Rush releases details regarding the Super Deluxe reissue of 2112

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 10:39AM

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#22 - Posted 11/13/12 @6:13PM by zkzt

I guess the good news is the finally release some live tracks from the 80's. We got some goodies on Beyond the Lighted Stage but I do believe this is the first time were seeing actual audio from shows that weren't intentionally filmed for home video officially released in the wild since Different Stages. Hopefully unedited/unremixed/no overdubs. :)
#21 - Posted 11/13/12 @2:06PM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

#20- I'm not shitting on the Stones. I love the Stones and will be buying the Grrr boxset for the 2 new songs and IBC demos and BBC, even though I have 98% of it already. It's merely a fact that the Stones at this stage are mostly, not completely, a nostalgia act. How many of the new tunes will they be performing in their handful of shows this year? Probably only 1 of the 2- the rest the hits or older deep cuts. Even the Stones last tour in '05-'07 where they had an entirely new album, they maybe played 3-4 new songs at best. Rush has played every song on CA, except one. You do the math...
#20 - Posted 11/13/12 @10:01AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

#11 - "However, since they are still going on strong, and not relying primarily on nostalgia like the Stones, I don't see any of this happening for awhile."

Why does everybody shit on the Stones on here? LOL! Sure, they re-issue music, but they also consistently release new material. Rush is no different! They release new material, but this 2112 re-issue is a prime example of nostalgia. How about the Time Machine tour? Rush are no different, and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don't shit on the Stones for doing it. However, since Mercury is releasing the recent wave of re-issues, I wonder how much input Rush has into the process and what gets released. Since Rich Chycki is behind the console, I'm assuming that they are somewhat involved.
#19 - Posted 11/13/12 @7:20AM by kjbird [contact]

#13-i'm with you on this one......and #17 "like" your acoustical solution :-)
#18 - Posted 11/13/12 @4:49AM by Shota [contact]

Has anybody of you found a possibility to order the Blue Ray outside Amazon USA?
I am not sure if the Blue Ray will work in my Europeran Blue Ray Player and futhermore it will take ages to deliver.
#17 - Posted 11/13/12 @12:43AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

I'm surprised no comments on the comic book portion (no offense but 2112 is classic awesome 2112 ... if you want it in surround sound, smoke a joint on the back deck at a cottage and listen) ... back to the book; It better not be the one I have double tucked in 6 mil plastic that showed their bio up to the end of Roll The Bones. That was super classic with amazing graphics, which at the time was glamorously unauthorized, so I am hoping is not now suddenly endorsed.
#16 - Posted 11/12/12 @10:17PM by OotS [contact]

I'm going to have to pass on this one. I'm saving my money for the Super-Ultra-Deluxe-Gold-Plus Version that is coming out in 2022. It's going to be a chip that gets implanted into your skull and plays 2112 whenever you think about the album. It will be a 10000.1 Surround Sound mix. Of course, for a little more cash you get the ocular DVD that plays on the surface of your eyeball.
#15 - Posted 11/12/12 @7:37PM by flyingmelon53 [contact]

Who am I kidding? Of course I'm getting the Super Deluxe Version...I'm just Mercury going to keep doing this in order of sales? I don't want to wait until I'm old for the Power Windows Super Deluxe Version-I want it soon!
#14 - Posted 11/12/12 @5:24PM by CraigJ [contact]

#13, #12. Is there another version that's been released in 5.1? I realize that the original wasn't recorded with 5.1 in mind, but I still want to check it out.
#13 - Posted 11/12/12 @5:22PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Sorry fella's, but I'm not on board with you guys for this one. I respect that many will buy whatever the boys put out, but I'm happy with the 10-12 versions I already own of this fine album. This is a money grab. Plain and simple. Just my $0.02
#12 - Posted 11/12/12 @4:47PM by steve k

Maybe it's me but I bought the remastered 2112, I've heard 2112 since I became a fan in 1981. Can it really be all that much different? I like the idea of a box set of previously unreleased live material or video released like Zeppelin or even the Talking Heads did recently. Just can;t get excited for another 2112. Sorry!!
#11 - Posted 11/12/12 @3:44PM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

#5- I have been saying this for years... It would be great for some kind of live anthology box set, since there probably are a ton of unreleased recordings- like the much rumored '76 Caress Of Steel soundboard. Or even some kind of Stones archive-esque shows in their entirety that they release for download on This would be amazing! However, since they are still going on strong, and not relying primarily on nostalgia like the Stones, I don't see any of this happening for awhile.
#10 - Posted 11/12/12 @3:26PM by takeafriend [contact]

In 24 hours I will be getting ready to hear 2112 live, baby.
#9 - Posted 11/12/12 @2:47PM by Entre Nous [contact]

JEEZ!!! Can they possibly make it more complicated. More versions pls.
#8 - Posted 11/12/12 @1:50PM by michinman [contact]

Super Deluxe version, please.
#7 - Posted 11/12/12 @1:30PM by Networx [contact]

@blindman I think the only difference between the DVD and Blu-Ray editions is the encoding of the surround audio. Dolby Digital on the DVD and DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-Ray. Both have a PCM surround track for those who can output directly to a surround receiver, like you might if you were using a home theatre computer. Unless you have a really high end surround system that does DTS-HD Master Audio you won't be missing anything by buying the DVD version. At least that's my take on the specs that have been posted. Either way, I can't wait for this release. It's going to sound fantastic!!
#6 - Posted 11/12/12 @12:21PM by Blindman [contact]

hmmm, I want the extras but don't have a Blu-Ray player....both of my 5.1 systems are DVD format. They need to offer the DVD version with the extras as well.
#5 - Posted 11/12/12 @12:18PM by bscsmkr [contact]

So I think that we can take from this item description that Mercury has more unreleased live material in their vaults that at some point will release.
I wonder if Rush even knows how much Mercury has. It seems like they have the unreleased tracks from the PEW and MP tours that made up ESL
Hopefully one day they along with Rush will release it all
#4 - Posted 11/12/12 @11:56AM by Driven [contact]

Now I have another item to put on this years gift list.
#3 - Posted 11/12/12 @11:45AM by CraigJ [contact]

Now I want this. I am a consumer.
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