Rush stamp collectible available from Toronto's First Post Office

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 4:24PM

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#10 - Posted 11/21/13 @1:25PM by mitch18ss [contact]

I called the next day to try to buy one of these. The (very nice Canadian) lady said they sold out QUICK. I said they should have sold them for more and she agreed.
#9 - Posted 11/20/13 @12:07PM by Liverpool 78


I've watched the second half of the show and all the add ons and extras and just want to say it's all still GREAT!!!

Love the strings, they especially make Dreamline shine.

What a band. I love being a Rush fan and I love even more that many of my friends and associates don't get it.

Now... where did I put that Vapor Trails remix.

#8 - Posted 11/20/13 @10:16AM by lisah [contact]

I would love to have this, but I don't have the money. It's a little pricey, maybe if they can't sell them I can look for a posting of a clearance sale? LOL!
#7 - Posted 11/20/13 @8:04AM by Alexfan [contact]

Amen Liver.
#6 - Posted 11/20/13 @7:33AM by Liverpool 78


Tenuous link I know but talking of things postal my own lovely Royal Mail postman visited me this morning to give me two packages, one containing the Blue Ray concert film and the other containing the live cd and the remixed Vapor Trails cd so you can imagine that I was a very happy chappie this morning.

I have watched the first half of the concert film and can only say that I am STILL a very happy chappie. The band and the excellent team around them have delivered exactly what I expected they would - a very enjoyable, exciting and memoral record of what was a fantastic tour and stage production.

The boys look great, the stage and lighting look great, the crowd look great, the sound is great, the playing is great, Geddy's voice SOUNDS great.... get the point?

I don't understand all the bitching, moaning a griping that goes on in this forum sometimes, particularly about things that have not been seen or heard yet. The same happened before the release of Clockwork Angels.

A great memento. Really looking forward to what ever comes next, when ever thay might be.

#5 - Posted 11/19/13 @8:49PM by ncstaterush [contact]

Thank goodness for email or I'd have gotten in line for the envelope tomorrow after getting in line for the theater event yesterday and the BluRay disc today. Wonder what the day after tomorrow will bring?
#4 - Posted 11/19/13 @6:19PM by GeddyJr [contact]

It's $500 because somehow the mayor has to pay his lawyer fees.
#3 - Posted 11/19/13 @5:00PM by tjubb [contact]

Very cool, but not $500 cool!
#2 - Posted 11/19/13 @4:56PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I will second that AlexFan!
#1 - Posted 11/19/13 @4:41PM by Alexfan [contact]

First - not to blow $500 bucks on one of these...
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