Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Geddy Lee to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Toronto Blue Jays home opener tonight
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UPDATE - 4/3@10:08AM: Geddy's pre-game interview on Toronto sports radio station The FAN 590's Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown is now available online here. Geddy comes in about half way in to the audio clip.

UPDATE - 4/3@8:31AM: Here are a few more photos of Geddy's first pitch. One from the Blue Jays Twitter feed and a couple more from the Windsor Star.

UPDATE - 4/3@8:20AM: And here's some video:

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/2@10:06PM: Baseball Nation has a couple of short video snippets of Geddy's first pitch here (thanks The Sphere). And here's a photo of Jays manager John Gibbons speaking with Geddy before the game.

UPDATE - 4/2@8:23PM: They played Tom Sawyer for Geddy and he proceeded to throw a strike! Reader Don C got some screenshots from the telecast and sent them along to me. Geddy is now happily sitting in his regular seats behind home plate, although the Jays are currently down 2-0 (go Tribe!).

UPDATE - 4/2@7:09PM: Here are some screencaps from Geddy's appearance on Prime Time Sports courtesy Don C.

UPDATE - 4/2@6:26PM: Geddy is on! Listen in live right now here.

UPDATE - 4/2@5:27PM: Reader The Sphere noted that the schedule listed on the Prime Time Sports website has Geddy coming on at 6:20pm EST.

Geddy at a Blue Jays gameWe learned last Wednesday that Geddy Lee would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at tonight's Toronto Blue Jays home opener against the Cleveland Indians. The game is scheduled to begin at 7:07PM EST. Hopefully they'll be some footage of the first pitch released online at some point. Geddy is a well-known baseball fanatic and is a regular fixture at Blue Jays home games where he can often be seen in his seats right behind home plate. Geddy will be a guest on Toronto sports radio station The FAN 590's Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown today to talk about baseball, throwing out the first pitch and more. Prime Time Sports runs from 4-7PM EST and can be heard online at this location. You can also watch Geddy talk baseball in this MLB Networks interview he conducted back in February. Geddy talks about how he became such a big baseball fan along with what his thoughts on the Blue Jays chances are this year.



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#37 - Posted 4/8/13 @10:05AM by ErikShu17901 [contact]

Isn't there anything that Geddy can't do?? Please come and pitch for the Phillies! We can use you! See you in Hershey PA on June 21st!!
#36 - Posted 4/3/13 @4:55PM by Jaybird [contact]

Thanks Jennifer, that is a nice write up. Coildn't help but think of -- well-weathered leather! currently has the Geddy story on their front page. He's everywhere!
#35 - Posted 4/3/13 @4:31PM by Jennifer

Nice blog entry here, with some more information about The Glove: link
#34 - Posted 4/3/13 @11:38AM by jaeger [contact]

The bird wanted an autograph, nice! (Didn't look like the pitched ball)
#33 - Posted 4/3/13 @11:02AM by simon r

Rounders season started already? joke joke! Thought this might be April fool but Geddy loves his sport-good on him. Alas we wont get chance to see Blue Jays as they aint doing Toronto this tour!! lets go Blue Jays as they say!
Have to catch those SF Giants instead pre tour Calgary/Vancouver!
#32 - Posted 4/3/13 @10:48AM by kharmon [contact]

His son was indeed sitting to his right, so cool. ...and the Tribe won!
#31 - Posted 4/3/13 @9:56AM by gnarlyboris [contact]

@29 - I'm pretty sure the man to his right (left on the TV screen) was his son.

I was surprised as well, usually he is locked in and keeping score. Last night he looked like it was all hotdogs, beer and small talk.

At first I thought the guy to his left was bugging the crap out of him, but as the game went on it seemed that Geddy was chatting him up as well.
#30 - Posted 4/3/13 @9:18AM by mkefromTO [contact]

Was that Alex in the bird suit? lol I like how they came at him with pens out to sign their ball after the throw. can't get away from it.
#29 - Posted 4/3/13 @8:43AM by Jaybird [contact]

I've watched Geddy watching Jays games. He is normally in game mode, not eating not drinking, totally into the game.

Last night he had a bit of catching up to do, so he scarfed down a bit to eat, and was looking down at his iphone during the first at bat, and was talking with his box buds. Totally understandable of course.

What inquiring minds want to know is who was on his right and left?
#28 - Posted 4/3/13 @8:39AM by subdivincent [contact]

Steerike! Lee is up in the count 0-1

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