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Rush 2112 Deluxe Edition release open thread
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UPDATE - 12/22@11:48AM: John at has transcribed/scanned the comic book, album artwork, and liner notes.

UPDATE - 12/18@4:24PM: The iBook version of the 2112 comic book can be purchased on iTunes. Here's more on the iBook from Rolling Stone:

... the iBook includes previously unpublished photos not available in the physical version. The iBook does not include the album, though it does come with samples of the six original songs and three bonus tracks. ...

----- snip -----

Rush 2112The 5.1 Surround Sound Deluxe Edition version of 2112 releases tomorrow in North America and will be available as a CD plus Audio DVD Deluxe Edition, a CD plus Audio Blu-ray Deluxe Edition and a CD plus Audio Blu-ray Super Deluxe Edition. All 3 versions will contain a digitally remastered CD with 3 unreleased live tracks along with a DVD or Blu-ray 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album. Also included in each version will be expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics, unreleased photos and brand new liner notes by David Fricke. The Super Deluxe version will be housed in a hardbound book with a 40 page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges. The DVD/Blu-ray will contain a digital version of this comic book, and an iBook version which also includes the lyrics, liner notes and photos will is available for sale separately. For all the details and technical specs, check out the press release. There's also this short, 20-second preview video that shows a few images from the included 2112 comic book with 2112: Temples of Syrinx playing in the background which you can check out online at this location. To celebrate the release, several radio stations across Canada are airing a Rush 2112 radio special this week hosted by Alan Cross where they take a retrospective look at the album (thanks bucklemyshoe). Some stations that are airing the show include 94.9 The Rock, C103 and K-Rock 105.7. Check your local Canadian rock station for air times.

The 2112 Deluxe Edition was released on Friday in some parts of Europe and reader rushfanben received his copy of the standard Deluxe Edition and sent along some scans of the liner notes.

When you play the DVD/Blu-ray, a picture (also drawn by comic book artist Tom Hodges) is displayed depicting the song, as shown in this image for Something for Nothing. The comic book faithfully depicts the story of 2112 as described in Neil Peart's lyrics - with each section of the song broken out in a chapter of its own. I've attached a screenshot of a scene from Discovery.
You can order your copy today at Amazon:

[CD+DVD Deluxe Edition]
[CD+BD Deluxe Edition]
[CD+BD Super Deluxe Edition]
[2112 iBook]

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#68 - Posted 12/28/12 @6:07AM by Yellek Under Pressure [contact]

The live cuts rock hard! I think it's the best live recording of TOS I've ever heard. The comic book is fun and humorous too.
#67 - Posted 12/24/12 @6:07PM by rdovale [contact]

I'm a little disappointed I was hoping this was like the Signals DVD from Sector 3. Listening to the surround sound of Signals is like a whole new album, you hear new and different sounds.. Unfortunately, 2112 is just listening to better quality (remastered). I recommend everyone getting the Signals DVD, you will not regret it!
#66 - Posted 12/21/12 @11:35AM by irishguyincc [contact]

I would be interested in reading some reviews of this from owners. My copy of 2112 was recently ruined so I was thinking about purchasing this but am not sure whether to go with the DVD or BluRay version. I would love to hear from some owners of both.
#65 - Posted 12/20/12 @9:06PM by What-A-Rush

#62-"There is only one motive-to make as much money as possible". That's right-FOR UNIVERSAL RECORDS-first and foremost! Thank you for responding. It's always great to read comments both PRO AND CON about all things Rush!
#64 - Posted 12/20/12 @3:34PM by daryllh [contact]


No it doesn't. This release has a different bar code than the original.
#63 - Posted 12/20/12 @12:12PM by #1rushfan [contact]

Has anybody noticed any sound problems on the blue-ray 2112 release?
At the end of some songs the volume is fading out and then jumps up a little louder for the last 1-2 seconds of the fade out. Also Geddy's vocal mix seems to "drift" around the room as well as the volume level rises and lowers in some parts.
#62 - Posted 12/19/12 @6:47PM by CraigJ [contact]

#60 - "question the motives of Universal releasing it at this time" It's not questionable at all. There is only one motive - to make as much money as possible.
#61 - Posted 12/19/12 @3:17PM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

60- True, but it has been discussed to death.... and as long as no one's forcing anyone to re-buy anything, it's kind of a pointless discussion because it goes nowhere. Record companies put out remasters and re-remasters and re-re-remasters- it's what they do. It's called the music INDUSTRY.
#60 - Posted 12/19/12 @3:11PM by What-A-Rush

I'm in complete agreement with #4 and #5. Like 'Moving Pictures', '2112' DOES NOT NEED A REMIX! Furthermore, how many times can something be "remastered"? That said, the 1997 remasters were just fine. More accurately, this should be called RE-REMASTERED. In any event, this release is going to benefit Universal more than Rush, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Like the "deluxe" 'Moving Pictures' remix, I'm sure this will have similar sales but it won't be a significant amount. And in case anybody didn't know, ALL COMPACT DISCS ARE DIGITALLY REMASTERED, even the worst sounding ones! I respectfully disagree with #7's claim of people being "defensive" just because they don't want this particular "product". Like it or not, it is a legitimate beef to question the motives of Universal releasing it at this time. Sure, if you like it, buy it, if you don't like it, don't buy it, but that doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be open for discussion. I, for one, will pass on this. I'll stick to my out-of-date albums and 1997 "remasters". Enough said.
#59 - Posted 12/19/12 @1:23PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#57 - Bahahaha !!! thanks for the link man .... My daughter just loves 1D - I just got her tickets for Christmas for their show next July in T.O. (If you think Rush tickets are expensive, try getting teeny-bopper tickets)

She has also been to 4 Rush shows with me dating back to R30.

She will now be content is knowing that both bands can safely co-exist in her mind.

Too Classic - Thank again.

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