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Recently discovered rare Andrew MacNaughtan Rush prints now available
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Andrew MacNaughtan - photo courtesy Paul BeaulieuThe Andrew MacNaughtan Photographic Arts site recently sent out the following newsletter regarding some recently discovered rare Rush prints:

... A very small amount of high demand prints have been found. In clearing out Andrew's Studio we have found some great prints we thought were long gone and because so many of you have asked about them we have decided to make them available for a limited time.

These include some of the most popular prints and print series in the history of Andrew's Art Store including the popular and instantly sold out 30th Anniversary Series. We are so happy to be able to share them with all of you who have been so loyal and kind to Andrew and his memory.

New Found Prints Include:
* Neil with Drum Kit V (Snakes & Arrows)
* Red Rocks Reverse
* Roll the Bones
* Neil (Under Bridge)
* Neil Snakes & Arrows Recording Session - Autographed
* Rush Snakes & Arrows Recording Session - Autographed by all 3 Band Members (Very rare Original set of 3 Prints)
* Rush B&W Couch
* Neil Live - Autographed by Neil

And as promised:
* Geddy Lee 30th Anniversary -Autographed by Geddy
* Alex Lifeson 30th Anniversary -Autographed By Alex
* Neil Peart 30th Anniversary -Autographed By Neil

Please note some of these items are listed as "not numbered", which means they were spare prints Andrew had made to use in case of errors or to donate to some of the Band's charitable endeavors. We have kept this in mind in our pricing and have made them less expensive than those that are numbered. The value on those prints has greatly increased in the past decade. Ultimately we felt these were better shared with you fans who have been asking for them, than sitting in storage.

So check out the store and enjoy.

Many thanks again to all of you from Andrew's Family and his Rush Family for your continued support and kindness. Being able to share his work with all of you after losing him means so much to us all.

Andrew MacNaughtan was Rush's longtime photographer and close friend who passed away in early 2012 of a heart attack. To purchase any of the prints listed above, just visit



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#49 - Posted 8/18/14 @12:47PM by glennb2112 [contact]

Does anyone remember the prices for the r30 prints??
#48 - Posted 7/26/14 @11:24AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

One of the most unique characteristics about Rush is their ability to cohesively mix elements of hard rock with classical overtones and lyrical references to Shakespeare, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. "When we look for influences, we look for those that are tried and true as opposed to trendy. I think there are certain things about the classical form that have worked for a certain reason. I like to think of our music as being orchestrated rather than simply arranged. We've always leaned towards a more bombastic classical sound, the dramatics of it appeal to me," notes Lee.
#47 - Posted 7/26/14 @11:20AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Here is a link to another Rush interview from the time of "Hold Your Fire":

#46 - Posted 7/24/14 @7:38AM by jupeguy [contact]

Jim, my comment at #34 was so vague that even I didn't get it!!
#45 - Posted 7/23/14 @3:54PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Cool story Zebec, and yes Jupe I thought you were tweaked at me but then again I was quite buzzed thanks very much!
#44 - Posted 7/23/14 @3:09PM by zebec [contact]

"Sweet memories....reminding me...just how close I came to missing."

JiminSeattle--Threesomes and foursomes? Hilarious! Of course no offense taken. Actually, back in the day I came 'this close' to talking two groupies into a threesome with me. They were attractive blonde ladies who had consumed vast quantities of alcoholic beverage while we were performing in some godforsaken, half-empty dive in northern Ontario. I think it was 'Uncle Horace's Family Restaurant'. Our agents were assholes and we had too many of those misbookings (get to the point Zebec--editor). Anyway, these groupies had approached me and said, "We have a car. It has 4 wheels and it'll take us wherever you wanna' go!" The pinch marks are still there 35 years on. I mounted a desparate effort to convince these gals that a threesome was in order, but eventually they insisted that I enroll another band member or roadie to flesh things out. Sigh...those grapes were surely sour. They were probably Triumph fans...
#43 - Posted 7/23/14 @9:53AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


First of all, the words "symphony" and "crap" should never be used in the same sentence.

Second of all, what ambition has Rush always had?

Geddy Lee: "We always wanted to be that, wanted to be the, the hot player, you know? That was our goal early on and then we sorta wanted to be the world's smallest symphony orchestra which we're still trying to do..."

So, by saying those two words in the same sentence, you are being disrespectful towards Rush.

#42 - Posted 7/23/14 @9:10AM by chutch15 [contact]

#29 - Touring is where bands make the bulk of their money these days. There is very little money in releasing new music. Kansas is a perfect example. They tour constantly because it pays the bills. They essentially can't afford to take time off from touring to pay for an expensive studio then write and release a new product that won't cover the costs of production. It just doesn't make business sense.
#41 - Posted 7/23/14 @9:00AM by jupeguy [contact]

Jim, I hope your apologetic post #35 wasn't because of my post #34.Post #34 was in reference to post #31.
#40 - Posted 7/23/14 @2:00AM by CraigJ [contact]

I don't like crap, I like "crap".

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