Friday, March 9, 2012

Yet another Rush reference on latest episode of FX's Archer
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There was another Rush reference on FX's Archer during the latest episode Skin Game (Season 3, Episode 8) which aired last night (thanks to Eric at Power Windows for the heads up). Towards the beginning of the episode, Archer is accompanying Krieger to his lab to see a surprise. When they enter the room there's a large Neil Peart style drumkit in the middle of the room. The conversation proceeds as follows:

Archer: Wow. Amazing. You can play YYZ.
Kreiger: First of all - it's YY-Zed. And second of all - no, I can't get it. It's impossible.

Then in the first scene after the opening credits:

Krieger: (to Pam) How dare you fail to recognize my greatest accomplishment to date?
Pam:: What, you finally nailed YYZ?
Krieger It's Zed! And ... no - Neil Peart (Pert) stands alone...

The drum kit even has some lettering on it in the same style as the first Rush album (which I think says Thunder Dome). You can see a screenshot here. This makes the second reference on the show this season. Just a couple of months ago there was another reference on the mid-season premiere of the show. In that episode Dr. Krieger had updated the mural on his van to a Rush Hemispheres theme; the mural depicts Krieger as both the naked man and the man-in-the-hat from the Hemispheres cover with the text Krieger: Vanispheres on it (see the screenshot here). That reference was a follow-up of sorts to yet another reference that occurred on the season finale of season 2. In that episode Krieger's van had an Exit ... Stage Left-inspired mural.



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#9 - Posted 3/9/12 @1:01PM by hfd413

#3 Next thing you know, Bubba's Bar & Grill will be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.
#8 - Posted 3/9/12 @11:16AM by jaeger [contact]

#7 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:34AM by timintey [contact]

I don't know what all the fuss is aboot... ;)
#6 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:31AM by limelighter [contact]

why why zed is how it is pronounced not why why zee, correct grammer in my opinion. good call. i know it should be grammar, don't flip out unnecessarily.
#5 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:18AM by marty from clayton [contact]

#3 LOL
#4 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:17AM by xanadurush [contact]

Love it! Zed - yes!
#3 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:11AM by hermy [contact]

#1.....and all that attention has gone straight to his waistline.
#2 - Posted 3/9/12 @10:01AM by MickAv8r [contact]

It wasn't one reference, it actually became a running joke in the first part of the episode where every time someone new ran into Krieger and he announced he had news they'd ask him "What you finally mastered YYZ?" or some variation of that.
#1 - Posted 3/9/12 @9:56AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Uh oh! Neil's in the spotlight again. What'll we do?

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