Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alex Lifeson guest appearance on Shift from The Wilderness of Manitoba's upcoming Between Colours album
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The Wilderness of Manitoba's Between Colours albumEarlier in the summer we learned that Alex Lifeson makes a guest appearance on Toronto-based folk rock trio The Wilderness of Manitoba's upcoming Between Colours album. The track that Alex plays on is titled Shift and you can give it a listen below or on SoundCloud at this location. Between Colours will be released on Pheromone Recordings on Tuesday, September 16. From

... the group's upcoming album was tracked at Revolution Recording in Toronto with producer Joe Dunphy (Skydiggers, By Divine Right, Elliott Brood). The album is said to be split into two five-song sections representing "day" and "night," and features guest appearances from Rush's Alex Lifeson and the Rheostatics' Michael Phillip Wojewoda, among others. ...

The band will be having an album release party at Lee's Palace on October 16th in Toronto, and will be embarking on a month-long Canadian tour in support of the album on September 19th.



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#11 - Posted 9/6/14 @6:31AM by Tom [contact]

re 4 and 9:
I saw Lush at uni - and have always linked them - not just the name, but some of the guitars has similar chords, jangly-sounding laden with effects.


#10 - Posted 9/4/14 @4:39AM by Runkerry

Or (in reference to your post CraigJ), they maybe need to/should consider working with one S Wilson.
#9 - Posted 9/4/14 @1:33AM by Ian Harris

Kevin, good call on Lush! That track, Sweetness and Light, was great. I've got that album. It may have been their best moment, but let's hear it for getting a link finally between Rush and Lush.

I note the latest Danforth and Pape post links Rush and (Kate) Bush...
#8 - Posted 9/3/14 @10:24PM by CraigJ [contact]

I don't know, the guitar sounds pretty buried in the mix to me... They need to work with Peter Henderson again... Maybe Alan Parsons?
#7 - Posted 9/3/14 @8:49PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Jupe, let's get it rollin on THIS thread.
The song Alex plays on sounds pretty good. It's got a crisp feel, not muddy at all! Maybe that producer can work with Rush on their upcoming new release (!).

I bet some good weed was consumed at those sessions.

Let's all go to the release party in Toronto.

#6 - Posted 9/3/14 @6:26PM by jupeguy [contact]

C'mon RR that other thread can get to 200 easy!
#5 - Posted 9/3/14 @6:26PM by kevin [contact]

Here is a better link, this is live...

#4 - Posted 9/3/14 @6:23PM by kevin [contact]

Sounds a lot like a Band called LUSH.. Yes rimes with Rush..

#3 - Posted 9/3/14 @6:18PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Thank God, a new thread!
#2 - Posted 9/3/14 @4:52PM by Runkerry

Good track. Alex all over it in his inimitable way : )

Look forward to your next post limelighter. Bring back some news!

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