Warner Music Japan Rush SHM-CD re-issues coming next month

Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 12:45PM

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#2 - Posted 1/27/14 @4:26PM by MrBill

Will be curious to see how Permanent Waves and Hemispheres stack up against the Hi-Rez versions from two years ago and/or the SACD of Hemispheres. I have a few SHM CD's and must say they sound really really good compared to the original issued versions (ie Steely Dan and Sting - Soul Cages). Maybe they will work some magic and make them better!!!
#1 - Posted 1/26/14 @12:55PM by keith 82 [contact]

Hey everyone.......Off topic but Tom Sawyer was in the backround during the "sun" delay at yankee stadium hockey game between my Devils against the rangers..Who'd ever thought a sun delay.at a baseball stadium?? Go Devs...........
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