Reminder: Rush on VH1's Big Morning Buzz today at 10AM

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 7:19AM

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#16 - Posted 3/3/13 @2:54PM by kjbird [contact]

#15 one step for womankind.... Ha!!I appreciate the French lesson on the correct way to say the letter Z....because none of us ever knew! We'd be so lost without her....not! And what pray-tell do those 3 letters even stand for? I've always been so curious -I need some vh1 wisdom ....NOT. OMG.
#15 - Posted 3/3/13 @2:00PM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

I feel dumber after watching her.
#14 - Posted 3/1/13 @5:11PM by jaeger [contact]

Looks like Ged loved the interview. :)
#13 - Posted 2/28/13 @8:11PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Like Alice Through The Looking Glass

where to begin, A&E TV Last Night or Animal Planet's new show "Losing Bigfoot from an AMerican Indian Canadian's Perspective"

it's not my humidity problem, it's humanity's rested case's slack jaw gaze and steampung gauge that thest our comoon defense about certain judeao-christian laws tht hold the handle's canle up to athiesm in st. catherines.

or the bully from new orleans who bitches about why Rush doesnt play there anymore. get a clue, local nawlins-ites...Rush hates us!

They can't deal with Galatiores ,Golf Courses, Gun-type Shunpiker types...

Bless your southerrrn waaaays....

So we go from Albuquerque to
#12 - Posted 2/28/13 @7:59PM by kjbird [contact]

jupe man, you da beeeeeezzz kneeeeeeessssss!!
#11 - Posted 2/28/13 @6:25PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

kj- C'mon, you of all people should've got my lame joke.Jeez!
#10 - Posted 2/28/13 @6:14PM by OotS [contact]

She's hot.
#9 - Posted 2/28/13 @4:12PM by HAWGHEAD [contact]

I don't know if its the angle, the haircut, the lighting, or just me but, seems like Al has a few extra lbs over the winter...
#8 - Posted 2/28/13 @4:00PM by kjbird [contact]

Yeah, i don't know if that's just Carrie's schtick, but she was gushing like a giggly school girl. Granted, being a fan she probably got weak in the knees with the hugs and the peck on the cheek from Alex, but still gather yourself enough to express your gratitude while still value that limited amount of time you have to ask a couple of preemo questions.

I was glad to hear their sentiments toward Heart. I am still hopeful that they are the band they will be playing with....was I reading too much into Geddy's remarks??!!! :)
#7 - Posted 2/28/13 @11:51AM by Taurus Pedal Boy

Is this archived or *going to be* archived so we can see it if we missed it?
#6 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:49AM by Joe2112 [contact]

#5--yes, it was great to see an interviewer who knows the band and is obviously a fan herself.

But, dare I say, she was just this side of vapid for the rest of the show? :-)
#5 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:49AM by mark one [contact]

not only did she know who they are. shes been to a show . first and last time ill watch that show
#4 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:46AM by The Mighty Dudad [contact]

Ok, I stand corrected. The was actually really cool. She is obviously a fan and was genuinely excited to have them on. Breezy and chatty and Geddy & Alex looked like they were having fun.
#3 - Posted 2/28/13 @10:14AM by The Mighty Dudad [contact]

Never seen this show before, but based on the opening segment it will be...interesting. Any chance that the host of this show has ever even heard of Rush before?? Hopefully, it won't be any more uncomfortable than yesterday's WSJ live webcast.
#2 - Posted 2/28/13 @8:20AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Looks like it'll bees pretty good.
#1 - Posted 2/28/13 @7:24AM by mark one [contact]

first baby
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