost of a Chance are all superb).
#34 - Posted 3/28/14 @7:29AM by jupeguy [contact]

#23- With all due respect I think to rank S&A and RTB ahead of AFTK and 2112 is pure blasphemy.
#33 - Posted 3/28/14 @1:30AM by lapirata2 [contact]

PermWaves gets squeezed out often because it is sandwiched by Hem & MP, which happen to be my favorite 2...

Absolutely love every track off my personal favorite top 4. After that mix and match often.

1) Moving Pictures
2) Hemispheres
3) 2112
4) Signals

5) All the World's a Stage
6) Different Stages
7) Rush
8) Farewell to Kings
9) Permanent Waves
10) Caress of Steel

Very honorable mention: Vapor Trails remix. Clockwork Angels would easily, EASILY, make the top 10 if no wall of sound.
#32 - Posted 3/27/14 @11:29PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

I'd put "Exit...Stage Left" at the top of my list. Twice.

#31 - Posted 3/27/14 @10:18PM by clockworkingman [contact]

Not a bad list and I can't fault it for some of the truly awesome albums on this list. If you got rid of grace under pressure, Rush debut and counterparts and subbed in permanent waves, fly by night and snakes and arrows I think this would pretty much be my top 10 list.

And hemispheres at number 1....hell yeah!
#30 - Posted 3/27/14 @10:16PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]


Can I get a copy of your Clockwork Angels on 8 track tape?
#29 - Posted 3/27/14 @10:06PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Couldn't put a number on a Rush album if I tried! However Clockwork Angels did bump Natural Science down to second place as my all time favorite Rush sauce. If you could bottle the two....OMG.......Dial 911. Double Period.
#28 - Posted 3/27/14 @9:11PM by Oscar

My 10 favorite Rush cd's but then again I was listening when they were 8-track tapes
1 Signals
2 Permanent Waves
3 Hemisphere's
4 Moving Pictures
5 2112
6 Fly by Night
7 Hold your Fire
8 Clockwork Angels
9 Snakes and Arrows
10 Grace Under Pressure
#27 - Posted 3/27/14 @8:15PM by EEEBEE [contact]

Permanent Waves is their best album. Period.

My top 10 (in order...)

1. Permanent Waves (what's not to like?)
2. Moving Pictures (ditto, but not quite as epic as Waves)
3. Signals
4. Grace Under Pressure - (first album after I "discovered" Rush)
5. Vapor Trails (Remix) - (a vastly under-rated album qua album)
6. 2112 (Epic side one + Bangkok and SFN. Pretend the other songs don't exist)
7. Hemispheres (La Villa Strangiato being their best song ever)
8. Fly By Night
9. Clockwork Angels
10. Hold Your Fire

I'm pretty solid on my top 5, it gets a a little shaky after that...
#26 - Posted 3/27/14 @7:35PM by simmons2112 [contact]

I agree #25 AstroBoy. Every time I listen to Permanent Waves I think to myself that it's the best album......but off the RS list:

1. Moving Pictures
2. Hemispheres
3. 2112
4. Signals
5. Power Windows
6. A Farewell to Kings
7. Clockwork Angels
8. Counterparts
10. Grace Under Pressure
#25 - Posted 3/27/14 @6:31PM by Astroboy [contact]

No Permanent Waves?! Preposterous! Outrageous! Appalling! Disgraceful! Heinous! Atrocious! U name it! Absolutely horrendous list just cuz of PW exclusion. Arguably Rush best album, def a top #3 on most Rush fans lists.
#24 - Posted 3/27/14 @6:26PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I agree with you Deslock. Power Windows is amazing. Moving Pics and CA, well what can you say but fantastic pieces of art and music.
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