Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour Anaheim open thread
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UPDATE - 11/20@11:40AM: Here's a photo gallery slideshow from

UPDATE - 11/19@4:34PM: Official photos are now posted at

UPDATE - 11/19@12:29PM: Here's a review from the Orange County Register (thanks Mike A).

UPDATE - 11/19@11:41AM: Here's a review and a few photos from

UPDATE - 11/19@9:48AM: Here's a gallery of photos that was posted over at

UPDATE - 11/18@5:37AM: Reports in the comments (thanks everyone!) indicate that the band played the slightly altered B set that they had played in Atlanta earlier this month; complete setlist here. It looks like Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon was in the house; he tweeted a few pics from the show. Kevin J. Anderson was also in attendance.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush continues their trek through California tonight when they bring the Clockwork Angels tour to sunny Anaheim to play the Honda Center. They are due to play their Night B setlist, likely the one they played in Seattle earlier this week, but might change up a track or two. As soon as I verify which setlist was played, I'll be sure to post it here. For everyone going to tonight's show - have fun, stay safe and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!

Date/Time: Saturday, November 17th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 28
Venue: Honda Center
Place: Anaheim, CA

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#24 - Posted 11/21/12 @9:15AM by RowTheBoats [contact]

#23 - Of all the comments made on or about this tour, this is the one you choose to call out.

You are a very simple, predictable person.
#23 - Posted 11/19/12 @11:00AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

#17 - The crowd "toned down" during the CA songs because the majority of fans don't want to hear them. Was just like the S&A tour - when the new songs came on the fans would head to get a beer and take a piss. Glad you had a good time, though.
#22 - Posted 11/18/12 @5:55PM by nicodemus49 [contact]

Great night. The CA stuff in set 2 was awesome. Wish they had played the whole album.....Roll on Wednesday in San Diego....
#21 - Posted 11/18/12 @1:25PM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

As I thought, the set list wasn't there best (or should I say not my best) but the visuals were the best I have seen to date (and I have seen a lot since 1975). The rain effect on 'The Wreckers' was breathtaking. Song highlights for me were 'The Analog Kid' 'Headlong Flight' and 'Red Sector A' very powerful. Neil's multiple drums solo's were very cool, loved to electronic solo. The man is truly 'The professor on the drum kit.' Still a bit disappointed '2112' was not played in it's entirety. If they chose not to play it on this tour in the year 2012 maybe they never will again, after all the boys aren't getting any younger. Overall great show. Next up San Diego, the only date on the U.S. tour played on 21-12.
#20 - Posted 11/18/12 @8:45AM by CheeseCorn [contact]

#19 - Glad you enjoyed the show! They are awesome!

1 - Presuming he continued his trend for this tour, the pics on Geddy's shirts during the second set have been the band's portrait pictures from the tourbook. He switches them up each show. If it was the guy with the graduation outfit, it was Neil; if it was the guy with the 1970's paisley shirt, then it's Alex.

2 - That would be Audrey Solomon. You're not the first (nor will you be the last) to take note of her addition to the stage. ;)
#19 - Posted 11/18/12 @4:24AM by TheDude [contact]

Outstanding show as always!!! I splurged for the floor seats here since i've got "cheap" seats for the show back home in San Diego. Seems that some of the fans don't know the "C A" album yet. Loved hearing "Red Sector A" and "Analog Kid"... takes me back to my first shows! Epic 2112 finale! Two questions:

1. Who's that on Geddy's shirt?

2. Who's that leather pants wearing babe playing the violin? ;)
#18 - Posted 11/18/12 @3:46AM by Cygnusx12112r301 [contact]

EPIC SHOW. have really no idea how to explain but had the greatest night of my life. Definitely wanted Middletown and was confused because a security guard got a copy of the setlist for me and it said Middletown. Oh well RUSH WAS FUCKING AWESOME AS USUAL!
#17 - Posted 11/18/12 @3:12AM by Hemispheres2112 [contact]

Greatest concert of my life!!!! I was in section 103 row 3 on the floor on Alex's side, which was an awesome way to experience my first Rush concert! The boys were in top form and brought the house down on the last leg of the setlist. The crowd toned down a bit during most of CA stuff except on headlong flight. I was a little disappointed with the crowd during those songs. The string section was perfect. They did not overpower any of the songs. I was hoping to see limelight, which was granted!!! Ged was on fire in both his playing and singing. Alex had some awesome solos and was very entertaining. Last and certainly not least the "Professor" was a monster on the skins. I loved the solos they all had, especially Ged's before "Where's my thing?" I hope they go on tour again next year!
#16 - Posted 11/18/12 @2:34AM by Tomcat84 [contact]

I was a bit sad to get limelight and not Middletown dreams but other than that I had a great time :)
#15 - Posted 11/18/12 @1:35AM by toddnbeth

Holy crap i just caught a shirt from alex!

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