Alex Lifeson-produced David Barrett Trio releases new video, in-studio footage from their upcoming debut album

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 10:30AM

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#12 - Posted 1/29/13 @6:17PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

I like it as "okay" (but would have been much better w/ Jon.
But Geoff Downes will never come near half the keys Rick Wakeman has laid down, so comparisons are irrelevant here.
"Drama" is an 80's LP but you would never know sign of the "D"(isco) word
and Chris plays like he's reinventing his own style (if that makes any sense)
Trevor Horn cannot touch Jon's talent, but his voice is unique & somewhat of the same style.
It might take a few listens (it took me a couple years to appreciate somebody else trying to fill Jon's moccasins) although he really isnt trying to...
At the end of a listen, it is one of my favorite (non-70's) Yes LP's
The original recording is very good, speaking somewhat as an audiophile...

Take care - Shiny side always up on roadtrips
#11 - Posted 1/29/13 @12:25PM by kjbird [contact]

Hey letterj...thx for the well wishes. Yeah, the collaboration could be called "Fish out of Lerxst" or something-haha. As far as your Trevor reference, talking about 'Drama'? I don't own it, but am familiar. What do you think of their new "Fly from Here"? I actually have a mini road trip this weekend, so i might delve into that. Waiting patiently for summer dates, as are a lot of us on here.
#10 - Posted 1/29/13 @3:09AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Hows my favorite RUSH - fan - stranger ?
Hope all's good w/ you & yours
Do you have the Yes Lp (minus J. Anderson, plus Trevor Horn ?
Chris at his very best (and no slouching from Steve either)
Trevor has quite the classic timeless voice compared to D. Benoit w/o a doubt
I am sure you are familiar w/ it...quite a enjoyable CD for a road-trip
Take care
just another one of your RUSH brothers
#9 - Posted 1/29/13 @2:49AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Man, thinking about it Chris and Alex could come up with enough jams in an hour to make a whole LP...
#8 - Posted 1/29/13 @2:46AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Can I take this one kj ?

"Tales Of An Alien Shore Totem"
#7 - Posted 1/29/13 @12:20AM by LedRush [contact]


What concert is that Alex pic of :)
#6 - Posted 1/28/13 @8:12PM by kjbird [contact]

link This is the picture of Chris Squire I was referring to.
#5 - Posted 1/28/13 @5:58PM by rromanin [contact]

This must have been recorded before Big Al got the new hair piece.
#4 - Posted 1/28/13 @1:30PM by kjbird [contact]

#3-jaeger...there is a photo taken by Tasic Dragan of Chris Squire that is a DEAD RINGER for Alex....with a bit fuller hair! Expression and everything, on stage. Having a hard time getting it to link, i'll put it up for you soon. I agree with you.
#3 - Posted 1/28/13 @1:04PM by jaeger [contact]

Love it! (Is it just me, or is Alex looking more like Chris Squire every day. :) )
#2 - Posted 1/28/13 @10:47AM by Donna Lee [contact]

Sounds just like Alex's work ! These guy are great......kind of cute too.
Which one is David?
#1 - Posted 1/28/13 @10:39AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Alex is 1st
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