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Posted on Friday, November 29, 2013 at 1:13PM

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#89 - Posted 12/10/13 @7:26AM by deslock [contact]

> #46 - Posted 11/30/13 @2:30PM by CraigJ
> How is the production on Signals and ESL poor?

Just saw your reply. Broon is a hero for working with the band through so many great albums, and for encouraging them to go back to the studio to record Moving Pictures (they were slated to do a live album). But ESL and Signals needed a fresh, objective force at the helm.

ESL: Excellent bass tone, but somewhat muddy sound overall and so many overdubs that the band has just-about disowned it (they don't consider it an honest representation of their live act). It's a shame... had they not done so much studio magic to it, it still would've rocked. Despite all that, it's their best collection due to its superb track list. On a side note, I've ripped some of the DVD's tracks, and I prefer its mix.

Signals: Many of the songs have a listless quality (with overwhelming synthesizers). It wasn't Broon's idea, but he provided creative input to the band and this album could've been better had he emphasized the guitar presence. Still, I love The Analog Kid, Subdivisions, and Digital Man (Losing it and The Weapon are OK too... would've been better with more guitar).
#88 - Posted 12/10/13 @1:13AM by lamneth steel

#34 The Steven Wilson test has already happened for Clockwork Angels in 5.1, mate and it never saw the light of day. Maybe Mr. Wilson can chime in with some specific details?
#87 - Posted 12/9/13 @7:36AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I am sorry, but I am not familiar enough with Dom's work to make that judgement. However if Simon, Nick, John and Roger are satisfied with his playing and the way that his work is integrated into the band and how well he "plays with others," then perhaps he is the right guitarist for Duran Duran.

Personally, I think that Gary Clark, Jr. would have been a much better choice, but then again this great guitarist is doing his own thing.
#86 - Posted 12/7/13 @10:59AM by vaporsdad. [contact]

Ya'll need to come listen to this at my house.....It sounds fantastic....in 7.1 with 110 watts per Channel, with 2 Sansui, 2 Aiwa, and 3 Bose off of the bluray.....If you say it sucks, its your quipment
JMHO. Rush Rocks!
#85 - Posted 12/6/13 @6:41PM by White haired uncle

I love it !! The sound on the DVD is clean and not overly compressed. I listen to the DVD in stereo and could distinguish all the instruments in the mix. I thought Geddy's voice had power and he was not straining to hit the high notes. The camera work was not real jumpy, it gave many different perspectives in a natural organic manner. Not allot of flash, or .. overly produced. The camera stayed on the shot so you could take it in. The Cd mix sounds great I think. I'm able to turn it up without clipping. I don't really care for this whole "Gnome" thing though. I Don't see where it fits into the new album.

Uncle out.
#84 - Posted 12/6/13 @2:37PM by Thurston [contact]

I'll echo #54 & #55.
Folks, I love this band. I drove like a maniac for over an hour 1/2 to get to a record store & get a copy of The Garden picture disc on Black Friday.
Got the last one they had. It's a beautiful piece of art!)
But this live release isn't on my priority list - especially after catching it on TV. And it's sad that I'm saying this about my favorite band!!
#83 - Posted 12/6/13 @1:02PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Thats hilaaaaarious !
#82 - Posted 12/6/13 @9:01AM by vaporsdad. [contact]

I think it sounds just fine. The bluray is played through my 7 channel 770 watt JVC amp into Sansui/Aiwa/Bose speakers. The Cd plays on my Bose car stereo, or my Bose Soundock 10. I listen to it Loud...Is it Perfect? no....Does it Frickin Rock? Yes.....that is all....
#81 - Posted 12/5/13 @3:01PM by gotpeart [contact]

I was a little dissapointed in the sound quality of CA live, but I'm not complaining. Several years from now I'll be loving it! Personally I think sound of R30 and S&A Live are the best.

I'm a drummer and a Zildjian man, but I really like the tone of NP's Sabian's. Not enough to make me switch though.

LOVE Pearl Jam, and the new record rocks! Eddie Vedder can flat bring it! And the drummer played on Geddy's solo record
#80 - Posted 12/5/13 @5:19AM by tasman7 [contact]

Finally on its way, would be nice if it arrives tomorrow because if it doesn't means Monday because there's no post on the weekend here in Tasmania.
#79 - Posted 12/3/13 @3:46PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

#72 (Rockdoc)

Yes you are correct that it sounds best through your IPod & headphones
It would take the equivalent of a "digital" Sound City console to sound better in a listening environment...

Buy a pair of $60 Koss headphones and you'll really be a rockin' !
#78 - Posted 12/2/13 @7:05PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

TheBatman1969, I'm having the same thing!! STILL haven't gotten it!!!
#77 - Posted 12/2/13 @6:34PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Enig...can u help me? I've tried & tried & tried, & live, I just cannot stand Dom Brown. I know Andy's gig in Duran is tough (arpeggios/pop/funk/metal/solos), but Dom just gets on my last nerve as being ham-handed at all of it. Am I wrong?
#76 - Posted 12/2/13 @12:31PM by drummerboy2112

I heard the the Tour Package DVD/Blu ray/CD special order is late shipping bc, and wait for it, you are all receiving the remix of the 2013 CaTour!

Let us know how it sounds
#75 - Posted 12/2/13 @12:22PM by TheBatman1969 [contact]

anyone receive their Tour Package DVD/Bluray/CD speical order? Mine says it was to ship on the 20th, and gave me a tracking number... still just sitting there saying "Shipping information received by UPS" WTF!
#74 - Posted 12/2/13 @12:20AM by tbritt2112 [contact]

Whoops. I guess it's only on the Blu-ray. Nevermind.
#73 - Posted 12/2/13 @12:12AM by tbritt2112 [contact]

On a side note, what's with the easter egg comment? Is that some sort of joke I didn't get (well played) or is there really an easter egg of Alex's joke and I just can't find it?
#72 - Posted 12/1/13 @10:47PM by Rockdoc [contact]

As a lurking "Rush chick," I can't presume to speak for all of the female fans but will give my thoughts. I watched the theater version in Chicago area (start, sound & video ok), Blue Ray at home ( astoundingly clear video shots, sound reasonable on TV speakers and accessory "speaker box" hubby got for Black Friday. CD is fair in the car. It actually sounds best to me in stereo on iPod with headphones. I would imagine a good home stereo with high end speakers would be much better. I have serious hearing loss over 4000 Hz so I may never hear a high hat or any other cymbal. But the strings are very clear and add a lot to CA and older songs. This may be the best performance I have heard with Alex, he was on fire in all solos! And Geddy on Where's my thing? And Neil's solo on the same & headlong flight.

These guys played well beyond what typical musicians their age (or any age!) can do. I cherish everything fresh & new they bring us. This was only my second tour to see them. I hope they can go out for at least one more. But I have no preconceptions or demands. I am humbly thankful for their virtuosity and creativity, the strings this tour, and pleasant memories of meeting fellow fans. Don't nitpick too much about sound...still better than many bands' live records. Be glad your ears can hear and eyes can see and legs can dance. :) Life catches up with all of us sooner than we'd like.
#71 - Posted 12/1/13 @6:16PM by Tom [contact]

I've seen it a couple of times now - i think it's great. I don't have the best set-up here, but it sounds and looks way better than Time Machine (probably helped that Geddy does not have a cold!). The string section are awesome, it comes across as a real spectacle particularly 'Carnies'. Alex's guitar sounds great on this one. As for camera work, it is all over the place, but i think what is intended is what it is actually like at a show - a document of a show - for instance getting bits of the crowd doing various things (including not particularly relevant things like having a drink) - millions of angles.
#70 - Posted 12/1/13 @6:12PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Yeah Geddimus, Eddie is a freak that way (if you pay attention it is beyond irritating) but the music is amazing.
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