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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Brooklyn open thread
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UPDATE - 11/5@2:54PM: Here's a Flickr photo gallery from billylazer.

UPDATE - 10/26@10:34AM: Here's the video of Andrea Tantaros on Fox talking about how she went to see the show and is a big Rush fan.

UPDATE - 10/23@10:04PM: Fox News political analyst and The Five co-host Andrea Tantaros apparently was at last night's show. She was on America's Newsroom this morning and mentioned that she went to the Rush concert so had to watch the taped debate when she got home. This led to a very brief discussion about the band and they came back from commercial break with Tom Sawyer playing. Then later today on The Five she also mentioned how she had gone to the show and that she has been a big fan since the 80s. Thanks to Dave and Sancho for the heads up.

UPDATE - 10/23@4:30PM: Here's a great photo gallery that was posted over at

UPDATE - 10/23@9:29AM: As expected, the band played the Night A set; complete setlist here. Official photos from the show have been posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush will play the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY tonight for stop number 19 on the Clockwork Angels tour. They are due to play their Night A setlist - the same that was played in Montreal (*SPOILERS*) on Thursday. As always, if there are any deviations from this setlist I'll post them here. In the lead up to tonight's show, The Village Voice wrote a piece on Neil Peart's monstrous drum kit earlier this week titled Neil Peart's Rush to Excellence. They ask 2 drum experts whether every piece of Neil's kit is absolutely necessary:

... "It's clearly not just for show, I can assure you that," ... "A lot of those '80s guys that came out with these ridiculous sets with four bass drums and two gongs, that's all for show. There's really only three drummers that can truly justify a set that's the size of a f**king warehouse: Terry Bozzio, Mike Portnoy, and Neil."...

One of the drummers they spoke to was Steve "The Mad Drummer" Moore (aka the This drummer is at the wrong gig guy). They posted a follow-up piece online this morning where they continue their conversation with Steve which you can check out here. For everyone going to tonight's show - have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RUSH!

Date/Time: Monday, October 22nd @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 19
Venue: Barclays Center
Place: Brooklyn, NY

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#68 - Posted 10/26/12 @11:09AM by Geordie2112 [contact]

Kudos on the Andrea Tantaros video; it looks like it was shot "Seinfeld Style" with a handheld camera, but nicely done nonetheless.!!
#67 - Posted 10/25/12 @9:14AM by kjbird [contact]

link #60 and #65 - i believe this is another angle - always seem to hangle mishaps like this with such humor and professionalism as far as getting back into the groove, though they are steaming on the inside. I'm sure it's second nature to them after all these years.
#66 - Posted 10/25/12 @12:34AM by moving my pictures [contact]

Nice post on the show dawnrenee helped me be there .Glad to hear people are rocking some sections out .Love hearing that.Cmon man just rock out .it makes ya feel good.
Thanks for the funny informative post
#65 - Posted 10/24/12 @11:07PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#60 - That is pretty incredible footage. Thanks !!!! Wow !
#64 - Posted 10/24/12 @3:21PM by NYRushFan [contact]

I'm wondering if for Rush's next tour they can start a concept that might catch on to other acts. It's obvious that there are some people who like to sit for most of the show without others blocking their view and there are others (like me) who want to stand/dance for as much of the show as possible and be around the energy of others who feel the same. So why not designate sections to cater to both groups. People who want to sit with an unimpeded view can get their wish and others like me can stand/dance freely and take in the energy from like-minded individuals without worrying that we're going to get an earful from an angry fan behind us.
#63 - Posted 10/24/12 @1:18PM by kjbird [contact]

#62 - i like that we keep political affiliations off this site, it has no point being here imo; it helps keep all of us Rush fans getting along and focusing on the commonality we have with our love of Rush & the music. But with that being said, i'll just say that those that may bend to the right, in different degrees, do, in fact, ROCK ;)
#62 - Posted 10/24/12 @1:03PM by lisah [contact]

#59, I am not too concerned how she became a fan, but just that she became one of us is the best reward possible. Who says that conservatives don't rock? I hope I don't get bashed for that comment.RUSH CHICKS ROCK (no matter what their political affiliation may be!).
#61 - Posted 10/24/12 @12:55PM by DawnRenee [contact]

Just returned from NY and wanted to add a couple of quick comments about the Brooklyn show:
- First show in years from lower bowl (friends are Barclays season ticket holders), missed the energy of the floor but it was cool to be able to take in the whole stage show and videos.
- The sound board tech was rocking out at times as much as the string section.
- Thanks to the 6-8 folks in our row that left early so we could slide closer towards the stage. Your loss was our gain!
- Chick that was rocking out the entire show in Section 8 towards the front - you, my sister in Rush, were awesome and inspiring.
- Majority of front row peeps, on the other hand, just stood there... at a Rush show... in the front friggin' row. To quote Vizzini from The Princess Bride: "INCONCEIVABLE!"
- However, Row 2 in the Center section picked up the ball and ran with it. We were with you in spirit!
- Hello, contact high! Lots of tending to "herb" gardens around us ( :
- Favorite sign: Red Sector, eh!
- A friend with us only knows 2-3 big radio hits so we were worried that she wouldn't have a good time, but said watching the crowd was just as fun as the show.
Onwards to Atlanta and Tampa!!!
#60 - Posted 10/24/12 @12:10PM by Toronto Writer [contact]

Here's a video of the dying/dead guitar. It's obvious that Alex knew something was up with his guitar (watch him looking stage right and pointing to it numerous times at 5:01). It was the last song of the night and I'm sure his guitar tech was packing up the other guitars for the next show.

#59 - Posted 10/24/12 @12:01PM by Geordie2112 [contact]

#57 Lisah. You are not alone out there! Fox News IS cool and I think the fact this news-anchorette is a Rush fan serves only to underscore that fact. I need to know more though. I first saw Rush in concert before she was born - so how did she become a fan? Family member perhaps? Talk about swimming agains the tide eh? Girl, Conservative, Rush Fan...who could imagine such thing ;-)

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