Rush's Signals featured in latest issue of Prog magazine

Posted on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 9:09AM

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#19 - Posted 2/10/14 @3:06AM by cpb [contact]

I'll play...

POWER RANKINGS AS OF TODAY (studio albums only)
20. Test For Echo
19. Feedback
18. Presto
17. Rush
16. Snakes & Arrows

15. Hold Your Fire
14. Fly By Night
13. Roll The Bones
12. Hemispheres
11. Caress Of Steel

10. A Farewell To Kings
9. Signals
8. 2112
7. Grace Under Pressure
6. Permanent Waves

5. Power Windows
4. Vapor Trails
3. Clockwork Angels
2. Counterparts
1. Moving Pictures

This list is "favorites", not "best", and will probably change tomorrow.
#18 - Posted 2/10/14 @12:18AM by scotto2112fan [contact]

I think New World Man was their highest charted song ever, don't quote me on that, but another RushIsABand member can back me up on this one.

Chemistry is in my top 5 of underrated all time Rush songs.

I never get tired of Subdivisions, heck even Jacob Moon's version is worth a listen. The original video of this song is still the best.

The reference of Warren Cromartie (former Montreal Expos baseball player) on the liner notes is classic for us Rush/Baseball fans.

All time great cover with the dog. Signals is solid.
#17 - Posted 2/10/14 @12:09AM by anandrajan [contact]

FWIW, here's my list of Rush's best studio albums and justification

1. Power Windows (saved my life, so no objectivity here!)
2. Moving Pictures (no argument necessary)
3. 2112 (breakthrough album)
4. Clockwork Angels (first concept album)
5. Grace Under Pressure (best overall lyrics: DEW, Afterimage, RSA, TEW, BTW)
6. Snakes and Arrows (best reaction to Bush II era)
7. Permanent Waves (TSR, Freewill, Jacob's Ladder, Natural Science)
8.....The rest
#16 - Posted 2/9/14 @12:30PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I had posted this quite a while ago:

I have just a few more comments about Rush:

#125 - Posted 4/23/13 @10:02AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Shall we get back to the earlier subject, please?

I had just read the Allmusic Guide's Discography for Rush. It appears that they have not yet become enlightened, unfortunately.

I was glad to hear that David Wild has finally eaten his words. It has taken over 2 decades to make this a reality, but now since Rush is now a member of the Rock & Roll pantheon, it was worth it.

Now, as to the ratings on the Rush discography:
Firstly, let's divide their recordings into 5 distinct periods.

The Early Period

Rush ***
Fly By Night *** 1/2
Caress Of Steel *****
2112 ****
All The World's A Stage *** 1/2

The Middle Period

A Farewell To Kings **** 1/2
Hemispheres *****
Permanent Waves *****
Moving Pictures *****
Exit... Stage Left *****

The Early Modern Period

Signals *****
Grace Under Pressure ****
Power Windows *****
Hold Your Fire ****
A Show Of Hands ****

The Middle Modern Period

Presto *****
Roll The Bones *****
Counterparts ****
Test For Echo ****1/2
Different Stages *****

The Late Modern Period

Vapor Trails ****1/2
Rush In Rio ****
Feedback (EP) ****
R30 *****
Snakes & Arrows *****
Snakes & Arrows Live *****
Time Machine Tour ****
Clockwork Angels *****
Clockwork Angels Live *****

#68 - Posted 4/20/13 @7:11PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Ladies and gentlemen, I can certainly understand your frustration over Rush being snubbed for induction for 15 years. As I have said numerous times before, I have supported their induction since the very beginning. I have to wonder if Jann Wenner was the individual responsible though. From what I have read, it has been critic David Wild who had allegedly detested Rush from the very beginning. Of course, Wild was quick to praise Foreigner, Bad Company and even after a while, Heart- their "Behind The Music Remastered" episodes attest to that fact.

In Jann Wenner's defense, I would like to mention the 2nd Rolling Stone Record Guide (the blue one) from 1983, wherein John Swenson had given most of Rush's albums 3 & 4 stars, respectively. I feel that a critical reevaluation of Rush's discography is definitely in order. Critic Greg Prato, from the Allmusic Guide needs to amend their discography and his review of "Exit.. Stage Left" is completely unwarranted.

If I were to rate Rush's discography (of studio and live albums), I would give most of them 5 stars, These include the following : (Caress Of Steel, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Exit.. Stage Left, Signals, Power Windows, Presto, Roll The Bones, Different Stages, R30, Snakes & Arrows, Snakes & Arrows Live, Clockwork Angels
& the upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour.

4 1/2 stars to: A Farewell To Kings, Test For Echo & Vapor Trails
4 stars to: 2112, Grace Under Pressure, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts, Rush In Rio and the Time Machine Tour.
3 1/2 stars to: Fly By Night & All The World's A Stage
3 stars to: Rush

What are your opinions?
#15 - Posted 2/9/14 @11:10AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I have a completely different perspective, with regards to Rush.

Greatest Rush (studio & live albums) from worst to best:

29. Rush
28. Fly By Night
27. All The World's A Stage
26. Feedback
25. Rush In Rio
24. 2112
23. A Show Of Hands
22. Vapor Trails
21. Grace Under Pressure
20. Counterparts
19. Hold Your Fire
18. Time Machine Tour: Live In Cleveland
17. A Farewell To Kings
16. Test For Echo
15. Caress Of Steel
14. Hemispheres
13. Signals
12. Permanent Waves
11. Snakes & Arrows
10. Snakes & Arrows Live
9. Moving Pictures
8. Clockwork Angels
7. Different Stages
6. Presto
5. R30
4. Power Windows
3. Roll The Bones
2. Clockwork Angels Tour
1. Exit... Stage Left

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 01.29.14 @ 23:45pm
#14 - Posted 2/9/14 @1:11AM by WatchmakersDadsDadsDadWatch [contact]

Fellas I'm getting confused. I haven't had a chance to listen to this 'Signals', but I''m sensing that some of you cats like the sound and some do not. All I can say is if it's got some cowbell like that crazy Xanadoo doo voodoo they do, then i think it's going to be a number 1 solid gold nugget.

Well kids , listen- I've got to run, I've got a lovely young Swedish exchange student coming over at midnight when she will officially be eighteen years of age so I'm going to put on my bathrobe and draw a couple goblets from the cask of 43. In preparation of our pending birthday celebration and subsequent reading of some book she is bringing called the 'Kama 'Sutra' or something like that. Beats me but I'm game. What can happen right?

Anyway I've got some dynamite music lined up for tonight:


Ciao kids
#13 - Posted 2/9/14 @12:07AM by OotS [contact]

MP to Signals was the most significant change in the band's career. It left many of the old guard behind and introduced the synth period. I've never been a huge fan of Signals. Sub-D and Analog Kid are classics. Much of the rest feels a little dated to me, like it's in a 1982 time vault. Good music, but dated. MP on the other hand is eternal.
#12 - Posted 2/8/14 @8:12PM by cpb [contact]

* I know Broon also produced ATWAS and ESL. I was counting studio albums. My oops for not clarifying!
#11 - Posted 2/8/14 @8:11PM by cpb [contact]

1) I'm with 1-2-buckle in that Signals marked "the beginning of Chapter III".
2) Great album, but I'm not in love with "the Terry Brown years" the way some are, in the sense that I don't confine their best-produced albums to those nine.
3) Of course it's true that Fly By Night marked the most important change for Rush, but Signals was pretty much as seismic a shift as A Farewell To Kings (which marked "the beginning of Chapter II"). I mean, we could make the same argument about Vapor Trails: if Neil hadn't come BACK, there would be no Clockwork Angels! No Snakes and Arrows! No Feedback!

Um, you get my drift...

4) Love Signals, but I'm forever in the camp of "don't need to see Countdown live again or Losing It ever. Good songs, but there's others I want to hear first." However, they could play "Digital Man" and "Analog Kid" on virtually every tour and I'd be happy! And yeah, "Subdivisions" is sublime now as it was then.
#10 - Posted 2/8/14 @8:10PM by lisah [contact]

#4, I agree that the difference in MP and signals is significant. There seems to be a few "pivotal" albums with significant differences, all coinciding with shifts in the direction of the music. Another "significant" contrast would be between Sn&A and CA. Although the shift could seem more significant because of the "storied" theme of CA. Just this fans opinion. Rush On!
#9 - Posted 2/8/14 @3:40PM by hannuFIN [contact]

When this was released it was so different, digital, well recorded and brilliant all the way. Maybe my favourite of all top albums together listed, ever.
#8 - Posted 2/8/14 @3:37PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

I see Signals more as the beginning of their next phase. The previous phase reached near perfection with Permanent Waves and this was completed with Moving Pictures. Signals was the opening salvo as they entered the synth era (I don't like that term, by the way) but in this case, I think the perfection came at the beginning (with Signals)

But that's just my evaluation today...
#7 - Posted 2/8/14 @1:49PM by Denny Crane [contact]

#5 - Yes, that is true, without question. I was more thinking of the next 18 albums afterwards, the ones with "the new guy". Without Neil, we know Rush wouldn't be Rush.
#6 - Posted 2/8/14 @1:49PM by CraigJ [contact]

Actually I think if they had made another Moving Pictures that would have been pivotal and indicated the decline, because one of the defining characteristics of Rush is they always seem to be moving to something different or new, album after album. They made MP and moved on.

Signals is my favorite Rush album, hard to pick a 2nd favorite.
#5 - Posted 2/8/14 @1:34PM by somtawyer [contact]

@Denny : I respectfully disagree. IMO , the most pivotal and stylistic change is Rush - Fly By Night . The lyrical themes , combined with the awe-inspiring musical writing ( Beneath, Between & Behind and By-Tor ) would herald the advent of what Rush would become . Without Neil joining the band that allowed Geddy & Alex to pursue the musical direction they wanted to, Rush would most likely have never been anything more than a local Bar Band , with occasional gigs as opening acts on larger tours.
#4 - Posted 2/8/14 @12:53PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Signals might be the bands most "pivotal" album. A shift in what was previous, and what came afterwards, The band themselves said they could have easily made another Moving Pictures album, but instead put out the Signals album. The difference between those two albums is probably the greatest back-to-back "album contrast" in the bands catalog. The transition from Hemispheres-to-PW being another big contrast in back-to-back albums.


#3 - Posted 2/8/14 @12:05PM by limelighter [contact]

love signals. subdivisions is my 2nd favourite rush song next to xanadu.
ahhhhhhh the terry brown years..................
#2 - Posted 2/8/14 @10:33AM by RushFanForever [contact]

I was initially researching more information and interviews on Mike Rutherford's book 'The Living Years' and stumbled across the magazine cover.

In a happy accident, the RUSH Signals bit just happened to be there as well.
#1 - Posted 2/8/14 @9:51AM by Denny Crane [contact]


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