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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

Joe Satriani mentions Rush on Alice Cooper radio show

Sat, Nov 11, 2006@2:04PM | comments

UPDATE - 11/11@6:00PM: Actually, this interview isn't recent at all. It's from a couple years ago. My bad. Still funny though.

Guitar virtuoso and Rush friend Joe Satriani recently made a visit to Alice Cooper's radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper. The program includes a special segment called the Offbeat News which is usually read by Alice's counterpart, Mistress Kitty. This time Satch fills in and instead of reading the news, he goes off on Alice for not ever getting paid for playing on his Hey Stoopid album. It's all scripted and done in good fun. But at one point Satch does the "Satch boogie" (beats him up) on Alice Cooper and says as he's "hitting" him:

And this ... (whammy bar scream sound) is for makin' fun of Rush!

Alice apparently will occasionally poke a little fun at Rush. Again, all done in good fun; he's actually a fan and often plays Rush on his show. You can listen to the segment at this link or by using the player above. Thanks to Rush Tour Forum member deonblaster for spotting this.