It's official! Rush FINALLY nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!

Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7:22AM

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#193 - Posted 12/1/12 @6:03AM by Ian Harris

I just decided I could be arsed to vote. Voted Rush and Public Enemy. I like the counterintuitive pairing of them on the list, and remember Neil citing Public Enemy as an inspiration for the rap in Roll The Bones.
#192 - Posted 10/6/12 @8:42PM by moving my pictures [contact]

Well, holding bitterness in my heart towards the powers that be will do me no good.A lesson in futility ,So I got behind Rush and voted for them to support them like I always do in every way I can .They keep supporting me with their music and touring.That is something very needed and dear in my life. Lets see Rush get voted in even though we may be chaffed about the many aspects of how they have been treated By the RRHOF thus so far. Many people realize this has been unfair treatment of a great band and is long overdue .We can only grow the way the wind blows or be broken down blow by blow.It will only bring them wider notoriety of all their lifelong achievements and fabulous musical talents.Let the world know Rush is alive ,well making modern music and touring ever so strongly like always.We teach our kids to be the better person when someone acts poorly.If I do not do the same that makes me a hypocrite.
#191 - Posted 10/6/12 @5:32PM by kjbird [contact]

#189 and #190 bring up some interesting points, that could lend itself to another poll. How many fans discovered Rush through word of mouth and not through radio? Through a friend passing along a cassette tape, a buddy asking a friend to come to a show with them. I'm a true believer in the power of word of mouth outside of any programmed institution, marketing campaigns, etc. THAT would be a poll that i would be interested in charting. Those results, i feel, would show why there are so many young fans coming to shows and the avenue with which this incredible band with their amazing music will carry on to the next generation of true rockers. Screw the radio - honestly, i can't think of the last time i listened to it.
#190 - Posted 10/6/12 @4:14PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

When the 'RRHOF' award "power that be" no longer "be", then the process could be redefined so that the people actually in the HOF control the process for nomination as well as selections.

Either that or rename the current award the "Rolling Stone Annual List Of Our Management's Favorites" (RSALOOMF) and let the actual hall of fame control the "hall of fame" award.

(The problem with radio is not that Rush is dead, it is that rock died around 1980 {choose your date}; what I hear on the rare occasions I listen to "rock" radio now is pretty much the same as I heard when I was in high school, and even then it was called "classic rock".)
#189 - Posted 10/6/12 @3:07PM by moving my pictures [contact]

Iam agitated and perplexed by the RRHOF thing .At the end of the day I believe post #186 sums it up pretty well and in an honorable yet well deserved poke that would go over most peoples heads.If only the powers that be had not created this situation to begin with .So much poison in power, the principles get left out ,sometimes we have to listen to alot of useless talk(including my posts).Alot of this and other issues that become battles are brought on by poison of the power of repetitive radio and record companies not getting more variety of artists work recognized and enjoyed by the masses.Instead the 400,000$salaried powers of institutions are too busy oiling gears in the manipulation of greed.Mainstream Radio is a woodtick on the leg of society.They sell fantasy and overplayed repetition to a public that cant see thru the smokescreen of repetition and add driven revenue.To add to that tragedy they get comped front row tickets to Rush concerts that the true fans are losing sleep over wanting to get their hands on .Rush is a unique victim in this harsh reality due to their longevity and loyalty to being very hard working driven individuals and not listening to what the Big wigs desired from them as a band.That along with their long career.Their new stuff wich is Grade AAA excellent quality work suffering nothing but main stream exposure that the masses will never get exposed to.So many cuts have not and will not ever get the light of day exposure that would have made them household,workplace,car ride and world wide airwave hits as big as Tom Sawyer or The spirit of Radio.It has become always and evermore money over matter and there is nothing much we can do.Its like trying to find Grandmas home baked bread in the local grocery store bakery section .Walking out wondering why they could not just use her recipe.Wondering why McDonalds does not offer simple ,healthy home made soup. Because it costs ten cents more per loaf or bowl and thats asking too much for quality so it goes out the window and becomes an undetected rarely acknowleged aspect of our every day lives even on the radio waves .Everyday people become victims in every aspect .We even see it on RIAB with people complaining of not enough hits being played at concerts.If the stations played some of this new stuff that deserves to be played instead of ignoring it for other drekk (money over what should matter)then nwere material would be just as recognizable as Spirit of Radio or Tom Sawyer.I have not even heard any of the songs from the last two releases on any radio station old rock or new rock .It is like Rush does not exist anymore.Dumbed down music has hallowed the radio halls .Crap food and products have taken over because it is all people have ever known. So the powers that be at the RRHOF have that same effect on our society along with the radio stations standard operating procedures of not feeding the people good music but feeding the salary machine.The DJ's hands are tied .They do not make the playlist decisions on a larger scale.It is very perplexing and agitating .Post #186 sums it up simply and how I wish it plays out.The RRHOF have no need for ancient ways it does not fit the salary plan.They will just save face in the storm of our voice and then drive us onto the rocks stealing all they can from a clueless portion of society that needs to be told and sold what is good by someone else.Society cant think,listen,and judge whats good for themselves.Sold fools gold for Big Money.Ticket by Ticket they are sold what they have been told.At least Rush, some fans,and some others will have something in some form of value from this and some form of justice on the history of Rock will be scraped up from having been rolled over thus so far.It could have been different had those RRHOF people not have been infected by what RUSH refers to in the music industry as "the sickness".This is clearly evident what so many music industry and people leeching from it suffer from and then make others do the same by spreading it around.It is what it is and we continue our unwaivering support of our favorite band RUSH in concert and our CD players.
#188 - Posted 10/6/12 @2:45AM by What-A-Rush

Actually, I should also say I'm glad to see Deep Purple FINALLY get a nomination as well. I should clarify...Deep Purple MACH II! With all due respect to Mach I and III, the Mach II lineup was, and still is, the DEFINITIVE Deep Purple, and the GREATEST version, hands down! I'm sure both Rush and Deep Purple are honored to be nominated together in the same year! Congratulations to both! Also, Jon Lord R.I.P. Thanks RIAB!
#187 - Posted 10/6/12 @2:27AM by What-A-Rush

Well, well, well...the INEVITABLE finally happened. Regardless of how we as fans feel about this, I'm sure the guys feel some sort of vindication privately, and rightfully so. Again, consider the bigger picture. Not only are they loved by their fans worldwide, they are also getting the long-overdue recognition they deserve by their peers and, brace yourselves RIAB readers...THEIR CRITICS AS WELL!, whether anybody wants to admit it or not! I,for one, am very happy for their nomination, and will be ECSTATIC if they get inducted! I will say it again...ANY band or artist who says they don't care about critics, awards, or recognition from their peers and/or colleagues, THEY ARE LYING! For the record, if Rush gets inducted, Geddy, Alex, AND Neil will show up to collect their WELL DESERVED AWARD! Count on it! Congratulations on your nomination guys! Great news! Thanks RIAB!
#186 - Posted 10/5/12 @10:49PM by The_king_will_Neil [contact]

I think the guys should attend the ceremony (since they'll win). I'll even volunteer to write their acceptance speech:

(In its entirety)

Alex: "To our fans, this" (holding up the award, or whatever they get), "is for you."

Geddy: "To the voters, we thank you."

Neil: "To the nominating committee, we Wish You Well."

No more is needed, it sounds respectful, everyone's happy.

"Even though you're going through hell
Just keep on going
Let the demons dwell"
#185 - Posted 10/5/12 @9:21PM by jaeger [contact]

"You couldn't dance to it"? Hahahahaha...
#184 - Posted 10/5/12 @5:05PM by Emotion Defector [contact]

We can only hope that, at the induction ceremony, the band presents the museum with Alex's camel-toe pants, Ged's happy-coat, and Neil's mustache, all suitably framed and mounted behind glass.
#183 - Posted 10/5/12 @3:37PM by jiminseattle [contact]

You are all over it KJ. Caravan is just a rockin tune. What a powerful way to begin a great story.
#182 - Posted 10/5/12 @3:01PM by kjbird [contact]

Ok, i know i'm a blabber mouth today (hey, it's Friday and i have a bit of time) but one more observation re. the dimwits comment on groovablility of Rush music. They are looking for predictability. And that is one thing Rush songs are not. Case in point; Caravan. I'm sure others will relate to this....when i first heard that song, i literally felt like my heart stopped at certain points because of the switches and redirections of the melody. Soooo hard to describe to a non-Rush fan. It's like taking you to the razors edge and just when you're about to fall off, they give you a hand to bring you back to the structure of the song. Ever feel like you're falling while sleeping then you wake up at that last second? Just like that.
#181 - Posted 10/5/12 @2:26PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#180 - Posted 10/5/12 @1:45PM by kjbird [contact]

#173 - LOVE it!!! That's what is so cool @ people that get this band & their music. From all walks of life - i'm a married, former CPA controller of a company, now mother of 3, suburban mom that drives a Honda Odyssey. PTA meetings, kids activities, etc. Rush blazing across invisible airwaves on my way to Target.....get me in a concert hall and watch out. My brother cracks up during shows.
#179 - Posted 10/5/12 @1:29PM by kjbird [contact]

Gotta love the posers at a Rush show (NOT). I had someone in front of me that, you could tell, was ONLY there because her boyfriend dragged her there. Still as a post, sat for half of it. But again, HARD to BELIEVE, but for some it's just another concert on the list to attend. Maybe i'm fanatical (ok, yes i am), but what irks me if when i see people with non-Rush tshirts. Don't get me wrong, i do like the Who, Pink Floyd, Police....but when i'm at a Rush concert i'm wearing a Rush shirt (and my starman earrings, of course).
#178 - Posted 10/5/12 @1:15PM by kjbird [contact]

Jim-likewise. It would be a blast. I'm hoping 5th row in Cleveland will have lots of lively individuals. My brother is more docile, with the occasional airdrum, guitar strum. Every person takes in the show differently; what I LOVE is when you catch the eye of a complete stranger (fellow Rush fan) and if they are more mild in their enjoyment, they still see you and smile because they know you're having the time of your life. Ahhhh-can't wait for showtime.
#177 - Posted 10/5/12 @12:36PM by IamSnowDog [contact]

Gene Austin had a hit single in 1932 called 'Ghost of a Chance'

Gawd, RUSH rips-off everyone!
#176 - Posted 10/5/12 @12:25PM by Earthshiner [contact]

Someone may have had it right in the comment section for the You Tube of these LA Clowns when he referred to them as "dick lickers" ...
#175 - Posted 10/5/12 @12:10PM by jiminseattle [contact]

KJ: Good morning and I bet you are a mover and shaker. I would love sitting next to you for the show of shows. My wife has become a big Rush fan in the past four years. She has seen the last two TM shows at White River and The Gorge. They were both great shows but we had better seats at White River. At the Gorge, these short drunks were in front of know the guy who says, "I have never heard this one before" when Camera Eye is played. They were so obnoxious my son wanted to smack one of the dudes. That aside the last 6 shows I've seen all in the past 11 years were fantastic. Keep moving and shaking Rush fans.
#174 - Posted 10/5/12 @11:59AM by Jimbo [contact]

#172 - But those guys look like such great dancers! I bet they lay it down when Randy Newman comes on.
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