Rush 2112 Deluxe Edition 5.1 reissue cover art revealed

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 7:02PM

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#43 - Posted 11/18/12 @10:43AM by Toronto Writer [contact]

At least there isn't a trio metaphor or a clock showing 9:12. Either way, I'm thinking Hugh Syme needs to start hanging out with Terry Brown. It might be time for some new art direction blood in the Rush camp.
#42 - Posted 11/17/12 @12:46AM by Icademus [contact]

I like the new art - This isn't 1977- they are marketing a "new" product and it appears they are trying to target the younger legions of fans. Go all out and get the comic book!

#33 I link the art you shared in your link!
#41 - Posted 11/16/12 @1:11PM by kjbird [contact]

#33 - i like it, and especially like the fact the star and the man are respectfully represented, since this is the crux of the album thematically. That's specifically what I DON'T like about the cover art for the 5.1 deluxe ed. Why was that left off?
#40 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:35PM by marty from clayton [contact]

33 - That's good artwork!
#39 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:34PM by marty from clayton [contact]

Hermy - How do you know its not envy that you had better seats than I did? Hmmmm?
#38 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:34PM by jaeger [contact]

#33 Nice!
#37 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:14PM by hermy [contact]

#35. Good points. I used it for something else that I can't remember now where those words meant something....but as an album cover I concur; less is more.
#36 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:08PM by kjbird [contact]

Be afraid of messing with the classic--slink
you leave the door open for posers....
#35 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:07PM by CraigJ [contact]

#33 - that is very nice. If they had opted to completely revisit the theme that would work well. I would probably leave out the sub title and sub text though.
#34 - Posted 11/16/12 @12:00PM by CraigJ [contact]

Actually, I think this looks a bit better (better balance) link

My advice to fledgling designers - step away from the photoshop filters. Less is more.
#33 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:55AM by hermy [contact]

#31...Maybe something celebrating the Precentennial...

#32 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:54AM by daryllh [contact]


Perfect. (This guy gets it!)
#31 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:52AM by CraigJ [contact]

Speaking a someone who's job is design, at least partially, I'd have to say that while I can see what they were going for, it is very poorly executed. I'd like to offer my services - here is a rough draft of what the cover should look like. link People at Mercury, feel free to use it - no charge.

On another note I'm happy to see more deleted comments this morning. Happy happy.
#30 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:34AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

#29 - Hahahahaha! That's funny. Anyway, just trying to make a point.
#29 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:34AM by daryllh [contact]


I never said we listen in stereo. So there's that.
#28 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:31AM by hermy [contact]

#26. Marty is still mad at me for having frozen pizza at my house instead of the steak dinner I promised him when he picked me up for the Minneapolis show.
#27 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:27AM by hermy [contact]

#25..... Like many topics we always have the Starman and the Priests.

Rich would have been allowed to work with master tracks and thus having a minimum of 8 to deal with.

If Terry didn't take his prozac that week; who knows how many tracks there are to play with.

It's up to Rich to decide what channels he wants to send those masters tracks down. Based on the Moving Pictures release I am quite confident he will find a home for all of them.

And no, we don't listen in 5.1......we listen in such a far greater capacity. To say we listen in stereo is like sitting between two MacBooks and just playing solitaire on each; although I hear it is the #1 game among curmudgeons........
#26 - Posted 11/16/12 @11:25AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

Comment Deleted
#25 - Posted 11/16/12 @10:28AM by daryllh [contact]


I disagree with your take about 5.1 being essential. We don't listen in 5.1 and the album was not intended to be in 5.1. The surround mix for this album is a manipulation of the stereo mix, not a complete remix of the album. In my opinion, those types of surround mixes are just parlor tricks.

Being the curmudgeon that I am, I don't listen to any 5.1 mixes.

I mean, your passion is cool. We just don't agree on the subject.
#24 - Posted 11/16/12 @9:51AM by jaeger [contact]

The more art the better!
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