Monday, July 14, 2014

New Geddy Lee interview in latest issue of Terroni magazine
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UPDATE - 7/15@10:41AM: Eric over at Power Windows has transcribed the article and made it available online here.

Geddy Lee Terroni magazineGeddy Lee talks wine in a new interview and cover feature for the latest issue of Terroni magazine. The magazine is published by the Terroni Italian restaurant chain in Toronto and Los Angeles. Although the interview focuses on Geddy's wine collecting and there's not much talk of Rush, the feature's tagline mentions that the band is in the midst of planning a 41st anniversary tour, which is a good sign. We haven't heard any word regarding the anticipated 2015 tour since Alex Lifeson first mentioned it in a Rolling Stone interview back in March. You can read the entire 2-page interview feature online at this location (thanks RushFanForever).



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#10 - Posted 7/16/14 @10:39PM by CraigJ [contact]

My plan should I ever be in such a situation has long been to find out they they're drinking, and if it isn't like a $1,000 bottle of wine, send them a drink and a note of appreciation, or pick up their tab or something like that, anonymously. I have never bugged a celebrity in public or asked for an autograph or anything like that. It's just rude and I wouldn't have the chutzpah do it, especially if they were there with their family.
#9 - Posted 7/16/14 @10:08PM by zebec [contact]

Re: Geddy and alcohol.
My in-laws and I were once at a Toronto restaurant known for its extensive beer menu (not so much vino). Geddy and his wife and their then-two yr. old daughter were a couple tables away. My 'difficult' sister-in-law raised her voice, "HEY ZEBEC! ISN'T THAT GEDDY LEE OVER THERE?!" It was cringeworthy, the kind of brutal indiscretion that makes one so angry that one avoids eye contact with the transgressor lest violence ensue. An hour later when nature called, I went downstairs to the washroom. Geddy was absent-mindedly blocking the stairs, holding his restless girl in his arms. I just smiled good-naturedly at the two of them and refrained from saying anything as I passed. The irony was that I had long been planning to email Pegi and Ray at Rush's management in a couple day's time, to seek their approval to name drop the band in a teen fiction novel that I was about to submit to publishers. Strange coincidence. I am done. The end.
#8 - Posted 7/15/14 @1:02PM by CraigJ [contact]

I kinda do actually. Probably more of a memory thing from hearing it as a child than actually liking the song. "There's no accounting for taste!"
#7 - Posted 7/15/14 @12:08PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Craig: You really do not like that song, you are pulling my leg. :>)
#6 - Posted 7/15/14 @8:20AM by rosc [contact]

Hoping someone will make a transcript of the article into a format we can preserve, like txt or html. Tnx
#5 - Posted 7/15/14 @8:02AM by joerock213 [contact]

jupe-I second all your comments. People usually assume I like those three bands when I start talking Rush, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc., but really don't like them.
#4 - Posted 7/15/14 @12:02AM by CraigJ [contact]

While they definitely aren't my favorite, I would walk across the street to see them as long as the tickets were cheap. I mean, the simple fact that Keith Richards can still stand is a miracle of science and modern chemistry, and something to be witnessed. I mean, you'd all watch a train wreck, wouldn't you? From a safe distance?

And I kind of like that song.
#3 - Posted 7/14/14 @9:58PM by jupeguy [contact]

Oh I hear ya Jim! Most Rolling Stones songs just irritate me and I honestly wouldn't walk across the street to see them.And Kiss.And ACDC.
#2 - Posted 7/14/14 @9:37PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Ged is the coolest of cats Jupe. A total aside so bear with me: I HATE the Rolling Stones and Sympathy for the Devil is one of if the not worst song I have ever heard in my middle aged life. They say "hoo hoo" at least 120 times. Fuck!!!
#1 - Posted 7/14/14 @6:29PM by jupeguy [contact]

Ged is one cool cat! First!

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