Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alex Lifeson guest appearance at Keram's Come to Life release party
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UPDATE - 8/15@9:58AM: I've also learned from Keram that the other track Alex played on Moving Dark Circles.

UPDATE - 8/14@4:03PM: Here's a great photo gallery from the event including several of Alex Lifeson.

UPDATE - 8/14@3:20PM: Here's some camera phone video of part of an Alex Lifeson guitar solo from the CD release party (thanks Asif K).

UPDATE - 8/14@10:16AM: Keram posted a recap of the CD release party to his blog this morning including another photo with Alex Lifeson in it (thanks RushFanForever).

Keram - Come To LifeCanadian-born actor and musician Keram Malicki-Sanchez collaborated with Alex Lifeson and 20 other renowned artists over the past several years to create his Come to Life album. The album officially launched via a listening party in Toronto for Indiegogo contributors back in late May. An official CD release party was also held last night at the Supermarket Restaurant and Bar in Toronto and Alex Lifeson made a surprise guest appearance along with a few of the album's other contributors. You can see photos of the event on Keram's official Facebook page (thanks RushFanForever). The album is available for digital purchase via a number of outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and eMusic; and physical copies can be purchased via Amazon or via CDBaby. In addition to playing guitar on the album, Alex Lifeson is also executive producer. Alex plays guitar on the 11-minute track The Devil Knows Me Well and also on Mary Magdalene, which you can listen to below or on YouTube at this location.

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#12 - Posted 8/16/14 @11:03AM by CraigJ [contact]

#11 - I concur - didn't really do anything for me.
#11 - Posted 8/15/14 @3:21PM by jupeguy [contact]

I previewed all the tracks on i-tunes and did not feel compelled to buy it or listen to it again.
#10 - Posted 8/15/14 @9:31AM by Micky [contact]

Found the track Magdalene a bit boring and tedious.
#9 - Posted 8/14/14 @5:19PM by kevin [contact]


good question, but I seem to remember in an interview he talked about always tinkering with that guitar and it at times it had a hard time staying tuned.
#8 - Posted 8/14/14 @10:40AM by Rubinowits [contact]

Cool music, didn't care for the vocals. If that's the Hentor why did he put on a locking vibrato?
#7 - Posted 8/14/14 @9:13AM by Micky [contact]

#5 - CraigJ ? :-))
#6 - Posted 8/14/14 @9:12AM by Micky [contact]

#5- Chemistry ? :-)
#5 - Posted 8/14/14 @2:11AM by cpb [contact]

The following is a list of 37 words that begin with C that are related in some way to Rush:

1. Cygnus
2. Cymbals
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4. Clef
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8. 'coustic
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11. C#
12. Crotales
13. Circumstances
14. Circumcision? eww
15. Camera
16. Cliff
17. Chords
18. Cromartie
20. cycles, motor
21. Colo(u)r
22. Chromatic
23. CDs
24. cassettes
25. Countdown
26. Cerebrum
27. Crap-free
28. Cequel (if you misspell it)
29. Chain
30. chops
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32. Even more Canada
33. Canadian
34. Clockwork
35. Cradle
36. Cold
37. craaaaaazy good

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#4 - Posted 8/14/14 @12:50AM by CraigJ [contact]

I'm not normally a pimp for Daft Punk, but this drum cover of Contact is pretty damn good...
#3 - Posted 8/13/14 @5:24PM by jupeguy [contact]

He borrowed those shoes from Bowzer a la "Sha Na Na".

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