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Thu, Sep 19, 2019

New Primus DVD mockumentary mentions Geddy Lee and Rush

Tue, Oct 17, 2006@9:37AM | comments

Most Rush fans have at least heard of the band Primus, whether they like them or not (Primus Sucks! :) ). They're an alternative-metal/thrash-funk (psychedelic polka?) band who've been around since the 80s and toured with Rush on both the Roll the Bones and Counterparts tours. The central figure in the band is singer/bassist Les Claypool, who cites Geddy Lee as both a friend and his biggest influence.

Today Primus releases both their first greatest hits CD They Can't All Be Zingers: The Best of Primus and their third DVD Blame It on The Fish. The DVD contains a 30-minute mockumentary about the band set in the year 2065 in which a 102-year old Les Claypool reminisces about the band. Rush and/or Geddy Lee is mentioned three separate times.

1. Tim Alexander says that when he first played with Les Claypool and Larry Lalonde, they just got together and played a bunch of Rush tunes.

2. Les talks about the influential people he's worked with over the years and mentions Geddy.

3. In talking about how much he loved his job as a professional musician, Les remembers something that Geddy once said to him: "The one thing the public never wants to hear a rock star do is complain."

Many thanks to reader Chad for the info.