Neil Peart comes in at number 3 on Modern Drummer's 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time list

Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 3:37PM

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#100 - Posted 2/20/14 @2:07PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#100. Sweet
#99 - Posted 2/20/14 @11:51AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Cool Random and thanks. I don't expect everyone to like CA, it is an acquired taste by me anyhow. Nice post.
#98 - Posted 2/19/14 @10:35PM by random_sample [contact]

#97- For the record...(not sure if you realize this or not)...I don't think I have ever said anything in these threads ,along the lines of "anyone who likes Clockwork Angels is an idiot!"...or anything like that. I've shared my opinion about the album...I find at least half the songs lacking any kind of melody or if they do have one, it's gone in 10 seconds.. A bunch of the songs , I just find too busy. And the funny thing is...I think I remember a guy I knew ,back in the 90's, who I wanted to "convince" and to try and "convert" to a Rush fan (haha) saying "their music is too busy", or something like that. This would have been around the time of Test for echo. This was obviously way before Snakes and Arrows or Clockwork Angels. I don't go as far as to criticize anyone for LIKING CA. I just share my opinion on how I feel about it and what I think about the album. If you love it and Jupe, or anyone else loves it...that's great. I'm actually happy for you, and for Jupe. I've been a fan of Rush since around that's quite a few years. I still listen to their stuff quite a bit, but not the way I used to. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you (or anyone else) can distinguish between a criticism of Clockwork Angels and a personal attack on you,or anything like that.
#97 - Posted 2/19/14 @10:00PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Jupe; we are of the same opinion. CA rocks from start to finish, no doubt it is my favorite Rush album of all time and I know I am in the minority there. Despise the Rolling Stones and especially the hoo hoo song. It sucks. Pleased to meet you, now I can hurl.
#96 - Posted 2/19/14 @9:45PM by random_sample [contact]

#90- opinion about your opinion about MG's opinion is..... :P
(sorry, but CA doesn't thrill me . I wouldn't go as far as to call it a "complete abortion", though. I like about half the songs.)
#95 - Posted 2/19/14 @9:43PM by random_sample [contact]

#93- You're actually old enough to have been into Rush all the way back in 1974. Oh boy. I had that narrow minded view you have (about Rush) , when I was a teenager...and maybe into my early 20's, but not in my 40's. That's all I think I'm gonna say....
Oh...I will also just say this. Rush ,themselves... I mean Geddy, Alex, Neil.....have all been critical of their own stuff! If you're a fan, I'm sure you've seen the interviews, read the articles, etc...where each of them have criticized some of their own songs, albums....and even made fun of themselves. Why don't you go and stalk them or send some letters and tell Rush to never say anything "negative" about themselves. :P
#94 - Posted 2/18/14 @4:24PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Did I see this right, Lars Ulrich from Metallica numbered numero 42..and no Ian Paice, Dave Lombardo, Cozy Powell and Scott Travis on the list. Ringo Starr..I have no words. My 2 cents.
#93 - Posted 2/18/14 @3:30PM by nodrush [contact]

"A blog devoted to the band Rush and it's member's". We need to change that to a blog devoted to the tearing apart and criticism of the band and it's member's. That's what this blog is about for the mentally deficient(mg).
I've followed this band since 74, I remember being in high school in the early 80's, defending this band and it's technical music to the giant kiss, acdc...followers, thinking these guys just don't get it, all these years later, Rush is finally commercially popular, finally getting their just rewards, and here I am defending their musical abilities on of all places a blog devoted to the band.Funny, that's what I call circular mg.There are always small people who can only feel big or important when they tear down someone else, or what's important to someone else. l guess I could play that game and point out that Buddy Rick would destroy someone like Cobham...Cobam is trash compared to Rich, what purpose would that serve? I'll say once and for all NP is the greatest most influential" rock" drummer of his generation, I don't care about jazz drummers, studio drummers etc. He's done it year in and year out for 40 years plus,3 hour concerts, this guy is a game player, always delivers, and there is very little down time in a Rush concert, no one matches that.The same can be said about the other members in the band, there is not a more talented band working today.CA is by far and away some of their best work, I don't mind the DW's, better than Yamaha anyway, calling it an abortion demonstrates the ignorance of some on this blog. The band members say they've never played better, I would tend to trust their judgment.I'm glad tis band came along, they are a light in an otherwise bleak pop rock sewer. Hope you feel big mg when you rip into NP and this fantastic band, you just reveal how little you really are.
#92 - Posted 2/18/14 @12:14PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Neil can play.
#91 - Posted 2/18/14 @10:38AM by CraigJ [contact]

Opinions are like assh***s. Everyone has one and they are generally meaningless (and frequently stinky), especially when it comes to something subjective like music. My opinion is that 1987 to 1997 Rush is kinda weak, and while I can appreciate it, and I don't hate it, I'd rather listen to Signals or Snakes & Arrows than HYF, Presto, RTB, Counterparts or TFE. That's my opinion. It's not right. It's not wrong. It's subjective. I also think that mix and master on CA it too hot and too bass heavy. I love the album, but to me thats a big flaw. My opinion. Signals is the best Rush album. My opinion. LaVillia Strangiato is the best rock instrumental on the planet (specifically from ESL). My opinion. Crocs are ugly and they make your feet stink. Fact.
#90 - Posted 2/18/14 @9:14AM by jupeguy [contact]

I would like to add that I think after so many years and albums that CA was a great album from start to finish, I really, really like it and the tour that followed was awesome.So many bands by that point in their careers have nothing left. Not too shabby for three sixty year olds anyways!! I remember mgrushfan calling CA "a complete abortion" and that's his opinion and he has the absolute right to voice that opinion and I have the right to say his opinion,in my opinion is complete b#llshit, and someone may be of the opinion that my opinion of his opinion is way off! What? Who? Opinions anyone?
#89 - Posted 2/18/14 @9:04AM by jupeguy [contact]

#86- Nice to hear from you Jackson. At one time Neil was my hero. I wished I could drum like him and I imagined it was me drumming on Exit..Stage Left with Ged and Al, but I was 14 at the time.I'm 47 now. Since I was 14 Rush has been my favorite band and Neil my favorite drummer and you realize that maybe there are more talented drummers than Neil, better bassists than Ged, better guitarists than Alex but what these three guys produce as a unit is special and obviously why I like them so much. I saw a drummer named George Kolias who can just rip but then previewed some songs of the band(s) he was/is in and I thought it was terrible.Point being you can be super talented, super fast, but if you can't compose/write a half decent song then what's the point. That's why MY 3 FAVORITE drummers (I didn't say BEST there random) are Neil, Mark Brzezicki, and Chad Gracey because I like their skill,composition/writing and I like the songs their respective bands produce. Those being Rush,Big Country,and Live. Take care pali and don't be a stranger!
#88 - Posted 2/18/14 @8:43AM by dylanbrooks [contact]

86 - I agree mostly with what you are saying. Again, this list is by influence, not by ability. Neil has ABSOLUTELY influenced more drummers than any other rock drummer, including Bonham. You said it yourself, and it's true for me also. Even though I know that there are countless other drummers with greater skills, I also know that Neil has, hands down, influenced me more than anyone else (probably everyone else combined). Others on this thread have said the same thing. THAT's what makes him so great.
#87 - Posted 2/18/14 @1:23AM by Micky [contact]

#54- no, not at all, mr.Sample. Rinsavisci, cojon.
#86 - Posted 2/18/14 @12:02AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Hey everybody,
I haven't posted on here for a long time. I try to stay out of the pointless political arguments.
But here's my take on the list. I personally don't think Neil should be number three. He's absolutely been the most influential drummer in my life, he's my hero, and I've even written about him in a couple of my college app essays. But now that I've been a little more exposed to other drummers and music styles, I know that Neil simply isn't the greatest drummer alive. And the best part is, he will be the first person to admit that.
There are tons of drummers who are extremely versatile and have amazing feel, like Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta (who I saw play with Sting and Paul Simon at the new Forum in Inglewood just two nights ago!!!), Billy Cobham, Carter Beauford (who's tied with or above Neil for my favorite drummer of all time), Peter Erskine, Jojo Mayer, etc.
If you have Neil Peart play in a jazz combo or a funk band, it will sound like Neil Peart of Rush playing in a jazz combo or a funk band. But if you put any of those previously-mentioned drummers in a jazz combo, funk band, or prog rock/heavy metal band, it will sound good, FEEL good, and STILL elevate the music to a higher level. I'm not going to get into the argument of jazz drummers vs. rock drummers, because that's not the point. I think the point is that the absolute best drummers play whatever is best suited for the song, feels good, and hopefully will lift the song to another dimension that is completely unique to that drummer's playing style. And even better, the best drummers will always SURPRISE you. There are very few surprises at Rush concerts anymore, other than the set lists or rearrangements of songs. It's still one of the greatest live shows on the planet, but you always know what fill Neil is going to play, or generally what he will do during his solo. The same can't be said about a Dave Matthews Band concert, any jazz gig, or any show involving the guys i mentioned above.
I'm sure that if Steve Gadd, Carter Beauford, Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta, or any other fantastic drummer, played in Rush and tried to play a song note-for-note the way Neil composed it, and you closed your eyes, it would sound pretty damn close to the original version, and perhaps even add a little something extra to the song. But I don't think the reverse will always be completely true. Think about it.
Where Neil definitely excels, and beats most other drummers in, is composing drum parts. We all know that he has recently tried to be "less compositional and more improvisational." One, that's extremely inspiring to know that my hero still wants to revolutionize the way he drums. And two, he's known as a compositional drummer for a reason: he's amazing at it! I'm not talking about the way Steve Gadd came up with the groove to Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (which they played at the concert!). I'm talking about the precision, power, and often tastefulness of songs like Grand Designs, Red Barchetta, and Turn the Page (THAT'S a song they need to bring back!)
Don't think I'm saying Neil is a bad drummer! I still think he deserves to be on the list, and definitely in the top 10-15. But number 3 is a little bit high, if we're going to be honest. He absolutely revolutionized drumming forever, and he redefined the way a drummer comes up with his or her parts. But I don't think he is quite at a point (yet!) where you can stick him in any situation/gig and expect him to sound convincing.

#85 - Posted 2/17/14 @11:10PM by jupeguy [contact]

#61- random I think you have me confused with someone else.I don't get all pissy whenever anyone says anything bad about Rush. I have in fact stated many times that there about 3or4 songs on S&A that bug me. T4E didn't do anything for me until I re-listened to it years later and now I really like it .Some older songs are hit or miss for me as well. Some of Neil's lyrics lately are not my cup of tea, and sometimes I wish he was still playing Tamas or Ludwigs with Zildjian cymbals, and I was really disappointed with the audio on the CA DVD and let it be known more than a few times. So with that being said I do feel that mg goes out of his way constantly to inform and try to convince us that Neil has lost it, and some of his thoughts on Neil are soooo over the top that it does tick me off but I like I said before mg and i butt heads then get over it. Nice of you to come to his defence though, great to see that type of camraderie I guess.
#84 - Posted 2/17/14 @10:38PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Oh if only your chassis was covered with skin.............TV is King!
#83 - Posted 2/17/14 @10:27PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Where did everyone go? Eatin dinner?
#82 - Posted 2/17/14 @8:38PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#81-That was me that mentioned that and as humble as a man as Spagnardi was he would have never pinpointed it to one musician. My opinion was that Peart's musicianship lit the final candle, put him in the driver's seat to the MD destination point, filled the pen that inked the deal kinda thing. Next to the conversation you had, this interview question doesn't target any individual:

TB (Tiger Bill): Where did you get the idea to publish a magazine specifically for drummers?

RS (Ron Spagnardi): That's a good question. All my life, all I ever did was play and teach the drums. The idea was just something that I always had in the back of my mind. I saw guitar and keyboard magazines and I thought that drummers should have a magazine of their own. So like a nut, foolishly, I said I'm going to try it. I'll put it out quarterly.

However no one will know if the dude was sitting around listening to Didacts and Narpets one evening, drinking a whiskey sour and you couldn't wipe the "I am ready to start a magazine" smile off his face.

Just an opinion of course and I guess we will never know..............
#81 - Posted 2/17/14 @7:58PM by drummerboy2112

oh and Modern Drummer wasn't started with Neil as a catalyst, I dont remember who said it here, but not correct at all. Where did that idea come from?

anyways, here's an old interview before Ron passed:


and I asked Bill Miller (RIP) in 2008 at the MD festival as well, before he passed, how he got started there. The conversation turned to Ron and their relationship, and Neil was never mentioned.
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