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Juno Awards 2012: Rush's Time Machine loses in the DVD category, Shatner sings Tom Sawyer
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UPDATE - 4/6@2:50PM: The video finally made it to YouTube here (thanks irvinm) at about the 1:45 mark.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/2@3:30PM: CTV now has the entire show up online here although it looks to be geographically restricted to Canadian residents. You can watch Shatner singing Tom Sawyer from about 9:08 to 9:34 on the clip (thanks The Sphere).

William Shatner rocking out at the Juno AwardsRush's Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD ended up losing out to Feist in the Music DVD of the Year category at the Juno Awards pre-telecast Gala awards dinner Saturday night. Rush won a Juno award in this category for Rush in Rio back in 2004 and last year for Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage. The actual Juno Awards televised ceremony took place last night at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, ON with William Shatner hosting. Shatner opened the ceremony with a spoken-word performance medley of Canadian rock classics including Steppenwolf's Born To Be Wild, Bryan Adams' Summer of '69, BTO's Takin' Care of Business, Trooper's Raise A Little Hell and Rush's Tom Sawyer. There's a YouTube video of the performance here but unfortunately it cuts off before the Tom Sawyer portion.



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#32 - Posted 4/3/12 @7:39PM by movingpicturesrocks [contact]

Repeat after me What a joke about the junos. The only bright spot was the blue rodeo induction.
#31 - Posted 4/3/12 @11:31AM by Earthshine [contact]

Maybe the CA Merchandise will also be available 4/19 on along with a few clips from CA. I need a new Rush Tee!
I wonder how many of us buy merch BEFORE the concert. I have moved to this strategy over the years. Saves me the wait and increases the likelihood that I wont miss a Rush song performance.
#30 - Posted 4/3/12 @11:24AM by Earthshine [contact]

I have to say I am impressed with the discipline to not leak HF. Looks like RoadRunner is going to make a big launch of the whole marketing and release campaign on 4/19. Seems like a LOT of things might crank up on that day.
With CA being RoadRunner's 1st entrusted work by Rush, they are going to play this real tight. But I bet they actually PROMOTE Clockwork Angels and the tour

I hope it's played on air with the 5 1/2 minute version on 4/19 and simultaneously released to i-tunes, Amazon, etc with the 7 1/2 minute version. I wonder if the 1st leg of the tour will also get announced and be up for sale on that day.

Gonna be a busy day that April 19
#29 - Posted 4/3/12 @11:21AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Yep they took a vote and we all decided that the Juno's are so good that we have to restrict the content.Duh! Hardly anyone gives a crap here in Canada about the stupid Juno's either, it would be some higher up suit at CTV who decided to restrict the content I guess. Toronto crowds can be lame, however I remember Vapor Trails Tour at Molson Amp. was pretty rockin also the Evening with Rush for the Test For Echo tour.
#28 - Posted 4/3/12 @10:42AM by Geddimus Prime

Geographically restricted? Note to Canada - Get over yourself. Nobody really cares about the Juno Awards and you're killing what little free publicity you might get when you block this type of utterly inconsequential content.
#27 - Posted 4/3/12 @10:26AM by analog_kid [contact]

#24 - You'll be disappointed if you see Rush in their hometown of Toronto this fall. Crowds in Toronto are notoriously tame and quiet. You'd think the opposite of the hometown crowd. But I am from Toronto and am almost always embarrassed for the boys in the band at the lame response they get here. If you're here anyway and can get tickets, by all means see them. But don't expect much.
#26 - Posted 4/3/12 @8:15AM by Cajava [contact]

Anyone else in the US having trouble viewing the clip?
#25 - Posted 4/3/12 @4:43AM by patrush

#24 - nothing to be ashamed of with the New Rush. There is plenty of musical complexity. It's just Rush going through a slightly different phase. "below par" is a very unfair characterization - maybe those people don't like the songs themselves, but the chops are there.
#24 - Posted 4/3/12 @4:06AM by Liverpool 78

I think the violins were always there, it's just that the re-mix brings them out; in the same way that the Big Ben quater chime is missing from the end of The Camera Eye on the 5-1 re-mix of Moving Pictures.

Living in the UK means that I've missed out on the Juno footage. Would have liked to have seen that; I am aware that Shatner's performances are something to behold.

On a different note, this morning I have been listenng to Neil talking about the concept of, the writing and creation of, the learing and recording of Caravan on his 'Taking Centre Stage' dvd.

When I hear about how much effort went in to just that one song and in particular the fact that it took him three days just to learn to play their own material it makes me wonder about some of the comments I read occasionallty about their new material being below par. It was good to read the positive comments of some of those at the lunch and listen event and I thnk that this points towards the likelihood of Clockwork Angels being a well received body of work.

On another note my wife and I are holidaying in New York and Toronto in October. I really hope that we will be able to catch the show on the North American leg of the tour as well as seeing them over here in the UK. What a memorable holiday that would be.

#23 - Posted 4/2/12 @11:32PM by Rushhead [contact]

Off topic BUT, has anyone noticed the added violins in Mission from the sector set?

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