Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lifeson-produced David Barrett Trio track Sonar now available
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David Barrett Trio - SonarDavid Barrett Trio - HollowbodyBack in January I'd mentioned that Alex Lifeson had lent his studio and production expertise to the Toronto-based David Barrett Trio. Late last year after the Time Machine tour the Trio went into Alex's home studio and recorded three tunes: Hollowbody, Sonar, and Disappearance with Alex producing and Rich Chycki handling the engineering duties. Back in March Hollowbody was made available as an MP3 download via and iTunes and now the second track Sonar is also available. Sonar is a mellow, acoustic-driven, instrumental track with some mind-blowing guitar work in it. You can listen to it on YouTube at this link and download it at both and iTunes. The Trio will be playing at Alex Lifeson's Toronto night club The Orbit Room (580A College St. in Toronto) this coming Saturday May 28th. They'll also be recording some more tunes after the 2011 leg of the Time Machine tour. David talks about the songs and how his collaboration with Lifeson came about in this January post on his blog. You can watch a promotional video for Sonar below or at this link and you can watch a video of the band playing Hollowbody at this link.



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#12 - Posted 5/30/11 @10:20PM by Enviro_tech [contact]

Dave's great friends with Alex, he used both the double neck and his original 355 for the Classic Albums Live a bunch of years back ago, 2005 that's when. They did 2112, and I know for sure he had Alex's gear, they also did Moving Pictures too, but I think Rush were in rehearsal for an album or tour, I don't remember seeing those awesome guitars on stage. I could see the Alex Lifeson covers for both guitars from where I was for CAL 2112, the gold truss rod covers were on the double neck at that time. See this photo I saved from the CAL website at the time

Great sounding song too, fresh and clean to my ears, a lil Rush influence in there too, I think it's part of Dave's style. I like Hollowbody, that promo vid, surf rock to the extreme :)
#11 - Posted 5/27/11 @11:26AM by patrush

this sounded like Led Zeppelin!

very good band.

What about the guitar solo - it didn't sync at all.
Could it have been Lifeson playing the solo? Somehow the sync was entirely off making me suspect he may have been acting rather than playing that bit.
#10 - Posted 5/27/11 @10:16AM by RushFanForever [contact]

'Sonar' kind of reminds me of 'The Road Home' by Steve Morse.
#9 - Posted 5/26/11 @9:28PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

I likey-likey ;-)

#8 - Posted 5/26/11 @12:31PM by Tom [contact]

I really liked that - became very zep-like after about 2 mins in. Really good vibe to it - will have to check more of their stuff out.
#7 - Posted 5/26/11 @11:50AM by TheLivingNight [contact]

A-C-O-A, no I haven't seen that before either on his double neck, and the plate was very small. I don't recall a prior photo of the headstock where it was visible.

Using the master's instrument - priceless!
#6 - Posted 5/25/11 @10:48PM by jman [contact]

Awesome rush cover by the David Barrett Trio

#5 - Posted 5/25/11 @9:25PM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

hey thanks #4, and i like that username too, really neat!! yeah, now i see they zoomed in on it at about 2:45. i was listening and watching while using multiple tabs in my browser. that was really appropriate to zoom in like that and give Alex props in the video. i don't recall seeing a nameplate like that, is that something new Gibson put on for him the last time the guitar went through the custom shop? I've seen the plastic ones with LIFESON on them that was in the regular font, but this one is really trick!
#4 - Posted 5/25/11 @5:55PM by TheLivingNight [contact]

Yes he did, Alex's nameplate was on headstock. What a thrill that must have been. I rather enjoyed this song.

Looking forward to the show June 10th in New Orleans!
#3 - Posted 5/25/11 @5:24PM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

did that dude borrow Alex's double neck for this???

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