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Moving Signals & Waves: A Tribute To Rush tribute album coming soon from Sonic Elements
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Moving Signals and WavesBack in April the Sonic Elements progressive rock project from Sonic Reality released a 5-song Rush tribute EP titled XYZ: A Tribute to Rush. The tracks on the EP were recorded using Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums, along with contributions from several well-known progressive rock musicians. Sonic Elements is expanding the project and will be be releasing a full album's worth of Rush covers by the end of the summer titled Moving Signals and Waves. Here's what Sonic Reality's Dave Kerzner had to say about the album in a recent interview with Andrew Olson:

I'm producing, engineering and playing keys on a full album of Rush covers featuring Neil Peart of Rush on drums via his Sonic Reality sample library "Neil Peart Drums" plus special guests from bands like Yes, Porcupine Tree, Asia FJP, It Bites, Triumph and more. Due to be out on iTunes and on CD by the end of the Summer. :)!

You can listen to some early mixes of The Spirit of Radio and Subdivisions below. Thanks to Andrew Olson for the heads up.



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#19 - Posted 7/24/12 @10:30PM by Squids [contact]

It of course does have value to a lot of people or they wouldn't buy it or even listen to it but they do. That part is fact. Saying it has no value is just opinion.

It was an enormous effort to create 'Neil Peart Drums' and if you're truly a fan of Neil and Rush then there's a lot of quality in that aspect alone to acknowledge even if you're not a musician that could appreciate it yourself. As for our covers or anyone's cover or anyone's own tunes for that matter... no one expects everyone to like anything anyone does. It doesn't bother me if you don't like it. I like it. Plenty of other people do too. That's good enough for me.
#18 - Posted 7/23/12 @7:50PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

But hey, dont let me stop ya' from ya' gettin' yer' rocks off...
#17 - Posted 7/23/12 @7:43PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

It has no appreciative value...
#16 - Posted 7/23/12 @5:42PM by Squids [contact]

If you're a fan of only hearing the band play their songs fair enough. I'd expect many Rush fans to feel that way and the loyalty there is to that is great. We love them too! But the point of doing a cover is to pay tribute to the songs and give them another life. I too like covers that are more adventurous in changing the arrangement. However, in this case the songs were built around Neil Peart's actual newly recorded live drum performances playing the songs in their original form. With that being the skeleton there's an authentic element that anchors it (1/3 of Rush IS playing the parts as would be played live). So the challenge is to work within that frame. If you happen to be a fan of the various singers and musicians involved in this (or are open minded) then you might find there's simply more Rush song renditions out there to appreciate in another light. Even better than that if you're a musician imagine how much fun you'd have if YOU were playing with Neil Peart! That too is the point of this particular project. We're making use of the software product we made with Neil called "Neil Peart Drums". You don't just make a product like that and not have fun yourself with it. Knowing that could you blame us? ;) If you're a musician then SURELY you must understand how cool that is! If you don't like our cover and can do one you like better then do it! It's not a contest (although we may do a contest soon and I've got some cool prizes from the band including Neil's drumhead signed by the whole band). This is simply something new that is possible thanks to Neil, Nick Raskulinecz and Sonic Reality.

Oh and by the way yes of course we profit off of it and so do the original songwriters every time someone sells a cover. You also support Neil every time you buy his products from the "Neil Peart Drums" series on and dealers around the world. If you love Rush songs and you love Neil there's surely something in all of this to appreciate. If not then the signals and waves weren't meant for you! ;) - Dave
#15 - Posted 7/23/12 @3:22PM by daryllh [contact]

That Subdivisions teaser is horrific vocal-wise. I almost crapped my pants when I heard the vox come in. The music is ok but man...
#14 - Posted 7/23/12 @3:18PM by daryllh [contact]

Also, there might be some double dipping here since the CD will use drum tracks created by Neil. It's actually kind of interesting because you have a possible situation come up where a guy is making a cover song album using drums tracks that were covers of orig drum tracks done by the original drummer.

Now that I think about it, the person who buys the Sonic Drums also gets the right to use them for free in any project. At least that is how it should work.
#13 - Posted 7/23/12 @3:12PM by daryllh [contact]

@ #4

Yes they do profit from it and have every legal right to. Whatever entity owns the Rush songs they are covering gets a portion of money for mechanical royalties. Those are the rights of people to 'cover' works of other artists.

There is a set amount of money the copyright holders are allowed to make. I don't know the exact amount but it's probably around 9-18 cents per unit sold. Unit being song. I 'think' that there is a bulk rate you can pay as well in case you aren't sure how many you're going to press and so forth. Not sure if you pay before hand (before project is put on sale to public) or if you get billed. My boss knows all these things but he's gone right now. I only know 1 semester's worth of info from a copyright and contract law class I had to take. haha.

If Rush doesn't own the rights to their songs, they wouldn't necessarily see any money from the project. That would be for any band.
#12 - Posted 7/23/12 @12:02PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

How good is Geddy Lee's voice ?
#11 - Posted 7/23/12 @10:51AM by Taurus Pedal Boy

I can't begin to explain how little interest I have in hearing somebody else (I don't care who it is) playing Rush songs. Who cares? Stop feeding off of RUSH's fame is all I can say.
#10 - Posted 7/22/12 @11:50AM by lerxst68 [contact]

Nobody, I repeat nobody can sing like Geddy! So stop being ridiculous to yourselves!!! GEDDY IS UNIQUE!!!

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