Monday, December 23, 2013

Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel now available for pre-order
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Clockwork Angels: The Graphic NovelWe learned last month that Boom! Studios would be releasing a graphic novel version of Kevin J. Anderson's Clockwork Angels novel in a series of 6 issues beginning next March. The first issue along with a complete 6-issue subscription are now available for pre-order at the Boom! Studios website (Issue #1 for $3.99, 6-issue Subscription for $29.99). The series will be scripted by Anderson with artwork by Nick Robles. Anderson posted an update on the project to his blog earlier today including some more info on Nobles and why they chose him:

... We were very pleased to see the samples from Nick Robles, best known for his work in the gaming industry, and we felt that his style had the right kind of flavor, a flair for color, sense of wonder, innocence, fabulous imagination. Neil and I both loved his work. And when Nick started sending a flood of concept sketches of the characters-Owen Hardy, Mr. Paquette, Lavinia, the Pedlar, the Watchmaker, the Anarchist-and steamliners, the pedlar's steampunk cart, we knew we had the right guy. AND he's a Rush fan, so what more could we ask for? ... Nick is thrilled to be working with BOOM! Studios on the Clockwork Angels project and is very humbled to be bumping shoulders with a professional comic company and the myriad of other big names on the team. In his own words, "I've never felt so gratefully overwhelmed with a project, and the faith put in me. I hope this is the start to a wonderful career, and I can't wait until the first book is finished and in print." ...

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#13 - Posted 12/25/13 @11:29AM by Gedfan [contact]

I was going to invest at $30. However, postage to the UK is $42 on top! I'll not bother.
#12 - Posted 12/24/13 @8:24PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

Merry Christmas to all!
#11 - Posted 12/24/13 @5:42PM by limelighter [contact]

geddy and alex have power in their neighbourhood.
i don't and i am literally 10 minutes away from where they live.
big money got a mean streak......for real.
#10 - Posted 12/24/13 @5:06PM by lisah [contact]

Wishing all those who post here a very Merry Christmas! Rush On All!🎅
#9 - Posted 12/24/13 @2:52PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

I'm pretty sure they'll weather the looming ominous storm unscathed...

Merry Christmas to you as well !
#8 - Posted 12/24/13 @1:28PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Hyvää Joulua // Merry Christimas to all RUSH fans and others as well, special thanks to THE RUSH connoisseur Ed ! ps. Hope Alex and Geddy are doing ok as Toronto Hydro has a major outage due the icestorm in Toronto area. peace, Hannu from Imatra.
#7 - Posted 12/24/13 @11:14AM by zybraman [contact]

Merry Christmas too all RUSH fans world wide!
#6 - Posted 12/24/13 @9:08AM by ReGorLaTroy [contact]

Greetings Net Boys and Net Girls,

I just wanted to wish you...

Happy Christmas!

~Love, Hope, Rush

#5 - Posted 12/24/13 @8:43AM by Alexfan [contact]

Merry Christmas to all.
#4 - Posted 12/24/13 @7:54AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Happy Holidays to all Rushisaband fans around the world,and to Ed for all his work on this site.

Old Prog Rock Fan.
London England.

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