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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

New Alex Lifeson interview with the Atlantic City Weekly

Wed, May 8, 2013@4:35PM | comments

UPDATE - 5/10@3:12PM: It turns out that this article/interview is not new at all but is just a reprint of a November Tampa Bay Tribune article (thanks
Eric at Power Windows).

Atlantic City WeeklyIn the lead-up to Rush's upcoming Saturday, May 11th show at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City this weekend, Ed Condran of the Atlantic City Weekly sat down with Alex Lifeson for an interview. Alex talks about the Clockwork Angels album and tour, their setlist, Rush's recent Rock Hall induction, and more. Here's what Alex had to say when asked about how long he thinks Rush can keep it up:

Hopefully for a long time. We got into this at a young age, and fortunately it worked out well for us. This band means so much to us and apparently to a lot of our fans as well. I hope we can keep going for years. We still have a lot left in us. We just enjoy what we do so much. We appreciate the response we get from our fans at our shows. We also appreciate that they are into our new albums. It's not as if they all run to concessions when we play the new material. We'll keep doing this as long as we're having fun with it and right now we're having a great time.

You can read the entire article/interview online at this location (*setlist SPOILERS*).