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New Neil Peart DW drum set for Studio City Sound recording session with Vertical Horizon
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UPDATE - 2/28@4:15PM: The full update was only a few more words than what was displayed in the preview (thanks hermy) so I've included it all below. They also reference this post as the source of the news, although it should be noted that the YouTube vid has been online for over a month.

UPDATE - 2/28@2:49PM: Vertical Horizon has semi-confirmed this via an update on their Pledge Music site. Although you need to make a pledge to see the whole update:

Okay this BIG news has come out online, and it's not definite yet ... but we're working to make it happen. I won't comment publicly online about it yet, but since it's out there I wanted you to see this. Neil and I are working on the scheduling, and DW has kindly made him a new kit to try and facilitate. Thanks for your support. Matt

----- snip -----

The 2012 NAMM show took place last month and there was one bit of Neil Peart news revealed that fell completely off the radar. Studio City Sound mixing engineer Tom Weir briefly interviewed John Good and Scott Donnell of Drum Workshop at the show and they revealed some news about a new custom Neil Peart drum set. Vertical Horizon is currently working on their new album at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles, and apparently DW made a custom kit for Neil for use in the recording sessions for the album, which will be engineered by Weir. So it looks like Neil will once again be making a guest appearance on the band's album - as he did for 2009's Burning the Days. At least that was my interpretation. It's also not clear whether Neil will be using this kit in any other capacity. You can watch the video below or at this link and judge for yourself. Thanks to Mark B for the heads up.



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#70 - Posted 3/1/12 @8:13PM by MGRushFan

Thanks #68. Yes, the whole "greatest drummer" issue is a non starter for me, as it should be for anyone over the age of 12. There is no "greatest drummer." There are so many styles and so many excellent players that all one can really say is that Peart (or any other drummer on his level) is simply great. Not "the greatest."

It's easy for a young Rush fan, especially those of us who started listening in the 70' and 80's (when I was a young fan) to say "Peart's the greatest in the world." I used to say it all the time. Then you grow up and realize how foolish a statement that is. Actually, in terms of sheer technique, Peart probably shouldn't be anywhere near the top of any list. It's just the fact that he played in an awesome band, during a fantastic burgeoning period of rock history where there was not much else to compare him to that we all got on the "greatest drummer" trip. If he came out today, chances are nobody would give him a second glance. And that's a shame because there are probably a lot of excellent players being completely overlooked due to the complete oversaturation of "the scene."

Peart was lucky enough to come of age when things were new and fresh and hadnt been done a million times to death. I wish I had been old enough then. But of course, then I'd be 60 now and that wouldn't be good.

#69 - Posted 3/1/12 @7:04PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Check out Meytal Cohen on you tube!
#68 - Posted 3/1/12 @6:59PM by africadrum2000 [contact]

#23 I like what you have to say. It seems that if you express an opinion that you may like another drummer some people on here get very angry. The 'greatest drummer in the world' thing has been done to death and I think the outcome was that it all comes down to personal preference. Just because you like another drummer doesn't mean that NP is a bad drummer.

There used to be someone on here (obviously not a drummer) who always used to say that NP was so good that Modern Drummer didn't allow people to vote for him in polls anymore- (true for anyone in the Hall of Fame)

As far as DW goes, I think the high toms sound awful, lucky I can't afford them! The red Tamas were nice. For the price of a DW snare you can get a Brady ( just my opinion!)
#67 - Posted 3/1/12 @6:30PM by Liverpool 78

Haven't read many of these posts but I assume that the ammount of posts indicates there is a difference of opinion going on.

That's good. Difference of opinion is a fact of life and it's good to see that people feel confident enough to air and share their views.

This band and the individual members have always stirred some of their fans up from time to time but I doubt they worry too much about it.

#66 - Posted 3/1/12 @3:47PM by isthatmysandwich [contact]

#65 and #63 Well said. Jeez, I can't believe the amount of stick Neil is getting.
#65 - Posted 3/1/12 @12:52PM by steve k

Someone had commented about the whole "greatest drummer in the world" nonsense and that's really all it is. Neil was fortunate to coma long at a time where music - especially "prog" rock was still growing. It wasn't exactly an infant, but it wasn't an adult. Neil was able to come in at almost the ground floor. His muscial contributions are more in line with his construction of parts, his ability to add organic (in those days, anyway) percussion and his technique. I wish people would look at their favorite musicians as more like the friends they have in life. Some friends are really good to talk to about life events and some friends are really good to forget about them. Different friends cater to different needs. Same with drummers. I'm not going to listen to Neil if I want to hear a true groove funk. That isn't Neil's strongest suit and I suspect he would admit as such. He is an innovator and unique. All in tricks in the world doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you don't possess something unique (see Mike Portnoy as a prime example. Not a unique or inventive bone in that guy's body). I can listen to Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr just as easily as I can Neil, but again it's for different pleasures that they all provide within their framework and abilities.

As far as the superflorous (sp.) stuff like his weight goes, I could care less and don't give a shit about. That's his business and as long as his wife is happy, then that's all that counts. I'm 42 years old. I'm long past the stage of counting on a guy I've never met to influence me in a personal way. I enjoy his lyrics and he is certainly in my 'Top 5' of influences, but that's where it ends.

Someone had also mentioned tht Neil is "too public" lately. I don't think that's fair or true. For starters, back in the '70's & '80's, there was 'Rolling Stone, 'Circus', 'Hit Parader' magazines and 'Modern Drummer' and whatever guitar rags to read. So, it isn't like everyone was always in the public eye. With the advent of the internet, VH1 Classic, etc.. everyone is out there a little too much - even if they don't need or mean to be. Media has exploded to the point where you can't help but be that much more aware of people. YouTube is a good example of that. Bands like Journey and Yes are finding replacemenet members through YouTube. I'm just stunned that as a 12 year old kid, I saw Rush at Radio City Hall for the first time preparing for their Grace Under Pressure album. Since that time, I've gone through high school, college, my '20's, '30's and into my early '40's,now have a nearly 7 year old son, moved out of my parents house, moved out of state - basically lived my life - and somehow, they are still here. A little older, a little heavier, a little balder, but maybe it's those imperfections that still keep me going to their shows. After all, the only difference between them and us is that they "made it". I'm just happy they are still making meaningful, challenging music and still are willing to leave their lives behind to entertain mine.

So stop the bitching!
#64 - Posted 3/1/12 @10:53AM by MGRushFan

I think a few people are confusing constructive criticism with religious heresy. I knew eventually this would surface, but I'm glad to see cooler heads seem to be prevailing.

I'm not sure its very relevant to criticize Pearts weight, although I do not fault whoever it was who brought it up. After all, he is pretty hefty (and he was super skinny up till about 97 or so). And weight is a risk factor for heart trouble (geez, we just lost Davey Jones to a heart attack at 66! Love him or hate him, he is part of musical history). I personally want Neil to live a long and healthy life, even if he, like Bruford did, decides to hang up the sticks next year.

To me, it never makes sense to justify our love of the band to another fan. If there are uncritical fans who just appreciate the fact that the band exists, and everything the band does is golden, that is just as legit as someone, like me, who loves the band, goes way back in time with them, but feels they are losing their way. Arguments can be made for both sides, so arguing or bickering or name calling will get you nowhere. Try following the Buddhist precept of no false speech (which includes speech made in anger), and acceptance, and then tell me how it affects you. It calms me down, and the same may happen to you.

I appreciate the fact that the vast majority of you are keeping this topic above board. Try to remember the good times you have had with this band as the soundtrack. Also appreciate that they are still around. Reznor was right. There is a comfort to knowing these 3 guys are still out there. But as Rush fand, we have a duty to having independant thoughts and minds, and I for one have learned not to conform to what anybody wishes me to think, say or do. I'm sure Neil, despite the fact that I think he is not the man he used to be, would take a little satisfaction in knowing that his words affected my life in such a positive way.
#63 - Posted 3/1/12 @9:19AM by RThompson150 [contact]

I have a lot of respect for Neil Peart and think he is a great drummer. My Rush buddy Jeff is convinced that Rush's new album Clockwork Angels is their last album so let's enjoy what Rush has to offer. I have already seen Rush twice live in concert: First Rush concert was in October of 2010 and the second show was in March of 2011. I have been reading the comments on this blog session about Peart.
Neil is what he is and has been through so much in his life. Neil is my role model.This man survived a double tragedy when he lost his first daughter to a car accident and then his first wife to cancer. Give the man some slack. I plan to see Rush again when they go on their upcoming fall Clockwork Angels tour. Neil's drum solo is what makes the concerts special. I never tire of witnessing a Peart drum solo live.
I know everybody has their opinion about Rush, but let's enjoy Rush for what they are: they are a great entertaining band who keep their fans happy with new music and new tours.
#62 - Posted 3/1/12 @7:24AM by lifeson70 [contact]

Let's give Neil a break... Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill does have the best food!! ;-)
#61 - Posted 3/1/12 @12:06AM by random_sample [contact]

#59- The comments aren't any more "B.S" than you liking everything Rush has ever done.
#60- Being overweight IS NOT healthy and it IS NOT "shallow" to say that. You don't need to be a doctor ,to know that! It wasn't apples and oranges. It was a fitting analogy.
That's about as much as I have to say in this thread. Others had criticisms ,too. I will leave it up to them to respond to anything else. I don't come to check out this site to get into "altercations". I enjoyed the back and forth with others who shared my views (and vice versa) and the FEW who didn't necessarily agree, but were at least civil and respected that not every Rush fan has to LIKE everything the band does.

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