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Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Geddy Lee talks Rush merchandise in new interview

Sat, May 29, 2010@5:01PM | comments

[Q&A: Geddy Lee on Rush merchandise]

There's a short interview with Geddy Lee in today's National Post where Geddy talks a bit about Rush merchandise:

... What’s weird about it is that we change our logo almost every album. Most bands come up with some logo, and they beat it to death. Every tour, we come up with a different font, different lettering, different imagery to relate to whatever that particular album is. Despite that, we seem to have not alienated our fans. Certain albums have resonated with fans in a serious way, and those have over time turned into recognizable logos, like the Starman, the skull from Roll the Bones, and [the cover of] Farewell to Kings … but it’s not like we intentionally go out there now and use the Starman on every album – it only appears on 2112. Obviously we sell retro merchandise that still has those elements visible on them; fans do respond to that because it might be their favourite album. I think more than anything, the Starman has become synonymous with Rush. ...

You can check out the entire interview at this link. Thanks to cameron2112 for the heads up.