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Rush Clockwork Angels concert film status update
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This past November Rush filmed both the Phoenix and Dallas shows on the 2012 Clockwork Angels tour for a planned concert film release. The film was produced by Fadoo Productions, where Geddy Lee's brother Allan Weinrib is the Head of Production. The film is now apparently finished and this past weekend Fadoo Productions mistakenly posted a 2-minute trailer for the film to Vimeo. The video was supposed to be password-protected but wasn't, and therefore quickly went viral and was re-posted to YouTube and other sites before being taken down. The CEO of Fadoo Productions happens to be Bob McCown - who is best known for hosting Prime Time Sports on Toronto's The Fan 590. On his radio show yesterday McCown spoke at length about the trailer and the film, explaining how it was mistakenly posted to Vimeo and also revealing a few other details. He confirmed that the film has been finished and that it will likely premiere on HBO sometime this fall, but should eventually be shown on other networks too (VH1 Classic?). It wasn't mentioned, but I would assume that the DVD/Blu-ray release should follow shortly after the premiere. The fact that the film will premiere on HBO also tends to suggest that we might see portions of the Rock Hall induction ceremony (which was produced by HBO) as bonus content on the DVD/Blu-ray release (just speculation on my part). You can listen to the podcast where McCown talks about the DVD at this location (get the mp3 file here). The discussion begins about 5 minutes into the 4PM hour of yesterday's (June 12th) show (thanks Bigleaf). The trailer is still floating around the internet and occasionally reappears on YouTube - do a search for Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD trailer and you might find it.

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#45 - Posted 9/7/13 @1:20PM by rush21122 [contact]

what held this release up was that they went on tour again. wasn't for that. it would have been out by now. But if you look back on the last 5 dvd releases, they all came out in November..
#44 - Posted 6/18/13 @7:26PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Hi Lisa,

I put CA at the top.....for me. I totally get why others would disagree with that personal assessment but again for me I love everything about it. The Wreckers is probably the only tune on the CD that I can't really get into but shoot even that one has a great groove. Have not read the book yet, but will soon. RUSH!!!!!
#43 - Posted 6/18/13 @7:17PM by lisah [contact]

Well Jackson then I am in good company.
#42 - Posted 6/18/13 @7:02PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

lisah, I totally agree! The book was awesome!
#41 - Posted 6/18/13 @6:58PM by lisah [contact]

Jim, I also like the different vocals in the newer material. It seems to fit with the "heavier feel" on all the material from VT,S&A and CA,but I also happen to think that CA is one of my top 3 Rush albums.Dare I call it a "masterpiece."I also happen to think that CA is even better if you also read the novel.RUSH ON!
#40 - Posted 6/18/13 @6:30PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I am not personally offended by anything or anyone on the site, just happen to LOVE Geds voice in these latter years....cracks live and all.
#39 - Posted 6/18/13 @6:03PM by Bman [contact]

Wow. To all the people who are personally offended by anyone being critical of Geddy's voice in 2013: in my opinion you really need to step back. It's refreshing, for me, actually, to be on this side of the argument. You guys remind me of how I used to be. I am very glad that I can now be objective and take a balanced look at their sound and criticize or give praise - yet still love the band for what they meant to me. Anyone who questions my "fanness" is way out there. I am THE biggest fan of anyone I know (and I know quite a few musicians and non-musicians who are fans) but it's silly for me to ignore what I hear and know is true. Even the last few studio recordings, you can hear a huge difference from the way he sounded in the late 70s/early 80s, when his voice still had that bite but was just mature enough. To me, that is the sweet spot, that is the peak of his career vocally. I realize that it's NOT HIS FAULT. It's age! But I can still recognize that it doesn't sound half as good as it once did and that's perfectly ok. ok? Anyone who says his current vocals are like "warm honey" or "smooth as silk" or whatever the hell, I think you are seriously overcompensating.

The reason Geddy's voice made it into this conversation is because it's a legitimate issue for many fans. It's bound to find a place to come up.
#38 - Posted 6/18/13 @4:01PM by palidrummer11 [contact]


Yeah man those are really good points. Nice post. On a lot of what you said, I half-agree with you, half-still believe what I said. Honestly it's all a matter of opinion, like you said. I think we can both agree with Rush still means the world to us, but it's clear that Geddy's voice is nowhere near what it used to be. I guess we just have different tolerance levels of Geddy's current voice. And actually now that you mention it, I also noticed a lot of struggling with late 80s stuff as well, in some parts. I thought he sounded/sounds (relatively) GREAT on the Power Windows stuff this tour, but Time Stand Still from last tour was probably something they should have just thrown out of the set list. I NEVER understood why he has always had to sing the chorus "I'm not looking back, I just want to look around me now..." like a thousand octaves higher than on the record. So yeah, I definitely agree with you now in terms of Ged's singing on some of the "less old" songs. But there are plenty of moments where he sounds great, in my opinion.

Rush on man! Hopefully their long break after this tour will be good for Geddy's voice.

#37 - Posted 6/18/13 @1:51PM by Pmover [contact]

I should have added, if only to demonstrate how sharp a decline there's been in 10 years, just youtube some shows on the Vapor Trails tour, like the show on 7-12-2002. The entire show is good, but if only for contrast, listen to Tom Sawyer or the Spirit of Radio here and then have another listen to the Spirit of Radio or Tom Sawyer from the Rock Hall Concert. It's not the same guy. Not just in overall vocal range and ability to hit certain notes, he's singing in a completely different manner today, one that robs him of clear phrasing.
#36 - Posted 6/18/13 @9:49AM by Pmover [contact]

I'd like to comment on a few things if you'll indulge me.

#35 - Posted 6/17/13 @3:30PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

I don't see why anyone would complain about his vocals on the CA Tour clip.
(I didn't complain, but did make comment that I thought it was bad and having listened to it many more times since my original post, I still think he sounds bad, but to each his own)

Even though it was a really short video, he sounded amazing in all the clips that showed him singing. (Just my opinion, but I didn't think so. Of course, you have a different opinion which is fine!)

Obviously his voice isn't as strong as it once was, but it's definitely better than it was on the Time Machine Tour.
(Totally disagree here. His vocals on the TM tour where not great, but they were a little better, especially at the front end of the tour.)

I'm not trying to question anyone's "fanhood," but to anybody who's said that Geddy's voice sometimes ruins the concert for them, haven't people been saying that about the band for 40 years? His voice is what has turned many people away from the band this whole time. Obviously, within the Rush fan community, we're becoming more critical of his voice now that it's clearly declined a bit due to age and endless touring. But it's not like we're going to a Frank Sinatra concert and then hearing some guy with Geddy Lee's voice. I LOVE his voice, and always have. But he's clearly not a traditionally "good" singer. He's unique. And I love it.
(No arguments there. I agree with just about every word. Geds singing has always been a love/hate proposition. The bad part for me, as a long time fan, is that I'm starting to hate it too. I have seen Rush multiple times on every tour dating all the way back to the GUP warm up shows. I love this band. I love all they have meant to me growing from child into middle age. I loved their mystique, their scary good chops, the lyrics, their incredible shows, the fan community, their hard working middle class values; the fact that they shunned the excesses of their stardom, etc, etc on and on. My comments really related to the last decade. Not being able to hit certain high notes, or having the occasional crack is par for the course both because of age, wear and tear, colds, etc. I was speaking more to the fact that his current style of singing, is nearly unintelligible. He may not be able to sing high and may crack more frequently, but I don't understand how that translates to dropping the last couple of consonants off of words. It's not "Eea anotha audiens, ouside the guilded kay" What causes that? or The whirl is the whirl, love an life fadeee, maybe as his eyes are why)

I know he struggles to hit the high notes, and even I cringe at times. But there's no way that can ruin the concert.(I agree that the live experience, being in a concert hall with friends, with the energy and all that, certainly make it more tolerable. My initial post was really more about the coming video. It's one thing to go to the show, its another to sit in front of the tube to watch a video. I find myself less tolerant to hear his bad singing in my living room for some reason.)

He puts so much heart into every note he sings, and I never forget that three of the world's best musicians are on that stage. I feel like a missed note, or a voice crack, from Geddy is only as distracting as Alex hitting the wrong chord, or Neil dropping a stick. What Geddy does is HARD. (Completely agree)

He obviously has trouble singing the older stuff, because he's just not that young anymore. That's fine. But when he sings in lower registers, or belts out a long note, it's unbelievable. (See it's not just the old stuff he's having real trouble with. Songs like Marathon, Red Sector A, Presto, and a great many other songs from the late 80's through the late 90's, were sung in a much softer style and in a much lower register. Forget the old catalog. He's struggling now with the middle and later stuff.)

I'll leave it at that. These thoughts are just that, my thoughts. They're my opinions, and I know no one asked for them. I just find myself a little disheartened seeing or rather hearing, one of my life long idols decline so sharply.

Thanks for listening.

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