Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Geddy Lee sporting a new, shorter haircut? Not!
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Not Geddy LeeUPDATE - 11/19@12:23PM: Stop the presses! The mystery seems to have been solved. It looks like the mystery man is not Geddy, but rock journalist Pete Makowski (thanks John at for the keen eye). Looks like Halfin was having some fun at everyone's expense. Whew! Keep rockin' that long hair Geddy!

Back in the 1970s all three members of Rush sported long-hair past their shoulders as was the style of the time. But when the 1980s came around both Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart changed things up and cut their hair, trying several different hairstyles over the years before settling on fairly mundane, shorter haircuts in the '90s. Geddy Lee was the one holdout during this entire era. He trimmed his hair a little shorter in the '80s and tried a pony tail for a while, but has kept his hair at least shoulder length over the years. However, rock photographer Ross Halfin quietly posted a couple of photos from last week's Classic Rock Awards in London (where Alex Lifeson was awarded the Spirit of Prog award) over the last few days that seem to show Geddy Lee sporting a new, very short haircut. Halfin posted 2 photos to his online diary, one of Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson and another of Geddy Lee with Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath (this is according to the captions on the photos in the diary entry). But he makes no mention of Geddy in the actual diary entry itself. It wasn't even clear or apparent from any of the photos or reports from the Classic Rock Awards that Geddy was even in attendance; there are no other images of Geddy from the ceremony or reports mentioning him. Perhaps nobody recognized him?! It's hard to even picture Geddy with short hair, so I'm having trouble even reconciling whether it's actually him in the photos or not. I'm not sure who else it could be though, and Halfin has photographed Geddy enough not to get him mixed up with anyone else. Is it Halfin just having some fun? You be the judge! Thanks to Cygnusx1991 for the heads up.



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#20 - Posted 11/20/13 @10:59PM by Daletona [contact]

Shut Up!!!
#19 - Posted 11/20/13 @10:00PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Dude, Ross must have been really high when he posted his photos.
#18 - Posted 11/19/13 @6:18PM by GeddyJr [contact]

It totally looks like Geddy...if you smear Vaseline on your monitor and view it from across the street.
#17 - Posted 11/19/13 @5:16PM by Alexfan [contact]

He's white, he's got glasses, and brown hair - fits the description.
#16 - Posted 11/19/13 @3:41PM by lisah [contact]

I think the rumor was started by Mr.Magoo. That's the only one who would think this looks anything like Geddy. Phew! Hopefully Mr. Lee will never cut his hair. Okay, everything's better now! Rush On!
#15 - Posted 11/19/13 @2:26PM by jiminseattle [contact]

No, no and no. Although twould be interesting to see Ged sporting a new look.
#14 - Posted 11/19/13 @1:57PM by GangsterFurious [contact]

Who the HELL would even think that's Geddy?
#13 - Posted 11/19/13 @1:34PM by kjbird [contact]

Anyone that thought this was Geddy needs to get their retinas examined.
#12 - Posted 11/19/13 @1:23PM by Earthshiner [contact]

Someone actually thought that was Geddy?
#11 - Posted 11/19/13 @1:19PM by CraigJ [contact]

That looks nothing like Dirk. Plus Geddy always wears round glasses...

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