Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paul Northfield talks Le Studio and Rush in new interview
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Paul NorthfieldEarlier this week the Le Studio Channel debuted part one of their Le Studio documentary Le Studio: Temple of Sound. As an extra treat, today they also posted a 45-minute interview with former Rush engineer and early Le Studio in-house engineer Paul Northfield. The interview was conducted by Brandon Wright of the radio show Signals of Intuition on 99.1 CJAM-FM back on August 28th of last year. Paul shares a number of great behind-the-scenes stories, including how he was hired at Le Studio, how Le Studio operated (with Nick Blagona), how he started working with Rush, some of the recording techniques & equipment he used, the Moving Pictures AMPEX tape horror story, his friendship with Neil Peart, and Paul's role in Neil coming back to drums (the Le Studio secret sessions) and the challenge of recording Vapor Trails. You can listen to the entire interview below or on YouTube at this location:



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#39 - Posted 4/19/14 @7:11PM by Liverpool 78

...I did write that it was all bollocks, although it would appear that if the equipment is good enough, and positioned just so, then anything is possible.

An active imagination helps however.

#38 - Posted 4/19/14 @10:23AM by CraigJ [contact]

What have you been smoking? You can't smell sound. /chainyank
#37 - Posted 4/18/14 @5:43PM by Liverpool 78

They didn't really cost me $6,500 - I was just talking bollocks like a few others :-)

Still pretty good headphones though - when I listened to Hemispheres this morning following Lamb Saag's post I could actually SMELL Danforth and Pape.

Famous Grouse is a quite nice blended scoth whiskey by the way. I'm enjoying one now as it happens.

#36 - Posted 4/18/14 @11:46AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Those must be some pretty gnarly headphones.
#35 - Posted 4/18/14 @10:31AM by CraigJ [contact]

Maybe Neil needs an anal microphone to fix his drum sound. link
#34 - Posted 4/18/14 @8:48AM by jupeguy [contact]

Arise from your stupor and heed The Birds of Satan!
#33 - Posted 4/17/14 @9:23PM by jupeguy [contact]

Liver probably conked out during The would've lulled him off to dreamland, if he made it that far.
#32 - Posted 4/17/14 @9:09PM by michinman [contact]

Seriously though. Despite the fact I was lost with a lot of the technical details, this was a great listen. And Alex's multiple tracks on MP are now evident as someone mentioned earlier.
#31 - Posted 4/17/14 @8:59PM by michinman [contact]

How much does an anal microphone go for these days?
#30 - Posted 4/17/14 @8:56PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

re: #24

QUOTE: "...As long as you've got a good pair of headphones on - and mine cost me $6,5000 dollars - then I am able to determine the positioning of the anal microphone for those all important moments when a fart might bounce off a window."

Liver, you must surely be listening to "Hemispheres" - since that is the only Rush album "processed through the Duffoscope." (It even says so in the liner notes.)

: )

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