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Geddy Lee on Rush's debut album in new interview
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UPDATE - 3/28@11:48AM: Rush just released a 40-second promo video for the Rush ReDISCovered box set via YouTube which you can check out below or at this link:

----- snip -----

Rush ReDISCovered LP box posted an article earlier today titled Not Fade Away: Rush's Simple, Straight-Ahead Debut Turns 40 which takes a look back at Rush's 1974 debut album. The article includes some new interview snippets with Geddy Lee from a recent interview conducted late last year. Geddy has the following to say about Working Man - the track that helped break the band back in 1974:

... "Our parents were hard-working," ... "Life was a struggle for most people, no one was wealthy. You thought a lot about your future, and what kind of life do you want to live? Is it going to be enough for me to have that kind of life, where it's all about work, and a beer at the end of the day and a hug from your kids, and do it all again? So, it's kind of an ode to that guy who we worked so hard not to be, in a sense. We wanted to be musicians, and that was our ticket out of there. That was our escape for what was sort of inevitable for all of our friends and the world that we came from." ...

Here's what Geddy had to say about the recording of that first album:

... "It's hard to hear the record without going back in time. Your first record is such a milestone. It's like the impossible feat: you never think you're going to get signed, you never think you're going to get to make a record." ... "The first version of our first record was really crappy, and that's when we met the guy who really changed our lives, which was Terry Brown. And he became our producer for the next 10 years and taught us so much about making records." ... "He saved that album, when I think of that album, I think of him, I think of that first session, when we took those poorly recorded versions of those songs, and he decided what was salvageable and what we should just re-record." ...

The band will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of the album with a special Rush ReDISCovered LP box set containing a re-mastered version of the album on 200g vinyl, which is due for release on April 15th. You can get all the details in the press release and pre-order your copy at this location.



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#23 - Posted 4/5/14 @2:02PM by The Sphere [contact]

The release date appears to have slipped to April 29th, 2014 according to and

#22 - Posted 3/28/14 @10:14PM by What-A-Rush

I love the first album for EXACTLY what it is: straight ahead, no-nonsense rock and roll! And YES ( no pun intended) , they would never sound like that ever again! Perhaps that's the true appeal of that album for me! Good stuff!
#21 - Posted 3/28/14 @2:46PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

or that could read "going backwards" in my post below
#20 - Posted 3/28/14 @2:45PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Just look at the progression of albums when the guys worked with Broon. I definitely don't think it's looking back when this particular producer was able to free them into exploring MULTIPLE musical directions during the time he was with them.
It might be wishful thinking these days but it would be a shame not to talk about someone who was there during one of the great exploration periods of one of the greatest bands.
#19 - Posted 3/28/14 @2:13PM by Homey M Holmes

Oh, yeah, and 3) Good luck in getting Peart to actually learn any drum parts before recording anything these days.
#18 - Posted 3/28/14 @2:11PM by Homey M Holmes

"Forget Holmes, he is a nice guy but..."

I don't even understand what this means. What I was saying is, I'd support Broon coming back 100%, but I don't think the guys would be into it, because they'd think it was "looking backwards." My point is that 1) good production is always "looking forwards," and 2) maybe the time is right to focus again on those formal characteristics rather than the Wall of Noise that arose with the advent of digital production techniques.
#17 - Posted 3/28/14 @2:08PM by Homey M Holmes

Smart production skills doesn't mean "looking backwards." That's part of the problem, thinking this way.

Recent developments suggest good audio is making a comeback in the music world. Rush should strive to be a part of that process.
#16 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:58AM by Micky [contact]

At "Drummer": I'm with you ! Forget Holmes, he is a nice guy but...
#8: yes I would be really keen to see Steve Wilson working with Rush.
However, overall, sweet and grateful words to TB by that kind great man who is GL !!!
#15 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:54AM by Alexfan [contact]

Bring Back Broon - it does have a nice ring to it...

I get what anyone might say about how Rush has always looked forward, not back, and how it could be a "been there, done that" idea. I love the stuff they have done since parting ways with Terry Brown. Not trying to say that they were lost without him.

I just would love to have them all together recording again. I mean, they are all different people now than they were 30 years ago, but they share something, something that no other producer would ever bring to the table. I'm sure it's nostalgia creeping up on me. Whatever, I would just love to see it.

Bring Back Broon!
#14 - Posted 3/28/14 @9:30AM by CraigJ [contact]

I don't really think Terry Brown and Rush are compatible at this stage. Been there, done that. I count SnA among my favorite albums.

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